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Moonlighter Tips for Beginners

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Moonlighter is an Action RPG/Business simulation game developed by Spanish indie studio Digital Sun. The game takes you on the journey of Will, a shopkeeper with a dream of being a great warrior. Will goes through mysterious dungeons at night time, looting everything he could come across so he can sell it at his shop in the morning.

The Moonlighter game needs to be managed properly by the player, making money is key to having better gear which is a necessity when you are fighting different monsters in the dungeons of Moonlighter. So, here are some tips and tricks that can help you achieve that and make more gold.

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Organize and Prioritize

Always make sure you organize your bag and stack similar items over each other so you have more space. You can select up to 5 items to carry on yourself and not in the bag, these items are kept with you if you die. So, you better put your most valuable findings like books and jottings in these 5 slots.

Each Moonlighter dungeon has 3 different stages with a particular set of items. After learning which items have more value you should prioritize carrying the ones that bring you more gold.


Upgrading you store from the Town Board grants you extra space to sell your items and adds a glass display to your shop. Any item displayed in that stand will sell for a higher price than its value, especially if a Big Spender (Client with the Hat icon) is interested in it.

Determining the price of an item can be tricky, so instead of selling a whole stack of an item try selling it one at a time till you determine the right price for it.

Watch out for thieves and catch them before they flee with your items by rolling on to them.

Upgrade your cash register to entice customers to add up to 40% tips when paying.

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The Banker: You can only invest with him during the morning of (the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of each month). After investing the desired amount, the banker will be accessible every morning for a week and you can check every day if you made the desired profit. You can withdraw your money at any time if you feel the interest is good enough. For some reason leaving the money till the last day usually gives the biggest return on investment, but make sure you withdraw your money before the end of the week or risk losing all of it.

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The Hawker: This Staff Member sells decorations for your store. These decorations Increase your tips percentage, number of customers in your store and even the time of which your store is open. Each dungeon you finish unlocks a new set of decorations so keep an eye out for new additions.

Exploring the Moonlighter Dungeons

Consider having runs in the dungeon you just finished. After defeating the boss and upgrading your gear for the next dungeon, go back to the one you just finished and start farming for items, your main focus during this run should be gathering items for your store. It will be much easier to defeat the monsters with your upgraded gear so you can focus on looting.

There’s nothing more irritating than losing all your items, so there’s no shame in knowing when to quit. The merchant pendant is a great way to run for your life when things get tough. Use it by holding the (B or O) button on your controller to quickly travel back to safety.

Check every corner of the dungeon especially Chests in the 3rd stage as they usually have highly valued items.

Look out for the sparkling glitter in the black holes on the ground as sometimes they lead to acquiring a book.

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When you reach the boss room for the second time, you’ll find 3 sinking chests, try killing all the enemies inside the room as fast as possible to save the chests from sinking in to the ground.

These chests have a lot of items inside them and you probably won’t have any space in your bag to carry all the items you found. Use a Merchant Emblem to open a door back to your town. Head to your shop, store your items and then return to the Emblem Door to collect the rest of your findings.

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Learn to use Curses to your Advantage

Curses are effects linked to some of the items you find, they’re either positive or negative curses. Rare chests mostly hold positive curses while common ones hold negative curses. Knowledge on how to use these curses can capitalize on the items you find in a dungeon of Moonlighter.

Negative Curses

  1. Placement Curse: Item can only be added to the top/bottom or the sides of your inventory
  2. Unknown: A stack of 4 of the same item, but the item is hidden till you leave the dungeon
  3. Crush: This curse will destroy the item it is pointed towards after you leave the dungeon
  4. Fragile: This will destroy your item if you take too many hits

Positive Curses

  1. Remove: This one instantly removes the curse off any item it points towards
  2. Home: Sends the item it’s pointed towards directly to your store
  3. Swap: Swaps a stack of items to itself with a maximum of 5 items. So, if you find it on an expensive item point it towards a stack of cheap items and it will swap when you leave the dungeon
side quest


Side quests are given to you by your clients at the store after upgrading your store to level two, you can then receive customer’s requests from the other side of your checkout desk.

There are two types of quests either to kill a certain enemy and gather the note they drop or to find a quantity of a specific item for a client.

The client will hand in his request and you’ll have 3 days to finish the task. After completing the task go back to your store and wait for the client to show up, give him the items and you shall receive your reward.

book and organization

And last but not least….

Never give your gold to that guy, he’ll rip you off..

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