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Destiny 2 Valor Ranks – Everything You Need to Know

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Looking to conquer the game and everything about Destiny 2 Valor Ranks and what they unlock for you? Here’s everything to know.

Unlike the previous seasons, Season 3 of Destiny 2 came up with a unique ranking system, popularly known as the crucible ranking system. The ranking system can be broadly categorized into three types the Infamy, the Valor Rankings, and the Glory Rankings. Valor Ranking corresponds to how a player ranks up playing the “quick play modes,” while the Glory Ranking system is all about the competitive scenario. The Infamy on the other side destines the gambit modes.

The ranking system in all the types traverses’ different paths. A player cannot transmit the progress within a particular ranking system, say the Valor, to the other method, i.e., the Glory. Besides, both the ranking system are unique in every way possible; from the working mechanism to the completion rewards, each ranking system brings distinctive features.

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This article will focus on the Valor Ranking or the Quick Play scenario, the levels, the features, the rewards, and more. With that being said, let’s have a look at what Valor Ranking is all about and how it actually works.

How Destiny 2 Valor Ranks Work

The equation is simple, play more and rank up high. As I have already mentioned, the Valor ranking is all about the quick play modes. The more you engage yourself in playing, the more points you earn in accordance with your performance in-game. The Valor ranking in Destiny 2 has a threshold of 2000 points. Once you reach that mark, the ranking comes up with a reset option; this allows you to start everything from the beginning. We shall talk more about the reset thing in the latter half; for now, let’s have a detailed look at the valor point system.

Valor Ranking

The Valor Ranking is aided with seven progression levels: Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, Mythic, Legend, Max Rank, or the Exotic.

Each set of progression is again divided into three sub-levels except the legend and the maximum ranking. With more time dedicated to playing, you will progress through each level via the sub-levels to reach the final threshold or the maximum rank.

However, the best thing in the valor ranking system is that there is no degradation in the ranking algorithm associated with it. This means, unlike the competitive mode, you will not get degraded from a higher rank to an inferior one even if you encounter losses. Hence, go for as many matches as you can before you end up reaching 2000 points.

Talking about the grading system, this is how the points are assigned for leveling up.

LevelPoints to EarnPoints to Rank Up
Guardian I010
Guardian II1015
Guardian III2525
Brave I5060
Brave II110105
Brave III215135
Heroic I35070
Heroic II420130
Heroic III550150
Fabled I70090
Fabled II790150
Fabled III940210
Mythic I1150130
Mythic II1280230
Mythic III1510290
Max Rank or Exotic2000Reset

How to Earn Points for Valor 2 Ranking

Now that you are well aware of the grading system, the next important thing is learning the ways in which you can earn points for valor rankings. As I have mentioned multiple times, points are earned on completing matches. Having said that, let’s look at the three ways in which you can have some points in your bag.

Daily Bounties

Destiny 2 features daily bounties, which can help you earn points in exchange for completing daily small missions. After completing each mission, a player is awarded 15 points, so on average, if you can complete 2 to 4 missions every day, there is an easy 30 to 60 points for you to grab.

Winning Streaks

Yes, while you are in the valor ranking system, losing matches won’t lead to degradation in the current level, but winning shall always help up-gradation. With each win, you are awarded valor points. The valor point to receive depends upon the tier you are in; the higher, the more. To add to that, maintaining winning streaks from two matches to five also adds up to the existing point distribution pattern. 

To have a brief idea here is the complete “Valor Points to earn” mechanism

LevelPoints For 1 WinPoints For 2 Regular WinsPoints For 3 Regular WinsPoints For 4 Regular WinsPoints For 5 Regular Wins
Guardian12 Valor17 Valor22 Valor27 Valor32 Valor
Brave12 Valor17 Valor22 Valor27 Valor32 Valor
Heroic15 Valor20 Valor25 Valor30 Valor35 Valor
Fabled17 Valor22 Valor27 Valor32 Valor37 Valor
Mythic20 Valor25 Valor30 Valor35 Valor40 Valor
Legend22 Valor27 Valor32 Valor37 Valor42 Valor

Bonus Weeks

To aid players in earning more points, the game comes up with bonus weeks. These weeks feature events that allow players to earn more valor points than usual, playing the daily bounties and maintaining streaks. Make sure you make the most out of the opportunity and climb the ladder to the top of Valor Ranking conveniently.

Rewards for Reaching the Max Points

Every time you earn some point and make your progress through different levels, you are awarded various game items like ornaments, emblems, and weapons. With each level passed, the game also rewards the players with a crucible engram. This engram, based on rarity, can further be used for various in-game purposes.

Some rewards are limited to the progress made, while some require a certain number of resetting. With that being said, let’s have a look at how the Valor rank reset works.

Valor Rank Reset and Rank Reset Rewards

Once you reach the threshold of 2000 points, the game comes up with an option for resetting the entire progress. Once you reset, the progress shifts back to the initial level of Guardian I. It may sound weird to play and rank up to reset the entire gain and work the things back, but the whole point of doing this is its rewarding nature. A player is eligible to get rewarded with robust gears and pinnacle weapons like Redrix’s Broadsword once he/she resets the Valor ranking a certain number of times.

How to Reset the Destiny 2 Valor Ranking

Resetting Valor ranking is an easy process. As you make your way to 2000 points and make your mind to reset everything, all you need to do is

  • Open the Destinations menu.
  • Select the Crucible Map.
  • Hoover over to any of the activities on the screen.
  • Long hold the F key to reset the ranking.


If you like spending hours shooting enemies in Destiny 2, the ranking system is sure to add to your thrills and excitement. The crucible ranking system is set to reward players for every minute of dedication. The Valor ranking is all about the quick play scenario that lets players earn Valor points just by playing the non-competitive game modes. No level degradation, no negative markings for losses encountered, the Valor ranking is a win-win situation for every player with several rewards in stores.

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