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The Development of Machine Learning & How It Can Be Used in Casinos

by Amaan Talbot

For most Australian residents, the thought of artificial intelligence consists of images of machines and robots taking over the earth. We can’t fault them; this is mostly triggered by the movies we watch, and they are not alone. According to AustraliaCasinoReviews, gambling is common among residents in Australia, and the operators are inclined to sophisticated technologies and machine learning to optimize performance – getting players to see the right bonus promo, pokie game, customer service, and many other features available.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, which allows machines to understudy data without being programmed. Machine learning is designed based on the mathematical modeling of neural networks. The machine program is deemed intelligent if it can receive information and then make decisions that a human can make. Machine learning algorithms began to emerge alongside computer programs, which could handle tasks from creating travel routes to playing board games like checkers and tic-tac-toe with humans.

Gradually, intelligent machines transitioned from using speech recognition to actually pronouncing words. Machine learning has grown from mathematical models to more sophisticated technology, especially with casino developments. The best Australian deposit casinos incorporate machine-learning gaming experiences from blackjack to pokies. So, while you get $10 deposit bonus benefits, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience. ML ensures you get the best-tailored bonus. Moreover, this makes gambling better, fairer, and safer. Here we will see how it is being used in casinos.

How Machine Learning is Used in Casinos

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Online security is the first feature players consider before signing up with any operator. Players do not want to jeopardize their funds or personal data for the love of poker on an unprotected site. That is why casinos set up KYC checks and SSL encryption software for accessing IPs. But most times, these checks put players under a lot of pressure. This is one aspect casinos utilize ML to their advantage.

In casinos, ML provides a way out by automating threat prevention and dynamically learning malicious patterns to unburden players and extend the courtesy of the casino’s security systems. Thus, money laundering concerns are handled properly without any burden on the player.

Fraud Detection

Most activities, like payment transactions, vacation planning, etc., are performed on the back of technology. Consequently, fraudsters have also turned to the internet to exploit users. These cybercriminals explore loopholes in the websites to perpetrate their illegal actions. Unfortunately, the casino industry has been highly targeted by these criminals.

Machine learning models (trained with artificial intelligence algorithms) have been designed to combat these breaches efficiently. The AI is practically created using ML tools to signal to the analyst if any suspicious activity is happening. The ML engine is trained to detect fraudulent and non-fraudulent acts to sharpen the risk rules’ precision. When such a signal is detected, the act can be blocked or permit certain user actions.

Fortunately, machine learning is encouraged because it is faster and more efficient, reduces manual review time, is more accurate with large datasets, and is cost-effective.

Customer Support

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Today, the iGaming industry has consistently grown in the number of players. The industry has been able to generate an impressive revenue of over a billion dollars annually. With the increase in the number of users, including pokie players, it becomes difficult for a customer care team of 10 personnel to handle millions of gamblers. But this is where machine learning plays an important role. It assists the team during online gameplay.

Players get frustrated if they are not attended to on time. However, automated customer support is trained to assist players with their complaints. The chatbox provides prompt logical, personalized, and empathetic responses compared to other communication channels. Machine learning can help online casinos improve users’ experience and create human-like customer support responses.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling, sometimes, has some negative effects on gamblers. Chasing losses, lying to friends and families about gambling acts, borrowing real money to fund your gambling lifestyle, and not knowing when to call it quits are signs of an addiction. The dangers or consequences of problem gambling are also well-documented. ML systems can effectively analyze and interpret customers’ data and behavioral patterns, providing a better understanding of users.

With machine learning, unhealthy gambling patterns can be identified even before they manifest outrightly and stop before they become an addiction. It would also be able to figure out addiction in various players regardless of their age brackets. Casinos can now create a “safety net” for gamblers who fall into this category. Most methods for safeguarding a player from addiction rely mostly on the player’s input, and ML creates an approach that does not rely on the user. This guarantees responsible gambling now and in the future.

Better Marketing Strategy

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For every online casino business, marketing plays a huge role in getting players in. For instance, pokie players won’t see what offers are available if the casino doesn’t make ads. Welcome bonuses are the primary tool casinos use to attract gamblers. But the challenge is these players all get the same promotion type. Lack of customization turns down the effect of such a promo. Most operators employ ML for their products to create the most appealing adverts.

The casino platform would take more time to create specialized promos for each customer. Fortunately, machine learning can come to the rescue here. Its automation principle allows the ML system to analyze a customer’s data and behavior and create the best option to reach them. ML can also help casinos provide customized experiences exclusive to their VIP users to all their customers. Ergo, casinos can attract and keep a customer base.


Online industries and companies have adopted machine learning systems. However, some are yet to employ this system in their businesses. You may be wondering why data collection has become so important today. The systems need it to study human behavioral patterns to make decisions like them.

Machine learning is here to stay. The online gambling business is much better due to its application. Fraudulent practices have decreased, security is better, ads have better results, and many other benefits. However, its continuous use depends on the regulators, customers, and casinos’ performance.

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