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A Gamer’s Dream – The Perfect Desk

by Vaibhava Nakamura

Whether you are a professional gamer or an enthusiast, you might be spending at least several hours per day at your desk.

Considering it, you might want to improve your place as much as possible to boost not only gaming experience, but to increase the comfort level of the place in general.

An automated desk can help you immensely to do so. A company such as Progressive desk is something you for sure would want to consider once you learn about its benefits. But to enjoy this device to the full extent, you need to know how to choose the right desk and how to set it up.

Choose the Desk Based on Your Preferences

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Leading standing desk manufacturers usually provide their clients with the freedom to assemble a perfect desk from the available components. So, you can open the website. There, look for the page called Deskbuilder or similar. It is the page where you can construct your perfect gaming desk, piece by piece.

Click on the selected pieces, and they will be appearing in the other part of the screen by building the desk of your choice.

The price will be adjusted according to the selected components so that you can follow the upgrades and avoid unpleasant surprises further.

A special attention shall be paid to how you are going to manage the desk adjustability. In some options, you can use a hand control, while in others, a paddle control is available. We believe though that having a remote control is the best way to ensure the top desk functionality.

To make your gaming place even more convenient, you can add the required tech accessories to complement the desk functionality and complete the look of your gaming space.

When the desk is assembled and purchased, all you need to do is to set it up properly when it arrives. The main thing is to make it as comfortable as it is possible to be able to enjoy long hours of gaming activities.

For that, the proper height adjustment is crucial. In a sitting position, your feet shall rest on the floor. The hands shall be on the keyboard, resting freely and comfortably. Knees and elbows shall be bent at a 90-degree angle. The neck shall be straight, not in a bent position. The spine also shall be supported in its natural position. Finally, the screen center shall be located at the level of your eyes.

When you are standing, the requirements don’t change significantly. Just your knees shall be slightly bent – it will enable you to switch your weight from one leg to another and prevent fatigue and pains in the feet. And don’t forget about an ergonomic carpet when you are standing!

Once all these arrangements are done, you can count on a comfortable and healthy gaming place.

Make Your Desk Even Better!

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With it, your way to perfection isn’t completed yet. You can make your standing desk even better! How can you do it? With some accessories that are maybe not mandatory but important to boost your gaming experience and increase the comfort level.

A good gaming monitor is crucial for every gamer. But have you thought about their management? How are you going to lift or lower them in order to keep them in the most comfortable position for you?

Purchasing an adjustable monitor support might be the right solution. With it, you will be able to keep the screen at the needed level, under the required angle, and enjoy every hour of playing.

Quality headphones is another accessory you might want to invest into. But you won’t keep them just wherever. So, what about purchasing a nice rack for your headphones? It will allow you to keep them at hand and prevent them from getting damaged.

From the moment you purchase your standing gaming desk, you will play while standing, too. Therefore, you need to ensure you are comfortable when standing. An ergonomic carpet is needed to provide a proper weight distribution on the feet and prevent pains in the feet and the fatigue feeling.

If you have some things around, you might want to keep them in an ordered place. A special drawer that can be attached directly beneath your desk top is the right solution. You can have your desk ordered and neat while having by hand all the needed items. And once you don’t need the drawer anymore, just remove it and store until the next use.

Choosing a Chair Is not Less Important

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When you are not standing, you are sitting. And to sit comfortably, you need a good gaming chair. Choosing a proper one is equally important as choosing the right gaming desk.

A good chair shall be ergonomic. It ensures the chair supports your spine and neck in their natural positions to prevent pains and the development of serious medical conditions.

Another important thing is the height adjustability. If the chair is not adjustable, you cannot count on the best results when adjusting your desk. Adjusting your chair will help you to eliminate those minor discrepancies that might occur while adjusting your desk to the perfect height.

Headrest and armrests are needed if you count on the best item, indeed. These items are not mandatory but they help to rest completely and recover your energy even during a short break. Without them, you will move forward but you will have to bear up with more tiredness in the end.

What else is needed? You can add any details that make you feel more comfortable, it is up to you.

Bottom Line

As you can see, setting up the perfect gaming space is not easy nor is it cheap. It requires a lot of attention, money, and knowledge. Even the smallest detail matters, and you have to know about it to consider it.

But once you learn about the best gaming desks, accessories, and other details needed to provide you with the best gaming experience, you can enjoy hours of gaming without interruptions, tiredness, and with top pleasure.

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