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Most Popular Video Games in 2024

by Anna Wampler

The video gaming industry continues to surprise with a lot of new titles and ongoing expansions that are making some old ones popular. Developers have introduced some new names in 2024, but players are also quite active when it comes to some well-known games. Here are the most popular options so far.


It might be a surprise for many people to see this video game here because it is a virtual slot machine. However, we can see that more and more players are now interested in gambling online, with slots as the most popular choice.

When it comes to the main features, we have to mention the very high return rate of over 96%. There are other unique attributes as well, such as the lines that can combine from both sides, and a special feature where you can win free games with the additional fixed Wild symbol.

The only challenge remains for those who live in states where online gambling is still not legal. However, there are positive signs about the introduction of new regulations that will provide players with more entertainment.

The officials are planning to legalize the use of California online casinos. Therefore, if you live in this state, you will have a chance to enjoy playing Starburst, and even win a huge prize. We also have to mention that this game gives you a decent chance to win more even if you are spending only 20 or 20 cents per spin.


If you are a fan of battle royale, chances are very low that you still haven’t at least tested this one. Even though it was introduced more than 5 years ago, it is still among the top trends in the gaming industry.

What I like the most about it is the level of customization a player can have in terms of adding special details to the character, making it unique and easily recognizable. The gameplay and graphics are on a very high level as well.

Moreover, the developers are constantly working on new updates that are keeping up the game with innovations related to hardware, but also to keep the game engaging.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Developers have reinvigorated the classic shooter franchise with new mechanics, maps, and a refined gameplay experience that appeals to both new and veteran players.

The extension of a well-known franchise is good as it was expected to be. The graphics and gameplay are brought to a new level so they can follow the new hardware trends, and the focus remains on online multiplayer, but a single-player mode is also quite entertaining.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This is another well-known title, and a lot of older players were quite satisfied with a new release. It holds a legendary status among those who started gaming during the 90s.

The game’s expansive world, filled with puzzles, quests, and secrets, has engaged players deeply. Its art style and attention to detail have been praised, providing a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Horizon Forbidden West

While there are many well-known titles in the top, we also have to mention some new ones that are trying to push the boundaries and enrich the market. That is the case with Horizon Forbidden West, and one of the best features is the graphics system, that is truly amazing.

The game’s narrative depth, combined with its dynamic combat and exploration, has been a major draw for players. Its well-crafted story and engaging gameplay mechanics have received widespread acclaim.

Also, we have to mention the strong focus on female character, which is giving something new to the market, and promoting diversity. On the other hand, keep in mind that you will need a more recent PC build to enjoy the right performance.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has made a significant impact in 2024, marking a triumphant return for the classic RPG series and captivating a new generation of gamers.

It offers a deep, story-driven experience that pays homage to its predecessors while incorporating modern gaming technology and mechanics.

Incorporating advanced gameplay mechanics and improved graphics, it has set a new standard for role-playing games. Its tactical combat, immersive world-building, and interactive environments have been key factors in its popularity.

Hogwarts Legacy

This game allows players to explore a richly detailed and expansive Hogwarts, complete with familiar locations and new areas. Its setting in the Harry Potter universe has drawn in fans eager to experience life as a wizard or witch.

Players have praised it for its engaging gameplay, which includes spellcasting, potion-making, and magical duels. The game also offers extensive customization options, allowing players to create and develop their unique character.

The game’s development was heavily influenced by the expectations of the Harry Potter fanbase. Balancing these expectations with innovative gameplay elements was crucial to its success and popularity.

Honorable Mentions

People love new games so they can explore new virtual worlds. On the other hand, we have to mention the legendary status of some video games with a huge fan base.

Some of these video games are:

-World of Warcraft: It has been 20 years since it was introduced, but there are still millions of active players. One of the main reasons is the focus of Blizzard on making things interesting by constantly improving visual features, and, what is even more important, by adding new stories, new timelines, expansions, raids, and many other features.

-Counter-Strike: This is another legendary game that is still keeping a fanbase of millions of active players. The multiplayer format is especially popular, while tournaments are one of the best paid when compared to other games.

-Dota 2: The developers of classic Dota influenced the market and made MOBA as one of the most popular genres. The pool prizes of large tournaments are millions of dollars.

The Bottom Line

This list can serve as a guide you can use to choose a popular game that you have never played before. On the other side, your preferences should be the main factor. Therefore, focus on the genre, system requirements, single-player or multiplayer format, and other features.

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