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Gambling Legalization in Australia in 2024

by Amaan Talbot

All over the world, gambling has become a huge industry. There is nothing surprising about that, since people are willing to feel the adrenaline and risk of a 50/50 situation when it comes to gambling. And even though not that long ago gambling in Australia was illegal, these days, the situation has changed drastically.

For many people, gambling is still considered illegal, as it can affect the younger generation into spending money, while for others, it’s a perfectly fine activity. Today, we would like to tell you about the legalization of gambling in Australia in more detail, so please, proceed further with our article.

Why was Gambling Illegal in Australia Previously

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Before telling you how gambling is getting legalized in Australia, we think it would be right to first tell you why gambling was illegal at first. And the reason is actually incredibly simple – it was illegal because of a threat to families and the government overall. First of all, let’s consider families.

As you may probably know, when it comes to gambling, people were really afraid to try it out, as when it comes to playing casino games, there is a huge risk of spending all the money you have. Even if some people didn’t think of themselves as addicted gamblers, in reality, they were. This is because previously, gambling was much more intimidating, and more and more people were lured by either special people or their friends to come and play. For some people, they even had to gamble even if they didn’t want to.

And of course, previously, gambling wasn’t approved by the government itself because unlike any other facility, casinos only brought the profit to themselves and didn’t actually affect the society in any good way. The money that could’ve been spent on donations for starving people or homeless people were mindlessly spent on gambling, which, of course, was not liked by the government whatsoever.

However, these days, the situation has changed significantly. If you want to find out how, please, proceed with our article.

How Gambling is Legalized in Australia

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As you know, previously, gambling was a big issue for both the people and the government. However, these days, gambling in Australia is not considered to be illegal anymore, as now, it is officially approved by the government. The reasons why Australia changed its mind when it comes to gambling are:

• People became more reasonable. As we have previously mentioned, back in the day, people were really afraid of trying to gamble, since it was a huge risk for anyone. However, these days, people are much more reasonable and consider their decisions more accurately. More and more people are aware of the risks that gambling has, and are doing their best to do something in order to minimize the risk of losing money at online casinos;

• People can get help if they think they become addicted. Previously, as soon as you get addicted to gambling – it was game over. The society started treating you worse, as people were scared about the fact that they didn’t know what to expect from you. However, as of right now, this is not an issue anymore. Australia nowadays provides various agencies that are specifically created for people with gambling addictions and for people who think they are becoming addicted to gambling. Because of that, gambling is getting accepted by the country, as even if you are thinking that you are getting addicted, you can always contact these agencies and get help at any time of day;

• Casinos now help the society. As of today, both regular and online casinos are helping the government. As we have previously mentioned, back in the day, the only ones who got profit from gambling were the casinos themselves, however, right now, in Australia, the law is changed, and now, casinos are required to give a certain percent of their income to the government. This money goes to various needs, such as helping homeless people, assisting orphanages and other services;

As you can see, gambling can bring good not only to the owners of the casino, but also to you and the government. Further in our article, we would like to show you a great online casino.

Review of Fair GO

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Even though gambling online is legal in Australia now, one problem still remains – finding a suitable online pokie for yourself. At first, it may seem like an easy task, but it’s not that simple actually, because since gambling became legal, tons of various pokies appeared, and while some of them are worth your time, others are not. Today, we would like to present a really good online pokie to you – Fair GO.

Many Australian players have tried out Fair GO and have not regretted doing so. The pokie does everything it possibly can to make sure each and every player gets the best possible experience when playing their games. Speaking of games, Fair GO lets you have fun by playing more than 2500 games of different genres and from different software providers such as Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and many others. You can also get full access to Fair GO by using the mobile app, which is offered for Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as by using the mobile version of the website by using the link https://fairgocasino-au.com/.

Of course, some of you may wonder if using Fair GO in Australia is safe and legal or not. And the answer to that is yes, using Fair GO in Australia is absolutely legal. This is because Fair GO operates under the Curacao license, which is one of the best licenses for online casinos, as well as adheres to the rules of fair play and strictly controls all suspicious activity of players. You will definitely not get disappointed using Fair GO, so give it a try.

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