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How to Win Every Domination in Vanguard?

by Amaan Talbot

Vanguard is a vast game in the Call of Duty series. From its campaign mode to zombie and multiplayer mode, the game can keep you in your seat all day, struggling to win every match.

Domination is one of Vanguard’s classics, a multiplayer mode to take over the whole control points in strategic locations on the map. Winning here looks easy, but it’s tricky as well.

So, if you want to learn how to win in Vanguard’s Domination easily, this piece is for you. Also, if you need additional tools to succeed in Vanguard’s classics like Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, etc., visit Battlelog.co.

Notwithstanding, let’s dive into the subject matter!

1. Understand the gameplay

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The main objective of Domination is to capture the three control points located across key strategic areas on the map. They are represented as Flag A, B, and C. The only way to capture these control points is by standing near them for 10 seconds while holding off enemies approaching.

Like COD: Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, the game ends and restarts if one of the teams does not capture all the flags. The first team to reach 200 points is the winner. Once you understand how the game works, you’ll win more matches in Vanguard Domination.

2. Take advantage of the domination points

When playing Domination, push for the B flag as the game begins. Since you would either spawn at A or C most of the time, B will be in the middle of the map. The aim is to get a perfect positional advantage over the enemy team.

If your team captures the C or A flag, pushing yourself to B point can get you fixed in a power position to dominate that map center and get some good advantage over the enemy. Nevertheless, only try to capture all three flags if you’re up to the task. You can still get more points with two flags than the enemy team.

3. Learn the spawn system

It is the spawn system in Domination. If you hold two flags down, the enemy players will likely spawn at the other. For instance, if you’ve secured points A and B, the enemies will spawn at C; if you’ve got points B and C, they’ll spawn at A.

You must target the mid-map around the B flag and protect whichever point you’re already guarding. But if the enemy team is already holding two flags, try to break into their spawn and flip it a little. Flank or use grenades to blow out the enemies, and their spawn will convert to another area on the map.

4. Take advantage of the environment

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The objects, structures, and buildings scattered around the map in Domination can serve as solid cover for your team and other players. While you push toward the mid-map or move around your spawn points, look for objects you can use as cover.

Domination is more like a death match where players must eliminate others to take over. It is the game’s primary objective, and every player on the map has this in mind. So, it’s advisable to take advantage of your environment. That way, you can survive most shots and have time to reload or heal yourself.

5. Grab some medical supplies

Stim is one of the life-prolonging health supplies you can take into the game. It replenishes your health, allowing you to live through fights in a match. It would be best to grab medical supplies to win in Domination, as you will get shot several times during gunfights.

Also, it’s advisable to equip yourself with at least 5 Stims before the game begins. It is your best bet to winning every Domination in Vanguard. Furthermore, only partially exhaust your Stim, as they could come in handy towards the end of the game. Always take cover to avoid losing much health.

6. Invest in the best weapons

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Winning in Domination can depend on the kind of weapons you play with during the match. The best weapons in the start include Combat Shotgun, MP-40, BAR, STG44, and AS44. These guns have fast TTK (time-to-kill) and can deal damage to enemies.

Since most combats will be at far distances, invest in long-range guns like the BAR assault rifle. You can take out enemies from a distance, capture the flag, and win the game with your weapon.

7. Work as a team

Winning in Domination requires a team effort. The game is not just about individual skills, but also teamwork. Coordinate with your team to capture and defend the flags. Assign specific roles to each player, such as defending a particular flag or capturing the mid-map. Communicate with your team to ensure you are always aware of your surroundings and the enemy’s movements.

8. Use killstreaks wisely

Killstreaks can give you a significant advantage in Domination. Use them wisely to gain the upper hand over the enemy team. The best killstreaks for this game mode include artillery barrage, flamethrower, and bombing run. These killstreaks can clear out enemy-controlled areas and allow your team to capture the flags.

9. Know when to retreat

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Sometimes, it’s best to retreat and regroup instead of trying to capture a flag. If your team is outnumbered, it’s better to wait for reinforcements before making a move. Also, if you are losing the game, it’s best to play defensively and prevent the enemy team from scoring more points.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Winning in Domination requires practice. The more you play, the better you’ll become. Familiarize yourself with the maps, spawn points, and the best routes to take. Adapt your strategy based on the lessons learned from your mistakes. Practice with different weapons and experiment with different tactics to find out what works best for you.


As the name implies, Domination is a competitive game mode in COD: Vanguard. Apart from capturing domination points and flags, your team can only win if you score or earn 200 or more points.

To make the most of your gameplay, first, understand the game. Take advantage of the domination points, learn the spawn system, and make the most of your environment. Also, grab some medical supplies and powerful weapons. These will keep you alive as you complete the game’s objectives.

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