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10 Best Maps in Fortnite Creative 2.0 – 2024 Guide

by Hazel Pelton

Since the release of Creative 2.0 – or – the unreal editor for Fortnite, people have already started making some amazing islands, and in this article, we will give you the best codes for the best maps currently available, ranging from things, such as super fun party games, all the way up to a map where you will be entering the Egyptian pyramid.

Without further ado, let us jump into the lost about the best maps in Fortnite Creative 2.0.

1. Sniper Showdown ONESHOT️ – 8908-2820-8767

Sniper Showdown ONESHOT️ - 8908-2820-8767

Source: fortnitecreativehq.com

The Sniper Showdown ONESHOT is the latest viral creation by llama_loot that allows players to have a thrilling sniper experience amidst the mist-shrouded heights. Using the sniper one shot code, the players can test their marksmanship. The graphics and gameplay have been artistically designed to induce an atmosphere of anticipation and mysteriousness.

The players of this island should beware of the guards situated in the central tower while nipping their way to victory. This map is definitely worth checking out because the foggy and mysterious one-shot kill arena is honestly a ton of fun.

2. MEGAROOM – 8105-5910-3688

As the name of this island suggests, this Fortnite map is essentially one giant mega room that you get to play a free-for-all match on. From the moment you spawn, your first task is to decide what weapons you want to use.

Before you launch yourself into the battle area and start to fight against your enemies, you can think of the MEGAROOM as a sort of Toy Story map as you are the size of toys with everything else in the room being way bigger than you.

3. The Arcade: Droopy Flops – 3638-6410-4991

The Arcade: Droopy Flops – 3638-6410-4991

Source: n4g.com

The next one on the list is “The Arcade: Droopy Flops,” which is about starting right into a super-detailed arcade with a bunch of custom-modeled arcade machines, including the 3D VR arcade machines. More importantly, if you go to a little arcade machine that says “Droopy Flops” on it, you get to start playing a version of the old game “Flappy Bird” inside Fortnite.

This game perfectly showcases the creative abilities of the unreal editor for Fortnite. All you need to do is to enter the respective Island Code and start playing.

4. The Backrooms – 19665-9447-9912

You might have heard about this online urban legend before that started somewhere back in 2019. The Backrooms has become immensely popular over the last few years, which isn’t a surprise since this was one of the first things that somebody thought to make.

Basically, this Fortnite map is essentially a horror island where the players start off by spawning in an extremely mysterious area where everything is extremely dark.

If you want to check out this island, enter the code and start exploring the Backrooms.

5. PYRAMID PLATFORMER – 0762-7326-5726

PYRAMID PLATFORMER – 0762-7326-5726

Source: youtube.com

Right off the bat, as soon as you spawn in, you are exposed to a beautiful desert area where you get to see a bunch of pyramids in the background. Up close, you get to see an Egyptian tomb, and after entering the tomb, you see a bunch of statues and a logo stating “Uncle Pete’s Pyramid Pickle.”

The main game is about interacting with an arcade machine, and the game begins after you put a coin into it.

6. Motocross Stunt Champions – 6740-5336-7956

As the name of the map suggests, the players will essentially be just driving around this island, performing a bunch of motocross stunts.

The interesting part of this Fortnite Creative 2.0 island map is that the ride that you will be riding on is the modified version of the dirt bike that you have never seen in Fortnite.

The modified version is way faster, and you are not able to crash it. The entire point of this entire map is that if you keep driving across the desert island, you won’t be able to find the end of it. You can do as many motocross stunts as possible and attempt to get a higher score than everyone else.

7. Deathrun King – 8521-0604-5407

Deathrun King – 8521-0604-5407

Source: youtube.com

This map comprises some amazing features, including the giant Durburger that the players are able to see as soon as they spawn in.

Anyone who believes they are good at death runs absolutely has to try out this island because it is way more difficult than any death run ever before. The underlying reason for this difficulty is that the camera angle is unusually changed, which makes it feel as if you aren’t nearly playing Fortnite.

This map also exhibits some amazing cut scenes, which reveals the potential possibilities of the unreal editor for Fortnite.

8. Moon Riders Hyper Speed Driving – 4300-8924-5381

As the name of this Fortnite map suggests, the players will be on the moon, riding around in whatever vehicle they want. There are a bunch of other off-roading maps that are quite similar to this one, but this one can be more fun because it is on the moon, which means that you have low gravity.

The low gravity makes it easier to perform as many tricks as possible, including a bunch of backflips. This Fortnite Creative 2.0 Island is extremely relaxing, too, so on your stressful days, you might want to check this one out.

9. Low Poly Fun Run – 6389-5931-6338

Low Poly Fun Run – 6389-5931-6338

Source: youtube.com

This creative map starts with spawning in a little area that appears to be a combination of Mario and Minecraft. You might look at it as an easy death run version, which is ideal for anyone new to the creative ability of Fortnite 2.0 without having to indulge in a fast-paced shooter mode.

In order to complete this creative map, you have to play fifty levels. Now, this might not be the most exciting map of all Fortnite islands, but if you are a death row fan, then this one is worth checking out.

10. Cyber Rush – 6124-8356-0703

Another map that you shouldn’t miss goes by the name of Cyber Rush. This map has an amazing custom soundtrack that goes along as you literally fly through Cyber City and fend off a bunch of enemies without getting caught.

This Island probably has greater details than many other Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps. You can play this map for hours without ever getting to the end of it, which is another reason that you should check it out using its code.

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