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How Much Does It Cost to Host an ARK Server – 2024 Guide

by Amaan Talbot

Playing games is fun. Depending on the game and the amount of effort you put into it, it can also be educational and lucrative. You already know how many people around the globe have succeeded in life solely by playing games.

When it comes to gaming there are two different types of gamers – those that do this for a living and those that do it for themselves. Now besides this, there are multiple genres of games you can choose and the best thing for career gamers is to choose a niche that suits you the best and one that has a huge following and interest. This way you are playing something you enjoy and making money off of it.

As you can see, the topic of today is a game called ARK Survival Evolved. Studio Wildcard is the creator of this action-adventure survival video game and in it, players must survive being trapped on one of many landscapes packed with wandering dinosaurs, fictitious fantasy creatures and other prehistoric animals, natural perils, and potentially aggressive human players in the game. Long story short it is a survival game that will tier you in for hours and it is a PVP game hosted on a bunch of servers. Now the load on these servers and the rules are different and if you want to have your servers up and running to enjoy the game to your liking, or to make some new rules that would be fun for you or your audience you can do that if you check apexminecrafthosting.com.

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When it comes to games and having your servers where you are the boss of the game and game rules it can be a double-edged sword. Those servers can be full of people and you can all have fun or it can be empty with only a few people running around. It will all be based on the server you create, its ping, rules and the type of game you run.

For content creators that are in these survival games, ARK, in particular, hosting your servers where your following and other people can enjoy and hang with you is probably the best answer. Those of you that play this game already know that the game has its official servers and that you can go and play there with no hassle and no special setups and tinkering, but for those of you that want more to your experience hosting your server is easy and the right thing to do.

The most interesting part here is that you can also use these servers to play a single player which is always an option. this gives you the liberty to be an admin, spawn things in and try a lot of different stuff. You can play test some things and have some fun before you opt for a PVP and PVE server creation. This will give you more knowledge and more edge over the enemies. The only downside here is that you will have only one save file per map so make sure you know that before you start anything.

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The next thing to figure out is if you want a dedicated server creation or a non-dedicated server. Both of these will open the multiplayer option where you can have your friends and other people spawn on your map and play with you and where you can choose who will be the admin, what they can and can not do and all the other stuff that comes with the game.

Now to the meat and potatoes of the article – what you need for a good ARK server and how much will it cost.

The gist is that you need a server that will be simple enough to run and that will be easy to modify if you wish to do so. This is where your target server offers one-click mod packs and a simple and customizable control panel. This will give you flexibility and quickness you need to change things out, add something different or mod the server to your liking.

Secondly, you need servers that are considered to be high-powered and low latency because no one wants a server with a huge ping rate, packet losses and huge latency that ruins the gaming experiences and breaks the game. Depending on the player count you want to have on the server 1 GB of RAM and at least on CPU Core per 10 players is your minimum, anything below that will mean a terrible session and a lot of unsatisfied friends and players. Low latency is self-explanatory and this should also be on your list. Having a good CPU and RAM means nothing if your players warp around your server or get constantly kicked due to bad latency.

When it comes to gaming and hosting your servers you need customer support and DDOS protection at the highest level. This will ensure you and your players are safe from any type of cyber attacks or any type of attack that might bring down your server or constantly reset your and everyone’s progress. These things are annoying but believe it or not they are still happening. When it comes to customer support, if you are hosting and setting up your first private server you will have issues and questions and choosing a server host with good 24/7 customer support is imperative. You will have issues and some of them will be to the server host instead of you the owner and you will need someone to respond and react swiftly to resolve the issues.

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The final thing we need to talk about is the pricing. This will greatly vary depending on which host you choose, the power of your server and the number of players you plan to host there. a bottom line we mentioned will be a 4GB server that is somewhat of a minimum for an ARK server and they are priced from 12$ to 15$. Better servers like those of 5, 6, 8 and 10 GB are priced a bit steeper and you can expect anything from 18, 20, 30 35 – 40$ respectfully. This is all monthly and if you find a host that will charge yearly you may even end up with a good discount.

We strongly advise that you consider the number of people you wish to have because it will greatly impact the strength of the server you are renting and it will ultimately impact the price of the server. Do the calculation and you will get your final numbers. The prices are all in the same region everywhere maybe a dollar or two up or down.

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