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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Amazing Exotics!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

After the Bungie trailer launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, many gamers are trying to wrap their heads around the reveal. There were a good number of hints that the producers gave on a platter of gold. Majorly, the teaser was mainly about Exotic weapons. As a gamer, there’s nothing more important in a shooter game than the availability of appropriate weapons and gears. For this reason, this article will give insight into the revealed exotics.

Before delving into details, you should know that there are different categories of the available exotics. For instance, some are under the general exotic weapons category, while others fall into other departments. Examples of some of the others include the Warlock’s exotics and Hunter’s exotics. Let’s get right into the details.

With just some weeks to release, a quick look into the Beyond Light exotics is satisfying. The company provided us with exciting details from the weapons to the warlock exotics and more. However, there’s a probability that the company is keeping some of these from gamers. There’s a high probability that it’s to increase the element of surprise. Well, with a reasonable degree of research, there are several exotics that you should see.

List of Beyond Light Amazing Exotics

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer

Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer was a real eye-opener for a good number of people. However, it didn’t seem to pour out the crucial details about the exotics. Fortunately, we have ensured that you read everything that the trailer provides. Also, we gave personal thoughts and expectations about these exotics. The list includes the traditional exotic weapons, warlock exotics, and the hunter exotics in no particular order. Here’s a full list of the exotics that are present in the trailer:

1.    The Lament:

Photo Credit Bungie

It’s safe to say that the Lament is one of the top weapons on the list. However, it may sound strange that you will be bringing a chain sword to a gunfight. Stay calm; this one works differently from the traditional ones we know. It’s an exotic sword that is primarily meant to bring down enemy shields and Barriers. Aside from those features, there are other extra things that this sword has to offer. As a player, the moment you block with the sword, it begins to rev up, causing an increase in the weapon’s damage.

When the Lament is at its peak, every kill with the sword can heal the character. Since we don’t have the game in our hands yet, we can only assume the weapon’s use. There’s a probability that you can rev the sword until it’s at the fastest and use it for healing and killing. In other words, you can heal yourself and kill the enemies. We suppose that the weapon is good enough for end game content like the Grandmaster Nightfalls. Our primary concern is that players may switch to The Lament as a boss DPS option. Please note that this is applicable if bosses are closely similar to that of The Prophecy Dungeon.

2.    Cloudstrike:

Photo Credit Bungie

Unlike the sword, you don’t need to wield this weapon. Cloudstrike is a quality and standard weapon for battles in Beyond Light. As a Sniper Rifle, you can only imagine the level of damage it invokes on enemies. Meanwhile, the gun works differently from the typical rifles in most games. From its design, you may notice an arc, making it look both recent and vintage at the same time. With this weapon, you can summon a lightning bolt when you land a final precision blow.

You will see that it kills two Guardians who are a few feet away from the trailer’s enemies. From logical reasoning, that can only be possible if the Guardians both have short lives. It’s highly unlikely that the Cloudstrike will have that effect on two full health Guardians. Depending on the damage of the thunderstorm, this could be another End Game weapon. In the meantime, sniper rifles are in a hard spot in the Destiny 2 PVE meta. With critical analysis, there is no big point using them instead of a shotgun or an auto rifle like the Gnawing Hunger. Overall, it appears like the Cloudstrike is perfect for taking down targets and causing massive collateral damage as well.

3. No Time to Explain:

No time to Explain
Photo Credit Bungie

At the very start of the trailer, the first exotic you notice is the gun named No Time to Explain. You should know that this gun is primarily for landing precision hits or hits against the enemies. If you’ve been following up with this game, you will discover that this weapon is from the original Destiny. At that time, the rifle was strongly associated with the Exo Stranger. When the weapon is utilized, the ammo that you fire returns to the mag, thereby letting you keep shooting at targets.

Interestingly, the weapon has extra features as well. For instance, landing precision hits or hits against enemies on Stasis allows the player to summon a portal that fires bullets from a different timeline. Depending on certain factors, No Time to Explain tends towards being the top pick for Crucible. However, it strongly depends on the mods available through the Season 12 artifact. You must know No Time to Explain is available for players who pre-order Beyond Light with the second pass. It may also be available for all users of Destiny 2: Beyond Light after Season 12.

4.    Salvation’s Grip:

Salvations Grip
Photo Credit Bungie

Compared to other grenade launchers in most games, the Salvation’s Grip is one of a kind. The new raid exotic tends towards being all about the Statis. Hence, players that are looking forward to better synergy with their Stasis builds should strongly consider this weapon. Players can hold the grenade launcher using the side handle and use it to create massive pillars of ice similar to the Statis abilities.

Meanwhile, players can fire projectiles and form crystals and freeze close-by enemies. Charging this weapon before use will result in the release of more crystals, with a broader freezing radius. Due to these features, this weapon’s high potential is getting paired with some significant Stasis subclasses. Generally, you may observe those grenade launchers aren’t as prominent as the other weapons. So, we hope that they get some attention from this coming game.

5.    Dawn Chorus:

Dawn Chorus
Photo Credit Bungie

There seem to be lots of impressive features or abilities present in this weapon. As the first Warlock exotic armor piece revealed, our expectations are undoubtedly high. With this weapon, there is a reasonable boost in damage to Dawnblade projectiles. Also, enemies that come close will be aggressively burnt.

