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Trends and Future of Online Poker

by Amaan Talbot

Recent years have been quite successful for online poker and this is in some part due to the unpredictable growth in the number of online players. In addition, smartphone games are becoming more popular and virtual poker offers a whole new experience.

Changes in the Poker Industry

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In 2020, many industries related to online delivery and digital entertainment have experienced explosive growth. Online poker was no exception. With live tournaments being discontinued around the world, players began to look for alternatives online – some were interested in casino games, and many began playing poker for fun for the first time. Last year, the overall growth of the industry was around 30%.

This mini-boom in online poker has made a strong impression on the industry. The fields of regular tournaments have grown larger, which in turn has led to an increase in prize money.

Additional online events have been added to the poker calendar, and major offline ones such as the WSOP and EPT have been held online for the first time ever.

Researching the Capitalisation of Online Poker

Naturally, this boom will have slowed down as the world returns to normal activity. But interestingly, during the recent growth of the industry, a huge number of aspiring poker players have been involved in the game. According to Global Poker’s research company, there has been a 255% increase. Therefore, the key aspect for operators in the industry will be player retention to ensure a steady level of growth.

The Business Research Centre is making optimistic predictions. In 2020, the online poker industry was valued at $58.96 billion and by 2024 is expected to be worth about $92.8 billion, an annual growth rate of 12%.

Mobile Poker Growing

According to a study by NewZoo, earnings from games on mobile devices overtook revenues from consoles and PCs in 2018. Smartphone specs are becoming more complex, companies are investing more resources in game development, and customers can easily access unlimited data plans – all of which have been a factor in the mobile gaming revolution.

Poker has picked up on this trend. Major operators are offering poker apps with the same games and features available in the clients.

Some types of players still prefer to use large screens and even additional monitors to optimise their results. Playing on a laptop or PC also makes it possible to monitor more effectively.

But when we’re talking about entertainment, a single smartphone is enough for users, especially for those who consider poker as an exciting game for a short period of time – about an hour or even ten minutes on the way home or on the road.

Virtual Poker

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Virtual poker is a special category of poker games. It is basically designed to be a whole new entertainment experience – users can sit at a virtual table and play for virtual money or real cash, chat and shoot different objects at their opponents.

Virtual poker is still in its very early stages of development. In the future it may offer a more realistic casino environment that will even out the differences between offline and online games. This will add more social interaction to online poker, which is currently realised through chat rooms.

There is a low probability that virtual poker will ever replace online poker. Despite advances in technology, regular tournaments and sit and go will still be in high demand. But virtual poker could become a complementary format to traditional poker games.

Online Poker on Twitch

Online poker has long collaborated with streaming channels. In the early part of this century, televised poker broadcasts were one of the reasons for the rapid growth in popularity and the flood of players into poker rooms. These days, online poker streamers have chosen Twitch as their primary platform.

According to statistics, in March 2022, viewers cumulatively watched more than 8 million hours of poker. Online poker streaming on Twitch is likely to continue to grow in the coming years. Although new channels may come out over time, it is likely that Twitch will remain the primary choice of poker streamers and their viewers.

Which Online Casino Is Suitable for Poker?

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There is a list of online poker casinos in Australia. Leading in it is KingJohnnie casino Australia. It’s a well known platform that has been providing players with more than 2000+ games on various themes and different categories since 2020. One of them is poker.

Besides the classic game, you will also be able to try video poker. It is a mix of slots and poker. The rules of the game allow each player to discard one or more cards and replace them with other ones. You receive a prize if a winning combination has been picked. It is possible to choose among the following games:

  • Wild Texas;
  • Joker poker;
  • Three cards;
  • Wild Doubles;
  • American Poker Gold;
  • American Poker 5;
  • Turbo poker ;
  • Magic Poker and much more.

Players who have registered have the unique ability to take part in the VIP program. This is a system which consists of several levels. The higher the level the better the presents. In order to move to the next level you need to collect points while doing tasks. There are 5 levels in total. The VIP program provides upgrade bets, exclusive bonuses, personalised VIP support, large withdrawals and cashback. In order to take advantage of all the terms and conditions of https://kingjohnnie-casino.com/kash-kings-vip-program/ .

In addition to the vip program, every player has the opportunity to use bonuses. The most profitable among them is the welcome bonus. To get it you need to make 10 deposits. The gift is A$6,000 and 200 free spins. There’s also the option of a Friday bonus, non-stop drop, latest games and cashback.

Visit the official site of KingJohnnie casino and enjoy playing poker with nice gifts !


Online poker has a good future.Even though the growth of the industry is expected to slow down, it is expected that a large portion of players will continue to take advantage of the online format even after the return of live events.

Operators will continue to develop new varieties of poker more suited to leisure players who use a smartphone to play. Slow-paced SNGs and MTTs will continue to take a significant share of poker games.

Players can already play virtual poker, but the technology is still improving.

In the future, new platforms are not excluded, Twitch will be the leader in the near future.

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