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Learning More About Moonlighter Dungeons

by Zaraki Kenpachi
Moonlighter Dungeon

Playing Moonlighter requires you to deal with its Business Simulation aspect.  If you already know how to make coins then you understand half the battle and simply need some tips on how to beat the harder dungeons this article is for you. You need to make coins in order to progress through the game. If you haven’t gotten the hang of the business part yet here are some tips for you here.


There are 5 types of weapons in Moonlighter. The Spear and The Big Sword inflict the most damage. Sword & Shied give you more mobility and add the option of deflecting enemy attacks. Gloves are pretty useless as they inflict medium damage at a fast pace but with extremely short range.

Using a Spear can be helpful. The damage is high and you can attack your enemies from a distance. However, the weak point of the spear is that it only attacks at 90-degree angles.

The Sword & Shield gives you more mobility, where you can attack diagonally. This gives you a great advantage since the enemies only attack at a 90-degree angle.

Using a Bow & Arrow gives you the advantage of a ranged attack. The damage is not that high but you have unlimited ammo.

Vulcan’s Forge gives you the choice between two paths to upgrade your weapon. The first option will lead to your weapon inflicting more damage. The second option gives less damage but adds a special effect to your weapons, such as stun or poison. We recommend you take the first path.

Always remember to press (Square / X) when you’re over a piece of equipment you want to upgrade. This will add it to your Wishlist, so whenever you find an item you need for the upgrade, it will be marked with a Star Icon.


There are 3 types of armor in Moonlighter: Fabric, Iron & Steel. The Fabric gives you a small health boost but increases your speed. The Iron gives you a bigger health boost without affecting your speed. The Steel gives you the greatest health boost at the cost of your speed.

We recommend you have 2 Steel armors & 1 Fabric on. This gives you a great deal of Health at the expense of a little of your speed.



Eris at the Wooden Hat can upgrade your equipment using enchantments, you need to have an Empowering Crystal and of course enough coins. You can upgrade your weapon three times to increase its damage effect. You can also upgrade each piece of your armor once, which increases your defense.


Upgrading your Bed grants you an extra 250 health separate to your main health bar. This bar cannot be filled with health potions so avoid taking damage early on while exploring a dungeon. You can further upgrade your bed to receive 3 Shield Buffs. Each of these shields absorbs one enemy attack.


Your weapon inflicts double damage at the third combo hit. Always remember to land the third hit even if you miss the second hit as it will still inflict double damage.

While having a bow can be useful, you need to focus on dealing with the most damage at harder dungeons. So, we recommend using The Sword & Shield as a primary weapon and The Big Sword / The Spear as your secondary.

Carrying these two weapons allows you to have the mobility you need while having a strong weapon to inflict high damage when needed.

There’s a cool trick you can do while fighting: Hit the first two hits with The Sword & Shield and then press (R1 / RB) to quickly switch to your Great Sword / Spear. This trick will make you maintain your combo while inflicting double damage with the stronger weapon instead of The Sword & Shield.


The game has 50 Amulets across the Normal mode and Game Plus. You can find them by defeating bosses or inside Purple Chests. The Amulets you find can also be bought from Le Retaile Shop if you lose any of them. Some Amulets can provide you with protection from certain effects like electricity and fire. So, for example: if you’re heading to the Tech Dungeon try wearing the Anti-Electricity Amulet to shield you from all the electricity damage you can receive from enemies.

Amulets can also give you passive effects at a cost, like increasing attack power to 50% at the cost of 20% health. They can even let you summon a friendly turret companion to help you with your quest. You can wear up to two Amulets at a time so choose wisely.


Health Potions are your best friend when you’re trying to beat a hard dungeon. You have nine levels of HP Potions and as you progress through the dungeon you find the items required to craft them at The Wooden Hat. You can carry any amount of these potions as you want in your bag, but you can only use 5 at a time when you’re in combat. You can also find HP Positions inside Skeletons scattered around the dungeons, just attack the skeleton, and sometimes it’ll spawn. There are Chests in the game called Mimics, that attack you if you come close to them. Mimics can spawn up to 3 HP Potions after you kill them.

If you are about to go and fight a Boss with no HP Potions just simply use a Merchant Emblem to return home and buy more potions before entering the boss room.


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