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How to Get Free Fortnite Skins!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

The phrase “Free Fortnite Skins” comes as a surprise to many. Well, grabbing skins for your Fortnite character without spending anything from pocket seems entirely hypothetical. But there have been instances when Fortnite came up with free skins altogether.

Although the skins are not wholly free, technically, these skins fall under the gifted category from the official Fortnite industry. The skins got added as a promotional item that requires a user to perform particular action for unlocking from Fortnite Item Shop.

Here is the list of 10 Free Fortnite skins that were/are technically free for you to grab. Some of them may still be open for obtaining, while some might have moved quite a distance from you until now.

10. The Blue Team Leader

Free fortnite skin Blue Team leader

The Blue Team Leader is a skin designed solely for the PlayStation Plus platform. The skin can only be obtained during the third season of Fortnite that ran in mid-2018. The skin is based on a character from Save the World named “Ramirez.”

Talking about the singularity, the Blue Team Leader falls under the “rare” category. It was one of the very first promotional products that Fortnite came up with. The skin was made accessible for all PlayStation plus players. To add to the bonus, Fortnite provided a free glider that geared up perfectly with the rare blue outfit.

9. The Subcommander

Free fortnite skin Subcommander

The Subcommander skin was made free for all the premium users of Twitch. The exclusive twitch skin was made available around the early May of 2018. This epic rarity skin featured camouflage as its highlight theme. While bearing a purple theme, Twitch made Fortnite-free skin come up with a purple camouflaged helmet to go with the gear.

This free Fortnite skin also came with a slip shroom glider of epic rarity and an instigator harvesting tool. All that a player needed to do to redeem this free skin is to link their Fortnite account with their premium twitch. But sadly, this free giveaway is no longer open in 2024. However, it is hoped that Fortnite might consider gifting the premium twitch users real soon.

8. The Blue Striker

Yet another free skin for PlayStation Plus users that hit the platform during the fourth season of Fortnite. Blue Striker is an Epic skin that was primarily based on the Spit-Fire from Save the World. The outfit had a relaxed blue vibe with a white jacket enhancing the sight of any beholder altogether.

As already mentioned, this free Fortnite skin was open only for PlayStation Plus users, who had their account up and running during the June of 2018. The skin is no more up for free gifting, and to be honest, the hope of it coming back sooner is a distant dream.

7. The Trail Blazer

Free fortnite skin Trail Blazer

The Trail Blazer, an Epic outfit, was a part of Free Premium Twitch Bundle phase 2. Like the Subcommander set, Trail Blazer was a free skin made available for all premium twitch users. The skin was an upgraded version of Ramirez, highlighting the base theme of season 5.

The Trail Blazer was an excellent free pack to grab as the bundle not only came with the outfit but also had a freestyling emote, a tenderizer harvesting tool, and a bag-pack to gear your character up.

Redeeming the free skin was as simple as the previous one. All a user needed to do is link his/her Fortnite account with the premium twitch account. The process is relatively straight forward, and you might have a sight for it for any future gifts to come.

6. The Prodigy

With the PlayStation players being gifted quite too often, this is another primarily made skin for all PlayStation plus users. Released during the Christmas of 2018, this Rare outfit was a part of PlayStation’s fourth celebration pack.

The bundle included the main outfit, a tabulator back bling, and an emoticon. However, the best thing about the skin is the free back bling that comes with the outfit for free. It excellently displays the kill counts in real-time, which is a pretty cool feature to have considering its free nature.

Top 5 Free Fortnite Skins

5. The Penguin and Insignia Back Bling

Free fortnite skin Penguin

Although these are some of the hardest back bling to acquire, the good news is they are still technically free to grab. However, the only way to grab these is to have Wii Game, aka the Chinese Fortnite Launcher, to launch and play your game with.

Playing on the mentioned platform will earn you medals which can then be redeemed for getting free skins. You need to invest 10 hours in the Chinese launcher for playing your regular Fortnite matches. Once the 10 hours mark is reached, you will be gifted with medals which can then be used to redeem the Penguin and Insignia back bling.

4. High Stakes Challenge, The Crystal Lama Bling and Crowbar Pickaxe

Having taken place more than once, a high-stakes challenge is an event that provides users an opportunity to grab these free fortnite skins in exchange for completing challenges. The rewards varied with challenges, like winning matches of the getaway LTM, making different versions of the Crystal Lama back bling open for you.

Talking about other rewards, the suited-up spray, the getaway loading screen, and more are open to grab for free. All you need to do is play the game, complete challenges and reward yourself up.

3. The Havoc

Free fortnite skin Havoc

Havoc, the legendary skin, was part of Twitch Prime Pack Phase 1. Although it was partnered with the number 8 entry, the subcommander “Havoc” is comparatively way better. Looking like the Raptor wearing camouflage, Havoc is one of the best outfits to have for free.

Just like the other Twitch packs, the redemption of Havoc was also very simple. Players just needed to have their twitch and Fortnite accounts synced.

2. The Iconic Skin

Free fortnite skin Iconic Skin

Technically a free Fortnite skin available for anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S 10. If you are using your Galaxy S10 to read this post, you might need to redeem the iconic pack right away. The bundle comes with an outfit, and a scenario emote free for grabbing.

1. The Carbon Commando

Free fortnite skin Carbon Commando

Talking about one of the best free Fortnite skins to grab, the rare set Carbon Commando is sure to top the list. As part of the PlayStation celebration pack 4, the skin is PlayStation exclusive. The skin looks excellently enticing with cool night vision gears. To take the amusement further, the bundle comes with a carbon pack back bling which is pretty sure to catch some attention.


Get Premium Fortnite Skins for Free: The Reality

When you search for ways of getting free Fortnite skins, it is pretty obvious for you to bump into some suspicious methods. It might be any YouTuber claiming to describe ways of getting free skins, while sometimes it might be a website that requires your in-game ID in exchange for premium skins. Some users claim to get rewarded using those methods; on the other hand, some users list these methods under the spam category.

Although the reality is less known, it is always recommended to take the official way of grabbing free skins. Just like the ones mentioned above, Fortnite comes up with events quite often. Sometimes the events might be limited to specific platforms, while sometimes there are open for all occasions. Irrespective of what type of event pops up, you are guaranteed to have a chance of bagging some free skins.


Although bringing free pieces of stuff is not that obvious with Fortnite, it sometimes comes up with surprises. Suppose you are looking to bag some free Fortnite skins. In that case, you may either need to seek various events to take place or might wait till Fortnite brings up certain exclusive items for your platform.

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