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8 Newest Coding Games for Beginners

by Kelly Howard

Coding games are the perfect way to improve coding skills. Furthermore, they are also an excellent and entertaining way to familiarize yourself with the coding world and its requirements. Coding games for beginners use an intuitive visual programming language, so you don’t need to read any complex code. This makes it easy for anyone to learn to code.

These games are suitable for children, teenagers, young adults, and adults who want to learn to code. If you have ever wondered how game development is done, this is a great way to find out. Especially for you, I have prepared a list of games that helped me improve my skills and start to do my Android homework without unnecessary difficulties. While I was improving my professional skills, GetCodingHelp.com helped me with homework.

Simple Way to Study New Language

Learning a new programming language from scratch can be difficult. A person who wants to achieve profound results should approach the issue thoroughly. In general, a person would follow the following steps in learning coding languages respectively:

How about here:

  • Read an article about how to learn the language.
  • Try out the provided code snippets in their local environment (IDE or console).
  • Find a simple example of the language being used for a common task.
  • Try out the provided code snippet in their local environment.
  • Play a few games based on the code language to get a feeling for it. You may try Codakid to try some online courses.
  • Start working on a simple project to combine everything learned.

1. CheckiO

Source: checkio.org

CheckiO – is the most popular coding game. It helps to learn the basics of a programming language and solve various problems, which will be interesting for beginners and experienced programmers.

The game’s primary goal is to solve a problem quickly. You need to write a code that will score points for your team to solve the problem. You will be asked to write your solution in three programming languages: Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. Connect with talented people worldwide and have a good time in this game!

2. CodeCombat

Source: thinkbigcoding.co.uk

CodeCombat is an online coding game helping people learn to code and making coding more accessible. In a fun fantasy setting, the site challenges a player’s logical thinking, creative expression, and teamwork abilities.

CodeCombat makes it fun to learn to code by putting students in the middle of an epic fantasy adventure with goblins, elves, dragons, and knights. Students learn to make role-playing games while improving their JavaScript and Python programming skills.

3. CodeWars

Source: biolibre.fr

CodeWars is an online platform to learn to code online, build apps and games, practice, get certifications, and be listed as a professional developer.

The platform offers instructor-led courses in various programming languages and technologies such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and more, which are designed and delivered by expert developers.

4. ElevatorSaga

Source: youtube.com

Elevator Saga is a web & mobile app that teaches basic programming concepts to learners of all ages. Players are introduced to the idea of flow control by solving puzzles. As they solve puzzles and unlock new levels, learners learn to create code blocks in order and understand how they can be combined to create more comprehensive solutions.

The game encourages players to practice this coding process by testing the code and providing immediate feedback on whether the code is correct or incorrect. Small positive reinforcement and gradual difficulty increases are good motivators for beginners trying to learn programming concepts. This is an example of an educational technology designed for learners of all ages. By offering a fun way for beginners to learn about programming, developers hope that people will be encouraged to take the next step and try out a more advanced course or book.

5. Robocode

Source: rockpapershotgun.com

Robocode is a free Java-based programming environment that allows you to develop artificial intelligence (AI) programs. The main goal of Robocode is to provide an environment in which you can learn how to program game-playing AIs.

The robot virtual machine consists of two threads: the world thread, which controls the robot and the simulation environment, and the battle thread, which executes the user’s AI and renders the results.

6. RubyWarrior

Source: alternativeto.net

Ruby Warrior is an application that offers coding games for beginners. The games, which can be played with or without a teacher, simulate real programming challenges and use the same tools and concepts that professionals use, including variables, methods, and strings. The goal is to engage students in the process of creating, sharing, and solving problems in a safe environment.

RubyWarrior provides free tutorials and exercises for beginners learning to code. The website is built on Ruby on Rails and deployed to Heroku. Ruby is a programming language that’s easy to understand, fun to use, and extremely powerful. RubyWarrior’s lessons are carefully crafted to introduce new coding concepts in the most intuitive ways possible. The classes feature both text and video content, making it easy for beginners to grasp concepts through a combination of reading and watching.

7. Swift Playgrounds

Source: dzone.com

Swift Playgrounds teaches you how to code with Swift on iPad. Write your code and watch your code come to life right on your device. It’s a perfect way to learn how to code. With the spark of Swift Playgrounds, Apple has made learning to code with Swift an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Apple will guide you through a structured curriculum if you’ve always wanted to learn how to code but didn’t know where to start. Learn the basics of programming, creating games, and writing professional-looking apps that can be exported to other devices – all on an iPad.

8. Tynker

Source: tynker.com

Tynker is a platform that helps students learn to code by making games playable on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Students explore coding concepts by adding behaviors to game pieces such as “move forward” or “shoot.” Students level up and unlock new challenges as they progress through the games.

The Tynker platform includes a visual block-based programming language that allows students to drag and drop instructions onto the screen instead of typing them.

Final Thoughts

Coding games is an essential step in the learning process and improving skills. Students who love to play games and already have some knowledge about code can use that knowledge while playing new games.

Coding games online also helps students to understand how to learn programming languages. A great thing about coding games for beginners is that you don’t need a team of other players to play. It’s just you who needs to solve the puzzles. You are the only one who can put the code in the right place. Everyone has benefited from playing this kind of game, as it helps your child improve every aspect of their code skills.

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