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Why LoL Is One of the Best Games of All Time?

by Amaan Talbot

League of Legends is simply the best MOBA game ever. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but it is one of the best. League of Legends is a popular video game that has existed for some time. Yet, many still have no idea what this game is about or what’s so remarkable. So, this is what we’ll be considering in this read.

League of Legends, or LoL, is an online multiplayer battle arena. This means players battle one another in this game in an arena setup. With LoL, teamwork and roleplaying elements are added to this simple theme. The gameplay is team-based, and two teams of 5 players face each other in an arena with three lanes.

The players use in-game characters called Champions to carry out their will. Simply put, LoL involved 5v5 PvP battles carried out in arena style. It sounds simple and is simple, but there are variations in the game that make it interesting and thought-inspiring.

Besides having esports leagues where prize pools are awarded yearly, the League of Legends game has a competitive ranking system that encourages players to strive to be the best. Virtual prizes such as limited edition skins are awarded here. Keep reading to discover what makes League of Legends one of the best games ever, particularly in the MOBA genre.

What Makes League Of Legends “Best Game” Material?

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League of Legends’ popularity cannot be overstated. Through the years, this game has risen in every statistic, including viewership. If there are so many people watching the LoL matches and taking them, surely, the game must be something impressive. What is Riot Games doing right with LoL? What sets it apart from other games?

The Access

The biggest contributor to LoL’s easy access is the fact that it is free to play. All you need is your computer and a stable Internet connection. You do not have to pay to download, install or win this game. Some games make a lot of money from making players pay to reel in wins, but not this one.

Instead, Riot Games uses a different system to make their profit. Skins are sold, and these are cosmetics that don’t affect your gameplay but are aesthetically pleasing. These skins are also used as rewards in the game.

Riot Games also makes money from selling tickets to League of Legends competitions. Riot also partners with fashion companies to make merchandise for fans and skins for the game characters.

LoL Real Money Betting

Real-money betting adds to the fun of the game. Since betting is for legal adults, this is something that only the older audience can enjoy. However, the other perks of the game make up for this.

In addition, it is so easy to spend real money on LoL betting. If you want to bet real money on LoL, it’s a simple process. Launch your browser, and find a esports betting website (a secure one). A great tip for LoL real money betting is to look up the players to know what you’re getting into. Also, make sure you watch the matches attentively.

The Game Updates

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Another word easily used when describing League of Legends is “evolution”. The game is constantly evolving in every aspect. The developers regularly make updates from the champions to the map and even bugs.

New champions are released, new items get released, items get modified, bugs are fixed, and most incredible of all the updates, bugs are released. It’s not far-fetched because bugs are common when new features are added.

Sometimes, it does feel like the developers add some kind of difficulty to the game every time an update is made, but that’s part of the fun of the game, isn’t it? If the game stops changing and evolving, it’ll get boring, so we are thankful for the updates!

LoL Gameplay

One word comes to mind when we think about the gameplay in League of Legends; variety and competition. The variety gives LoL leverage over other MOBA games, which is an important factor contributing to its being the best.

League of Legends has about 150 champions of varying personalities and abilities. Although similar in some ways, these special characters all have something that makes them different. This way, you’re bound to find at least one champion that’s perfect for you.

League of Legends is a highly competitive game with a ranked mode that attracts players and sometimes makes them mad. Climbing the ranks comes with a sense of accomplishment that players can’t get enough of.

The Game Mechanics

League of Legends is a never-ending game. There’s always something to do; a rank to climb, an enemy to defeat, a champion to roleplay, a new map to explore, etc. You can’t be done with the game.

With close to 150 champions and 10 maps, it takes a while to go through everything, and even then, the regular updates ensure there’s something for you to do when you’re done. If you were to try going through just the champions, it would take years because you’d have to master each one.

Basic gameplay using each champion would take about a hundred hours since the matches are 40 minutes long. Somehow, the game’s difficulty is intriguing and much better than games you can start and finish in mere hours.


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We must not forget to praise League of Legends’ competitive scene. Thanks to Riot, the LoL esports scene has been thriving for a long time, and LoL tournaments always turn out well. LoL fans love the sport and even pay to watch the matches.

The best teams participate in the competitions, which is another factor that makes it one of the best games. The matches are fun to watch because of the level of skill involved. If League of Legends were not one of the best games ever, it would not compete with the Super Bowl regarding viewership!

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