We see the trailer’s effectiveness as it was useful in taking down a Hive Champion in one hit. However, please note that we aren’t sure about the enemy’s strength that the Dawn Chorus took down. From the abilities present in this exotic, we can infer that it’s a powerful Warlock exotic. Meanwhile, burn damages will charge the player’s melee ability. It’s almost impossible to wait for a first-hand experience of this Warlock exotic. Overall, it’s a highly impressive gear for the game.

6.    Arthrys’s Embrace:

Destiny 2 Exotic: Arthrys Embrace
Photo Credit Bungie

In a lighter mode, this name is relatively hard to pronounce. However, it comes with several impressive abilities. Primarily, this Hunter’s gauntlet focuses on the Weighted Knife ability from the way of the Sharpshooter Hunter subclass tree. We strongly feel that this weapon has a strong capacity to be an excellent gear for attacks from the trailer. Unfortunately, these are our expectations as the trailer did a poor job of explaining the features.

Thanks to the extra information Bungie released, we know that this gauntlet’s main benefit is the additional bounce it gains after hitting the ground. Asides that feature, you can also enjoy the quick precision hits as it heightens your damage and slows down enemies. From an honest perspective, the weapon looks situational, benefiting only those who want to show some skills. Overall, hunters that want to explore the Way of the Sharpshooter will love this gauntlet.

7.    Mask of Bakris:

Destiny 2: Beyond Light: Mask of Bakris
Photo Credit Bungie

Aside from the Arthrys’s Embrace, another hunter exotic is the Mask of Barkis. With this hunter helmet, players can enjoy many abilities. Primarily, the gear mirrors the powers of the initial Destiny. With an ability called Shift, this exotic replaces Hunter’s dodge. When in use, the player seems to disappear and appear on the ground.  That looks to be a pseudo blink, but no specific details are surrounding its working mechanism. Even though it doesn’t appear essential in PVE, it isn’t very pleasant to play against in PVP.

Meanwhile, a simple Warlock Blink can disorient the best of the best fighters in the game. Specific questions may bother the gamers. Examples are how do we reload weapons with Shift or regain our melee energy in the video game? We would get answers to our questions when the game is out for playing.

8.    Precarious Scars:

Precarious Scars
Photo Credit Bungie

As support exotic, it provides Titans by giving them an over shield Aura when they revive an ally. However, we aren’t entirely sure about how the aura functions. The good news is that the trailer let us into some of the action. Hence, we can make the appropriate calculations and set standard expectations. From the trailer, we see that the team is weathered to the Titan by glowing energy.

One of our top expectations is that when you revive an ally, the overshield spreads to those connected to the Titan, which gives them more damage resistance. This feature is more useful in the survival modes where one will get more safety upon picking someone else up for revival. Please note that in higher-end PVE, the best step to take is to wait for the person to respawn. Waiting ensures that you save your life and prevent any unforeseen damages. Overall, this exotic is only great if it is powerful and long-lasting for the sake of protection.

9.    Icefall Mantle:

Destiny 2 Beyond light: Icefall Mantle
Photo Credit Bungie

Interestingly, this exotic is basic, but its features are magnificent. When these Titan gauntlets are worn, the Titans replace their barricade class ability with an overshield they can demand at any time. In the meantime, we don’t have a good idea of the strength of the overshield. However, you can still look out for several Titans rocking the Icefall Mantle.

If you don’t comprehend what this exotic provides, you should know that the Titan becomes more difficult to kill in combat. Due to the features of this exotic, resilience will become a top priority for Titans. Besides, the skill also helps Titans embrace the tank role that many gamers look forward to having in the game. Regarding the subclass that will gain from this specific exotic, it’s probably the dealer’s choice. Overall, this exotic works differently because you can only protect yourself, leaving other allies out.

10. Necrotic Grip:

Necrotic Grip
Photo Credit Bungie

Ever loved Thorn or wished you could spread a disease to enemies of the Darkness? If you have been in that position, you should be a firm lover of the Necrotic Grip. Here’s how this exciting exotic works. It starts by striking the enemy with a melee attack, and then you spread corruption around the others. Meanwhile, its means of operation are very different from the other kinds of exotics available in this game.

For most gamers, you may find this ability a little too dark and compelling. However, it’s all to enjoy the game and what it brings to the table. Please note that if the poison activated kills any of the inflicted enemies, it releases another burst that spreads it well among enemies. Ultimately, this ensures that everything around is dead. Undoubtedly, this weapon is highly efficient and powerful, mainly because you restore melee energy for each kill with the Necrotic Grip.


Without a doubt, we are sure that Beyond Light comes with tremendous exotics. From the Warlock exotics down to the Hunter exotics, everything seems to piece together. Even the traditional exotic weapons are impressive. Most of the features seen in this article were just buildups from the trailer. Our expectations for these exotics are high, and we hope that Beyond Light doesn’t cut it short. If you study the exotics list, you will discover that the Hunters and Titans seem to have a better edge, while the warlocks don’t have so much advantage. Overall, Destiny 2 provides impressive exotics, and we have our hopes high to see their true abilities.

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