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Play Like A Pro: Valorant Tips & Tricks

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Gaming is generally exciting. However, certain things can help you play better. For instance, games like Valorant need unique tactics or strategies to help secure wins. FPS fans are intense lovers of this video game. Interestingly, Valorant is structured like the American Football, in terms of the number of teams and line up.

There are two teams lined up on a straight line. Besides, the starting position of the players must be in positions that will guarantee a win. At the start of the game, players clash, battle, and one team will win the round. After, you’d hear a whistle, in which everyone resets into a huddle in preparation for the next round. Due to the repetition of rounds, this first-person shooter game is entirely different from the typical ones.







Due to the mild complexity of the game, you may get confused while playing. Ensure that you start by mastering the controls. Once you’re able to master the controls, you’d be able to work on your strategy and combat better than ever. This article will take you through the essential tips and tricks that you need to comprehend in this game.

Helpful Valorant Tips & Tricks

When playing Valorant, there are a few things you may miss out on. Understandably, you can’t figure out every part of the game on your first time playing. For this reason, we have put together different helpful tips and tricks to make your gameplay better than usual. Here are some of the things to know:

1.    Avoid Moving and Shooting Simultaneously

It may appear like you need to shoot at every moment during the game, even when on the move. Please note that this is inadvisable. Why can’t you move and shoot? Think about it logically. Moving and shooting at the same time will affect how you aim. In most cases, you won’t be able to shoot straight. So, it’s best to avoid running or walking while shooting.

However, it doesn’t mean that you stand in one position. Follow the step, stop, shoot rhythm. Besides, you need to avoid fighting at the wrong times. Learn to release pressure off your controller and enable the movement penalty in the settings. The purpose of the movement penalty is to provide feedback when the aim has been disrupted.

2.    Work well with the Team.

Your team succeeds, you win. For this reason, you need to understand how to work with them. For instance, you need to know how to communicate with them, coordinate attacks, and work together. In other words, you’d be doing the basics of the traditional FPS game.


Examples are making all lanes covered by a member of the team when defending and more. Please note that you also need to learn how to bait opponents, fake attacks, rotate, and make your team follow suit. When there is a strong team play, it leads to better results.

3.    Manage your Money

Even though this is a game, there are some logical approaches in terms of gameplay. For instance, you can’t spend money anyhow in Valorant shop. If your team has less than 3,500 credits, you need to begin the game by buying lower-value equipment. Don’t worry; it won’t affect your game significantly. The round you start with the low-value equipment is called the eco-round.


For the eco-round, the idea is that some of the players purchase top-class weapons, while some get the armor. Meanwhile, it’s entirely okay to lose the eco-round in preparation for the next buy. In Valorant, the highest amount that players can have is 12,000 credits. Once you notice a teammate is reaching that point, you can request that someone purchase some equipment for the team. Impressively, you can sell what you buy for its full value.

4.    Focus on Two Main Guns

Since you’re dealing with a First-Person Shooter game, having a list of gun options is crucial. However, it’s interesting that you only need to focus on two main guns. Please note that this doesn’t mean you should ignore the others. If you find yourself in a round where you have a minimum of 4,000 credits, you should get one of Valorant’s assault rifles. Examples include the Phantom or the Vandal. These guns are crucial and have a kill power of highly long ranges. The Vandal is great for ranged and single-shot gameplay.

With just a headshot, the machine can bring down enemies. Besides, the Vandal gun doesn’t have any damage drop at range. Another weapon that works well for gamers is the Operator sniper rifle. As a player, you can get one or two of it on a team, since it’s a highly specialized weapon. Ensure that you read up on the Vandal gun to play a better game. Lastly, try avoiding the Valorant SMGs because they are only secondary pistols, and they aren’t the best. In most cases, the Valorant SMGs, shotguns, and secondary weapons are primarily meant for money conservation after a loss or death.

5.    Master One of the Two different Shooting Techniques

In Valorant, there are two ways of shooting. On your PC, hold down Mouse 1, don’t move, and pint one of the Valorant Assault Rifles at the wall. You’d notice a pattern of bullets. Please note that the pattern represents Valorant’s recoil system, where each gun possesses a 2D recoil signature, and great players will logically know where the sixth or seventh bullet will go. The more shots you fire repeatedly, the more the direction of the bullet deviates from the center. The two main styles of shooting are spraying and tapping.


For spraying, you’re uninterruptedly shooting full-auto shots. However, it would be best if you lowered your crosshair to compensate for the rising bullet position. It may take some time to master this technique, especially as a new player. Tapping is the other type of shooting. When using this method, you are clicking the mouse, which allows the recoil of your gun reset between shots. Endeavor to use Valorant’s training area to master those two shooting techniques


When playing an FPS game, things can get complicated. Interestingly, Valorant is different from the traditional First-Person Shooter games. For this reason, you need to understand some tricks behind playing the game. Always remember that your firing technique is crucial. Hence, it would be best if you encouraged habits that will improve how you shoot. For example, don’t run or walk while shooting; it has a way of affecting your aim. Moreover, you also need to use the best guns and an effective shooting technique, either tapping or spraying.


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