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How To Start With UPSC Preparation With Zero Level?

by Zaraki Kenpachi

UPSC is considered one of the toughest examinations in India, no doubt. Not because of the difficulty level but the vast syllabus that makes this exam hard to crack.

Cracking the UPSC civil services exam is not a piece of cake for anyone to crack, and it needs a lot of hard work to clear this examination, and people also search for online courses for UPSC preparation. So, if you are also one of those who need help with how to start with UPSC preparation with zero experience, you are at the right place.

This post will discuss how you can prepare for this arduous examination and the best online.

Reasons you Need UPSC Coaching

Well, many different reasons drive you into the state of UPSC coaching:

  • The lack of proper resources and guidance from experienced mentors is one of the critical problems faced by the students without involving in any training or online course for UPSC preparation after 12th.
  • The never-ending materials in bookshops & internet. Hence, there is a need for the aspirants to always get too many books and too little time.
  • Another reason for the online UPSC classes is time management, and the coaching helps prepare a proper & correct schedule for the aspirant.
  • More than only booking knowledge and recommendation, UPSC training has more than these.

However, it’s a fact that many students cleared the examination without having the best online preparation for UPSC exam.

7 Ways to Get Success in UPSC Journey

Source: upsctime.com

Here are the best ways you can get successful in your UPSC examination journey:

  1. Go through UPSC Syllabus – Before you start preparing for the examination, it’s essential that you need to read the syllabus for both prelims & mains. This will help you master the art of relevant studying. This way, when you start preparing for the exam, you know exactly what you need to prepare and what you can skip.

The syllabus can be extensive and challenging at first, but when broken down into different & smaller parts, it becomes easy for you to cover them. You can check online courses for UPSC preparation.

  1. Review Previous Year Questions – While preparing for the UPSC examination, check the previous year’s questions. Not only does it help you assess where you stand, but provides you with a clear picture of the trend and the latest examination pattern of questions often asked in the UPSC examination. Some might not be able to afford online UPSC preparation fees, so reviewing the previous year’s questions is the best thing for them.
  2. Make your Daily Goals – Make the small daily goals you can achieve. Keep your weekends fixed for revision so that you won’t be able to forget what you have read. Doing this will help build and retain the concepts. It would be best if you start making notes of the topics that help you revise the context before your actual examination and provide in-depth knowledge about the subject matter.
  3. Try to Read Newspaper Daily – Newspapers are one of the best sources for current affairs for UPSC coaching for working professional. Cultivate the habit of reading newspapers and finish it in less than 2 hours. You can start by reading The Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, and The Hind as they are excellent, and you can read them religiously. After you get comfortable reading the newspaper, you can make notes of the most critical event.
  4. Practice & Practice – The key to clearing this examination is practice & revision. The more you practice, the more you get trained for the exam. Prepare the answer in a way that covers all the aspects, such as economic, political, legal, socio-cultural, etc. You don’t have to forget that consistency is the key, and revision is a must for UPSC courses duration.
  5. Focus on your Personality & Communication Skills – One of the most crucial components of the exam is the interview. It would help if you expressed yourself to the interviewers in a transparent manner. Therefore, focus on honing your communication and body language skills. Some applicants are gifted with these abilities, while others need the practice to improve their communication skills. Candidates lacking communication skills can start speaking with those who have already taken the civil service examinations to learn some helpful advice.

However, you can also find a reputable institute that helps you with the best online preparation for UPSC examination.

  1. Stay Honest with Yourself – The civil services interview portion of the exam is not intended to assess a candidate’s subject-matter competence. However, a candidate must speak truthfully and from the heart when responding to inquiries.

Source: iascoachings.com

There is a widespread misconception among applicants that lying about their interests to pass the interview will never be beneficial.

The interviewers are there to assess a candidate’s personality as well as their capacity to realize that a “no” is a “no” and cannot be changed into a “yes” or vice versa.

You must therefore be authentic and confront the exam and interview with honesty.

Winding Up!

Besides the things discussed in this article, you need to gauge these habits rather than simply reading them. UPSC exam preparation after 12th needs to be more intricate with proper dedication and hard work.

However, if you need help with the preparation, you can find some good institutes for online courses for UPSC preparation and crack the exam easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Q1. How can we prepare for UPSC in a short duration?

Ans: Yes, you can prepare for UPSC in a minimum duration with the help of any crash course of a renowned institution. These courses are specially designed to provide detailed knowledge with short lessons focusing on specific topics that have a high probability of coming into the examination. Search for practical crash courses that can help with the preparation and cover some test papers.

Q2. Does time table help with UPSC preparation?

Ans: Timetables are considered as the best tool to track your preparation progress and add more value to focus. Preparing for the IAS examination is a little complex with multiple topics and a lot of subjects. With a timetable, it brings a more structured way to proceed with relevant topics on the first go.

Q3. Is it important to solve the mock test before the IAS examination?

Ans: Most teachers and experts recommend solving mock test papers before sitting for the actual IAS examination as it can help to understand main exam patterns, and way of writing answers, also candidates can analyze their speed. The mock tests should be considered important, as they can provide an edge to your UPSC preparation and make you prepare for the examination day.

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