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Diablo Immortal: Tips & Tricks for Beginners + More

by Amaan Talbot

The Diablo franchise is said to be one of the best ARPGs to have ever graced the video games industry and rightly so. It’s extremely immersive and has a unique charm that draws players from every genre.

With its latest title release, Diablo Immortal, we are confident that there will be many new players flocking into the franchise, especially since the game will be available for mobile phones as well.

As newcomers, many might find it difficult to settle themselves into a game that has been around for ages. Hence, they may require a helping hand in beginning their Diablo Immortal adventure.

Rest assured, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled some brief yet comprehensive tips that beginners can take away to make their starting journey much easier.

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Setting Yourself Up for Success

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a comfortable control setup. It can be weird or unique to you only, but the most important thing is that the setup has to be right for you.

For mobile users, make sure that the button configuration is optimized to your liking. Ensure that the spacing between the buttons is comfortable for you. Diablo Immortal is a grinding game and you wouldn’t want to frequently press the wrong buttons when you are clearing a dungeon.

As for PC and longtime players of Diablo games, make sure to also go through your control settings and that your key bindings are right where you want them to be. We believe that many veteran players would have developed muscle memory for specific bindings so make sure that your controls are adjusted as such.

Empty Your Bags Before Farming

Like most RPGs, item drops and loot from defeated enemies play a significant role in your character’s growth. Therefore, we want to maximise our resources as they will come in handy when you want to upgrade your equipment in the future.

Beginners of the RPG genre tend to have the habit of overcrowding their inventory. So when they get a super-rare drop, many will find themselves in a situation where they don’t have the inventory space to keep that drop.

Before heading out to grind/farm, be sure to empty your bags. This will maximise the number of drops you can collect while you are dungeon crawling or farming in a specific area.

And when your bag is full, stop farming and either use or store those collected resources to make space for other resources as you continue to farm.

Your Choice of Class Matters

Picking a class is seriously a headscratcher for many, heck, even veterans sometimes suffer a dilemma in choosing the right class.

But if you are a starter and know nothing about the game, we recommend picking either the Barbarian or the Necromancer class.

This is because both of these classes are easy to understand and it is a great starting point for beginners to get a grasp of the game’s mechanics and playstyle. For instance, the Barbarian class is extremely straightforward and has a balance of both damage and bulk, making it the ideal class for newbies.

If hack-and-slash isn’t up your alley, Necromancer is another beginner-friendly class that you could try. Necromancer’s speciality is its summons, it uses its summons to do all of its biddings. This also means the player will technically need not be involved in combat as they will just need to sit back and let the summons do all the work.

Constantly Look to Upgrade Your Equipment

Getting your character’s level up is very important but one must also not overlook the importance of their equipment. Having low-quality equipment equipped on a highly levelled character will seriously bottleneck your character’s potential to either tank or dish out high damage.

This also brings us to our earlier point where we mentioned that once your bag is filled with resources, either use or store them someplace else. Well, these resources can be used to upgrade your current equipment.

In short, upgrading your equipment is equally as important as levelling up your character. Most of the time, these upgraded weapons and armours are the difference in whether you can clear a dungeon or not.

Join a Warband as Soon as You Can

Warbands are like guilds, they give players a sense of community within the game but ultimately, it provides numerous perks and benefits that will accelerate your character’s growth.

While you can join a public Warband individually, we would still recommend starting your own with your real-life friends. This is because it would be much easier with your known friends to organise farming parties to get improved drop rates as you grind for EXP and resources. It is way more difficult to do this with public players.

Besides that, rewards are also better when you take on Helliquary bosses together. Plus, having access to the Warband-exclusive storage box is an amazing convenience, especially when inventory management and boss raids are the usual Achilles heel for beginners.

Repeatable Dungeons Provide Good Resources

A common question that is always asked by RPG players is the most efficient farming pattern for resources and EXP. This holds true even for Diablo Immortal, and although we don’t have a definite answer to the question, we do know that repeatable dungeons are some of the most reliable methods to gain decent EXP and resources.

The Elder Rift and Challenge Rift are two repeatable dungeons which you can challenge over and over again while gaining a respectable amount of experience points and drops.

Plus, the rewards get even better if you tune up the difficulty. So if you’ve completed the challenges numerous times and are comfortable with them, do consider trying out the other difficulties as it will make your efforts much more worthwhile.

Tinker with the Graphics Settings for Better Performance

Lags and stuttering are enemies of any video game and one of the ways to remedy the issue is to tinker around with the graphics settings.

If you’re playing Diablo Immortal on a low-end PC or mobile phone, you might want to consider lowering the game’s resolution and graphic quality as we strongly believe that fps is much more important than visual fidelity.

This is especially true when you are fighting a large horde of enemies or facing a boss. When you are in a do-or-die situation, a little spike in fps drop can hurt you. In this situation, you won’t be thinking about how awesome the graphics are but how to optimise your graphics for the best performance instead.

That said, the visuals of Diablo Immortal are spectacular and if you are running the game on a high-end device, picking the best graphics options is certainly no issue. What better way to defeat your enemies while watching them die in HD right?

And there you have it! We’ve finally reached the end and we do hope that these tips will help you get through your first few 100+ hours of Diablo Immortal playtime!

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