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CS GO Wingman Mode Tips and Best Tricks

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Need the best CS GO Wingman Mode tip and tricks? Our guide through the CS GO Wingman Mode tips will help you to improve your team play.

CS GO has introduced game modes side branching from the primary 5v5 classic game mode for giving new CS GO, players, a snippet of the competitive scene, and a casual environment for practicing headshots and warming up before heading out to play competitive matches. Giving CS GO players a new gameplay experience from the usual competitive gameplay. Such game modes include Wingman, Deathmatch, War Games, and Danger Zone. 

Deathmatch, War Games, and Danger Zone are well received by players for providing a place where they can practice individual in-game skills like aim accuracy, pre-fire, and peak and fire. But, if you need to practice duo synergy or team communication for heated moments, CS GO Wingman Mode is the right game mode for you and your partner. 

What is CS GO Wingman Mode?

What is CS: GO Wingman Mode?

The CS GO Wingman mode was initially a limited-time game mode introduced with the Operation Hydra released in May 2017. Seeing the popularity of the game mode, CS GO backed the game mode in the primary CS GO game modes.

The CS GO Wingman mode takes the classic game mode’s intensity and shrinks down to a 2vs2 team battle. The rules of the Wingman mode are simple.

 The Wingman mode consists of two teams with two players each. The players have to complete specific objectives in matches lasting for one minute and thirty seconds for sixteen games. The maps are focused on particular points of the game, i.e., Bombsite A or B.

The game mode demands close communication, as you are only relying on your wingman for support. The Counter-Terrorist team’s objective is to either disarm the bomb or eliminate the Terrorist team to win a match. For the Terrorist team’s objective, they can win a match by successfully detonating the bomb or eliminating the opposing team.  

The map’s size is small, and maps use invisible wall blocks, so players don’t wander off and just one place to plant the bomb (Site A or B). It makes for a dynamic and prospective gameplay and adds another dimension of stakes for team and communication building, essential for competitive games. Matches are fast-paced compared to regular CS GO classic matches. You can buy weapons and equipment as you earn money throughout the game.

CS GO Wingman Maps

The CS GO Wingman mini-maps include the most popular Dedust and Nuke maps. Here are the full Wingman game mode maps to check out.

CS: GO Wingman Maps
  • Cobblestone (One Bombsite B)
  • Inferno (One Bombsite A)
  • Lake (Dynamic Bombsite A or B)
  • Overpass (One Bombsite B)
  • Rialto (Dynamic Bombsite A or B)
  • Shortdust (Dynamic Bombsite A or B)
  • Nuke (One Bombsite A)
  • Train (One Bombsite A)
  • Vertigo (One Bombsite B)

CS GO Wingman Mode Community Maps

Community maps and workshop maps are a great addition to the CS GO experience and allow players to use specific custom maps built by the community contributors to improve skills and even help players customize their crosshair. And even create custom mini-games for having some casual fun. CS GO Wingman Mode Custom Community maps give a whole new dimension to the team-building aspect of the Wingman game mode. With plenty of custom mini maps and terrains to choose from, you and your mate can train for every scenario you would face in a competitive matchup and practice your communication and tactics by polishing your CT or T side weapons and equipment. Here are some of the best Wingman Mode Mini Community Maps.

Cache (OLD) by FMPONE: A bomb site map set in Chernobyl.  

SUB-ZERO by FMPONE: A bomb site map set in the freezing cold North. Stop the terrorists from destroying a vital naval base. 

Breach by Yanzi: A bomb site map which is inspired by the hostage map Agency. 

Marine by Almaas: A marine island map that has newfound fame and is unprotected.

Village by Almaas: A bomb site map set in a medieval village.

Studio by ZeLz Storm: A bombsite map set in a movie studio.

Biome by jd40: A map set in a botanical facility where terrorists seek revenge on the local people’s unjust.

Beerhouse by Squink: A bomb site map set in a beer garden. It has a vertical orientation.

Austria by Radix: A bomb site map set in snowy Austria.

Best Maps For CS GO Wingman Mode and Playstyle

Maps with close walls and corners like Agency and Studio maps are ideal for practicing peak and fire and aim accuracy. Maps with more open spaces for the Wingman Mode are like community maps such as Austria and Biome are suitable for practicing long-range AWP and sniping for Wingman matches and helping you practice corners, covering larger areas for the shoot insight. 

Suppose you are playing the Wingman mode to build and practice for the big leagues and competitive matches and want a bite-size experience for the most popular Dedustmap. In that case, the ShortDust map is the perfect practice ground for you and your mate. Here are some tips for CT and T players that will come in handy for beginners.

For The First Pistol Round

The USP-S (and P2000) pistols excel at range and reward high accuracy aim. You can predict one of three places and corners the Terrorists will come from. Placing the Crosshair at the right angle is the key to first blood. Find a good spot so that you won’t get killed instantly and have a chance at survival.

Use Smoke Screen

In low buy rounds and first initial matches, using a smokescreen in corridors or dark corners can maximize the utility of your not so good weapon. Hear for footsteps and grenade throws from behind the smoke screen.

