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6 James Bond Technology Gadgets That Exist in Real Life

by Amaan Talbot

No matter if you are a huge James Bond fan or prefer different types of movies, you need to agree that these movies are one of a kind. They have a great story full of various happenings that keeps viewers’ attention until the very end, amazing production, and outstanding technology that could be seen only in movies.

At least until now, as today we can find many technology gadgets that we have seen in Bond movies, and what is even more interesting, many of them can be found in everyday use. If we have attracted your attention, and you want to learn more about gadgets, continue reading, as we will talk about them more in the text below.

Very special glasses

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Each James Bond fan remembers the glasses that he uses to check whether the enemy has some sort of weapon with one simple look. These glasses are based on X-Rays, and the great thing is that it was actually possible to make them, but they are used for a much higher goal. Real-life glasses use similar technology, so doctors can find patients’ veins by simply looking at them. It is a pretty important gadget and can literally save someone’s life when a fast reaction is necessary. Besides that, we can find similar gadgets at construction sites, as workers use special helmets to see through the walls, and in the modern automotive industry, we now have glasses that can help us see through the back of our car in order to park them easier.

The car that can disappear

A few decades ago, when the invisible car first appeared in James Bond, it was impossible to imagine that any of us would be able to drive them in the future. Well, a famous car manufacturer decided to recreate this car, and they actually succeeded in it. Thanks to many tiny cameras that reflect the picture, the car appears to be invisible to people who look at it, which is a pretty cool trick. However, when this technology is applied on the outside, it can be pretty dangerous because other drivers cannot see the vehicle, and it can lead to severe accidents. Luckily, it can be applied on the windshield, which is much better, as the driver can see around the entire vehicle thanks to the mirrors that need to be perfectly positioned. Click here for more casino movies with a similar theme that will be worth your time.

Robotic hand

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Although in the movie, a bionic hand is used by a villain who loses his own, this technology has a wide application in real life today as it is used for good purposes. Unfortunately, people can lose their hands or legs in an accident or because of some severe condition, and there is no doubt that their lives always change for the worse at that moment. It is the situation when this technology can bring back happiness into their lives, as bionic limbs are improving all the time, and it is almost possible to do everything with them. Thanks to that, people do not need to give up on their dreams, as they can live completely normal lives.

A license plate that can spin

One of the interesting gadgets that can be seen in Bond movies is the license plate that can spin and show completely other numbers to everyone who looks at it. It is pretty useful in the movie as one can run from the police or the enemy who chases them or simply turn the license plate to the other side and hide the car from someone who is looking for them. However, although it looks interesting, it does not have a purpose in real life and can even be illegal in some countries, but it is still one of the gadgets from the Bond movies that exist in real life.


Although in Bond movies, we can see microchips specially designed to be put beneath the skin to track the vital signs and location of the person who has them, and we still do not have them in real life, we have a similar technology. Every modern mobile phone has a microchip that can tell us its location, but this technology has even wider usage. Many devices that can simply be attached to our hands, like smartwatches, can measure our vital signs and help us recognize some signs of dangerous situations. Besides that, there are many microchips that can be injected beneath human skin to help treat some severe conditions and even in the brain to improve its functioning. We also need to mention that newer smartphones can use this chip to send the emergency message and the location even when they do not have reception, which can be a real lifesaver in some situations.


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Speaking about microchips and smartphones, we need to mention that in the movie, James Bong uses his fingerprint to unlock the phone and even controls his car with the same device. Well, the fingerprint scanner is something that almost every phone has these days, but there is no doubt that it was a pretty futuristic technology back in 2004. Besides that, we now really can use our smartphones to control various devices in our house, for example, turn on the heating even if we are on a trip. Many cars offer an app that can be installed on the smartphone, so the owner can always check the important parameters, close the window or start the car before getting into them, and much more.

Final thoughts

As you can see, James Bond movies are not completely unreal, and many gadgets that we saw years ago now exist in real life. Besides great gadgets and technology that still look amazing, Bond movies are perfect for casino lovers, and every person who decides to visit the casino like DollyCasino for the first time should watch some of them. These movies will provide quite an insight into what you should expect, and you will also have a great time watching them.