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DAMWON Gaming Team Spotlight: Who Is The Korean Power Squad?

by Zaraki Kenpachi
Image Credits – Riot Games

DAMWON Gaming is a relatively new name on the League of Legends esports scene. The organization has been around since 2017, but have only met their first successes in 2019. At Worlds that year, DAMWON showed true greatness, despite being knocked out in the Quarterfinals by G2 Esports. But at the League of Legends World Championship 2024, DAMWON smurfed the group-stage with only one defeat and went off to make history!

DAMWON is perhaps the best group of mechanically talented players. Period. What they’re able to do with their champions is simply unbelievable. Their mouses and keyboards are extensions of their brains, and they have mastered the art of dodging and aiming in League of Legends to the highest degree. No matter which situation they’re in, they can find a way to dominate it!

DAMWON Gaming plays with what we call in League “lane kingdom”. What the “lane kingdom” concept means is that DAMWONS’s players are so individually strong, that they crush their opponents in every possible way, each player in his specific role. Because they’re just better at what they do than the enemy team, DAMWON often pick their champions to win their lanes first, then the game second.

Despite not winning anything major, DAMWON’s roster has stayed pretty much the same for almost two years! That’s an extremely long time for an esports team to work together, especially in League. That’s one of the many reasons why they’re feared so much world-wide. And DAMWON sometimes just means “damn, we won again”!

DAMWON Gaming Roster Players

Top: Nuguri

Image Credits – Riot Games

Ever since he stepped on stage, Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon has become a fan-favorite LoL player! He is a true revolutionary in the top lane and has become infamous for his 1v1 outplays. No matter who he plays against, Nuguri is merciless.

Nuguri’s favorite champion is Vladimir and he has probably developed hundreds of different builds for him. The most notable one is running Kindlegem and Fiendish Codex as Vladimir’s first items, for the purpose to hit maximum cooldown reduction early on. Nuguri has also played Vladimir with Kleptomancy multiple times on stage, mixed with one or two mana items. But if Nuguri has calculated that these purchases make his champion stronger, then you can bet he will do them time and time again!

In the LCK, Nuguri has been pretty dominant in his role. At Worlds 2024, he schooled teams with picks like Kennen and Jayce. His kill participation is over 60%, which means that he is always there to help his teammates. 

Favorite Champions:

  • Vladimir
  • Jayce
  • Camille

Pro Gear:

Jungle: Canyon

Image Credits – Riot Games

Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu is one of the youngest League of Legends players. But despite that, he has already proven to be a world-class jungler, beating many veteran players in his role. Canyon is also the first jungler ever who has done a pentakill in the LCK on Nidalee.

Canyon is terrifying in the jungle. He likes to play a lot of aggressive champions, such as Graves and Lee Sin, who are known to bully their enemies. In most of his games, Canyon goes for such picks and demolishes his opponents by constantly ganking and pressuring them. His kill participation almost never goes below 70% which shows what kind of a jungler he is.

Canyon’s most successful champion professionally is Nidalee. In season 10, he has played the champion for a total of 10 games and has won them all – 100% win rating with an unbelievable 8.8 KDA! At Worlds 2024, however, he unleashed his Graves and won nearly every matchup!

Favorite Champions:

  • Nidalee
  • Trundle
  • Lee Sin

Pro Gear:

Mid: ShowMaker

Image Credits – Riot Games

Heo “ShowMaker” Su is another star name from the Korean LCK. Everyone knows ShowMaker, the perfect mid laner who is considered by many analysts as the best on the planet in his role. The statistics really speak for himself, so let’s take his performance in the Summer Split 2024 as an example!

In the latter half of season 10, ShowMaker’s professional game record in the LCK is 34 Wins and 5 Defeats. By the 15 minute mark of every game, ShowMaker was ahead in CS and gold by +670. His kill participation is an amazing 72% and his overall KDA 16.0. Here are some additional stats for specific champions:

  • Zoe: 10 Games played – 80% Win rate – 14.5 KDA
  • Twisted Fate: 8 Games played – 87.5% Win rate – 23.4 KDA
  • Kassadin: 4 Games played – 100% Win rate – 20.7

ShowMaker has also crushed Worlds 2024. Many times he has been regarded as the strongest mid player, without any known limit to his champion pool! And it’s true that ShowMaker is just unlimited and can do literally everything!

Favorite Champions:

  • Katarina
  • Zoe
  • Twisted Fate

Pro Gear:

Bot: Ghost

Image Credits – Riot Games

The marksman for DAMWON Gaming is Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun. Ghost should’ve started his career as early as 2016 for the CJ Entus organization, but due to his young age, he wasn’t allowed to play professionally. Prior to 2019, Ghost’s performances were poor, but later he reinvented himself as a player, earning the nickname “Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit”. And now in DAMWON, Ghost shines the brightest!

Ghost is a very versatile player, known to play nearly all AD carry champions to excellence, and also the AP ones too. He can pilot picks like Syndra and Ziggs for early pressure, but he is much more successful on champions like Ezreal, Ashe, and Varus. Ghost’s best champion, however, is Draven, which he picks in special situations to surprise his opponents.

At Worlds 2024, Ghost favored Senna and Jhin a lot. With a high KDA of 10.0, Ghost is perhaps the most complete bot lane player. It’s truly rare to see him get killed more than 2 times per game, and his safety brings him gold differences every time he plays. With Ghost on their side, DAMWON look unrelenting in their path to glory!

Favorite Champions:

  • Draven
  • Varus
  • Kalista

Pro Gear:

Support: BeryL

Image Credits – Riot Games

Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee is a very proactive support player. He is a part of the DAMWON squad from the very beginning and also one of the core reasons for the organization’s success. His performances have been brilliant throughout his career, but 2024 has been his best year overall. Only in the Summer Split of LCK he played every game for DAMWON and scored 87.2% win rate with a KDA of 5.2.

BeryL’s favorite champions are the tanky melee supports. Leona, Set, and Pantheon are part of his arsenal and he likes to use them offensively. BeryL is responsible for many successful roams and kill setups for DAMWON. And whether it’s the LCK or the World Championship, he is able to give his teammates more than enough advantages to win the game.

BeryL’s most impressive plays have been on Alistar and Pantheon. If he gets even a slight lead over his bot lane opponents, then he can become a nightmare for the rest of the map.

Favorite Champions:

  • Alistar
  • Leona
  • Pantheon

Pro Gear:

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