Close Range Primary Weapons

As Wingman is played on a restricted Dedust inspired map, leaving only A site and apartments open, close-range weapons can be lethal. Only a couple of swipes from the handy switchblade can leave deep wounds, and a single stab from the back can be deadly. Make the attack on the opponent even more brutal with a CS GO knife adorning the rarest skin out there.

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The MAG-7 and other shotguns can easily catch out a T with a single well-placed shot.

For T Players

Get To Position

Rushing into position can help you take off guard CT’s and intercept CT’s before they take a higher ground or wait for taking a headshot covering behind a wall.

CTs will have to come to the bomb site to disarm the bomb. After arming the bomb, get to a corner or a high ground such as boxes and walls. Hide in a way that your opponents won’t expect you to be there.

Patience is a must

While you are on the offensive, the CTs also might be impatient to advance and eliminate the Terrorist before planting the bomb. It is advised to measure how aggressive they will be as they will advance as well.

You can camp in dark corners and waiting for your enemies through the gate to take clean headshots.

You also need to be patient in early rounds and not buy expensive guns, but to buy useful and efficient guns like SMGs and Shot Guns.

Check Site For Openings and Ambush

The Bombsite in the Shortdust map has a lot of open space and has many hiding spots. Ensure all the spots and pre-fire when needed to take down expected CTs coming through a corner. 

How To Play CS GO Wingman Mode With Friends

You can play the Wingman Mode with four of your friends competing with each other in a team of two with two players each. Or you can pair up with your mate and match against bots for practice rounds before heading out to play competitive matches. Here is how to play CS GO Wingman Mode with friends.

  1. Open the CS GO game.
  2. Click on the online friend’s list on the right-hand side of your screen.
  3. Click on the player profile and click on Invite Friend. You will see their profile pic below your profile. 
  4. Click on the Wingman game mode.
  5. Select the map and match type. 
  6. Enjoy with your friends on your private match server.

CS GO Wingman Mode General Tips

If you need the best tips and tricks as a whole for all the wingman maps including the community maps we have featured, here are the best general Wingman tips and tricks you need to know.


  • Communication is the key to craft a relationship with your teammate for winning in CS GO Wingman Mode.
  • If you do not have a microphone, you can use the in-game commands and chat message box. It may be cumbersome to type in during action. 
  • If you are using a headset, you will have the advantage of listening to the slightest footstep movement of your opponent, giving your team a slight edge.
  • Staying calm is essential. Try not to get excited too much by anything. A hot head only makes things worse. Remember this, especially in the final rounds. And try not to celebrate too early before you win the game set of sixteen or first to nine games.


  • Players often scout, camp, and prepare ambushes in this mode, so you might want to make less noise and use the shift key when going in around corners.
  • Moving together in a pair allows you to cover your back. There is a slew of spots to surprise the enemy.
  • Always take a formation with your partner that lets you cover the most significant part of the map.
  • Do not shoot when walking/jumping. Player movement decreases aim accuracy. Hit the Shift Key (slow walking) or Ctrl Key (for Ducking) when shooting and aiming.
  • You can throw grenades and other equipment throwables on different distances: LMB – far, RMB – close, LMB + RMB – medium.

Awareness of Surroundings

  • Avoid open spaces. If your enemy is camping and has a sniper, that is precisely what they are waiting for to take a clean headshot.
  • Before entering a dark room or taking a corner, try to make sure there is nobody inside the room or waiting around the corner. Enemies often hide in dark rooms and corners where they have a clear sight of their opponents.

Money Management

  • If you kill your opponent who has a better gun, take it. Spend your money elsewhere on better equipment and armor.
  • Help your teammate out if you have more cash. Purchase the best gun and drop it for your teammate to pick up. Having good guns for both the players is essential to winning.
  • Shell out some money for better armor for increasing survival rate.


  • Before going into the open, you might want to use a flashbang or smoke grenade to startle your enemies.
  • If your enemies plant the bomb and you do not have the disarming kit, here is a straightforward trick. Head over to the bomb site and start disarming for a second and then cancel. Your enemies will draw in forward for the bomb site, and if you are prepared, you will win the match by eliminating all the opponents.
  • When reloading, it is a must to take cover or hide. Reloading your gun out in the open is not the brightest idea as you risk getting shot and not able to defend yourself.

No “I” in Team

  • Do not head bud with your mate and remember about Friendly Fire (FF) in CS GO Wingman mode! Identify an opponent target first, shoot second.
  • Before tossing a flashbang, smokescreen, or frag grenade, make sure your player does not get hurt. 
  • Make sure to have a bomb disarming kit for at least one Counter-Terrorist team member.
  • If your teammate had the disarming set and got killed, you need to try to retrieve the tools or kill your opponents to win the match.

Final Words

The CS GO Wingman mode helps you in a great many ways. It is to the core the same experience as the classic mode, but the short time, two-players in a team and mini-map size test the communication and coordination of you and your teammate in intense situations within fast-paced decision making. We hope our guide to CS GO Wingman tips and tricks has helped you in your gameplay.

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