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Protect Yourself: Common Digital Scams in Crypto Gambling to Avoid

by Amaan Talbot

Playing games on online gambling platforms has been the biggest trend for years already. Also, we must mention that websites supporting crypto are now getting more popular. It is not a surprise considering the benefits like security, anonymity, and faster transactions.

However, keep in mind that there is a wide selection of online platforms available, which leaves space for potential scams. In that matter, you should research the market and find a reliable and safe website. A great example of a safe and reliable crypto casino where you can find different categories of games is SatoshiHero.

Moreover, the key is to be aware that scams are possible. Also, you should learn how to recognize one. In that matter, we will introduce you to some of the most common digital scams in this industry so you can always them.

Rigged Games

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It can be difficult to recognize that the games available on the platform are rigged. First of all, the website might seem reliable, and there can even be a support of well-known providers. However, the issue is that they might be using a fake software that will reduce the RTP and overall chance of winning.

Spotting this on your own will require a lot of time. That can be a serious problem for a gambler that is determined and prepared to invest more funds to get a good prize. You might end up losing a lot of money before you realize that the website is rigged.

The best way to avoid this issue is to never rush with your selection of web platforms. Before you create a profile, make sure that you research that crypto casino, check if they have a valid license. Also, additional details should be available, such as the name of the company, address, and more.

Another great method is to rely on the experience of other players. You can find a lot of websites where players are sharing their experience of different platforms. There is a great chance that you will find a lot of comments about some website in case that it is fake.

You Are Not Getting a Payout

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This issue is similar to rigged games. However, this one might seem more fun at the beginning. Scam websites that are not providing payouts will typically try to attract players by offering amazing deals, great newbie promotions, and other prizes.

Once you start playing, there is a high chance that you will start winning a lot of money. However, the problem starts once you decide to withdraw your funds since there will be no answer. An even bigger issue is that such website probably don’t share any additional info about the owner and address. Therefore, chances for you to take any legal actions are quite low.

The problem is even bigger considering that you are using crypto. There is no way to track the transactions made this way.


Keeping your phone and PC in good condition and safe is crucial, especially when you are keeping your wallet active on these devices. In case that the gambling platform requires you to download and install an app on your device, keep in mind that there is a risk that the file you download could be malware.

Scammers are using this method to steal data from your device, and you could end up losing all funds from your account. It will be too late before you realize that. In that matter, stick only to well-known platforms and never download suspicious content.

How To Avoid These Scams?

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As we already mentioned, proper research is the key. Always check the background and choose those platforms that are already positioned on the market. Also, you can always test the platform. If you are trading with crypto, then you know that having multiple wallets is always the best option. Use one where you will keep the minimum of funds so that you can use that one to test different platforms. That way, even if you face some scam, you won’t face any serious problems and bigger losses.

Furthermore, we have to add that you should not believe to all those streams available on Twitch and other platforms. It is common that companies will pay people to create videos, while playing games in fake sites, and by using fake funds.

Also, keep your device protected, and use a stable and safe connection. Never download any files or software that seems suspicious. A reliable platform will have available info about the owner, address, bank account, partners, and gaming developers. Besides that, available customer service can often be a great way to spot a fraud. All well-known platforms offers 0-24h support to players.

Other Potential Issues

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Besides the downsides of facing a scam, you have to be aware of other potential problems related to crypto gambling. For example, high volatility is considered as both benefit and downside. You need to keep track of changes on the market all the time to avoid losing your funds. Therefore, leaving them on your profile for a longer time is never recommended.

Also, there are frauds related to online platforms that are targeting all websites including crypto casinos. This industry is now regulated in many countries, and you should always choose one with a license.

Last Words

As you can see, there is no need to rush with your choice. There are many frauds you could face, and some of the most common related to crypto casinos are malware, fake software, and fake websites. The main issue is that you won’t be able to take any legal actions, at least in most cases since such a website is probably from some other country, or there is no way to trace it at all.

In the end, focus on finding a safe site, and keep your device well protected. This is the best way to stay away from frauds. That will help you to enjoy more and focus only on the right strategy that will help you win more often.

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