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A Guide to League of Legends Champions

by Zaraki Kenpachi

If you’re new to the world of League of Legends, the epic range of champions can prove overwhelming. As of 2024, there are almost 160 different champions to choose from. This represents a sizable population boom from the 17 champions that made up the initial roster. While champions like Sion, Teemo, and Twisted Fate continue to remain popular with first-time players, they are by no means the only options for gamers looking to emerge victorious on Summoner’s Rift. Need some pointers to help you find your perfect champion? Our handy guide includes all the information you’ll ever need.

League of Legends Champions: The Basics

In short, a League of Legends champion is an avatar that players pick to control on the game map. Pretty much every champion has their own unique skills and abilities, with most characters demonstrating four distinct abilities. Every champion boasts a so-called ultimate ability that far outranks other abilities in their repertoire. However, these ultimate abilities can only be used infrequently.

Although every champion has individual strengths and weaknesses, they can all be separated into a few key categories. Some champions are classic images with dynamic magical abilities, while others can sustain punishing waves of attacks without their health bars depleting to zero. Many champions fall into the marksman category, with long-range skills that make them ideal for unleashing attacks at a distance.

You only need to check the League of Legends schedule at 1337Pro.com to get a feel of the basic LoL match setup. In each match, two teams of five players must do battle. Champions controlled by newer players are fairly limited in abilities, with successive wins unlocking new abilities and gold that can be used to improve character stats. Even if a player’s team doesn’t win a match outright, individual skills can help an individual champion level up relatively quickly.

Team Roles Explained

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In League of Legends, it does not just champion that you need to wrap your head around. Another crucial aspect of gameplay is team role mechanics. Every team requires a healthy balance of champions placed in key roles to ensure success. There are five main roles in all, with each one associated with a different part of the game map. These roles include three so-called laners (top, mid, and bottom/bot) and a jungle role. There’s also an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) role. Players occupying this role occupy the same position on the map as the bottom laner.

To ensure maximum success, it’s best to familiarize yourself with all of these roles before committing to one or two in the long term. The mid-lane role is currently the most popular option for League of Legend players, with around 22.4% of users playing in it regularly.

To succeed in your chosen role, you’ll need a champion with abilities that will serve it well. Playing in the top lane? Go for champions like Garen or Darius that can sustain plenty of damage before unleashing hell upon the enemy. Thinking of taking on a jungler role? This can be a tricky position for new players. To make life easier, go for versatile champions like Amumu and Master Yi.

If you’re still unsure about which role is right for you, your best bet is to invest your time and energies in a champion that can be deployed across the map. One of the flexible champions around is Ezreal. With impressive mobility and a good suite of abilities, he’s a solid choice for the mid-lane, but can also be put to use in an ADC role.

Useful tricks for all beginners

There is no single strategy that will help you be good in these championships. However, there are some helpful tips that can help you orient and fulfill your tasks more easily.

-Try different characters. Not everyone fits your style of play. But you do not have to focus on finding the perfect one. Simply change them sometimes so you can see which role suits you best. This helps you practice your skills and get better at what you do.

-Spend enough time learning the maps in LoL to know what you are actually doing. Mark the starting position and make a plan where you would move. This will help you to anticipate the next activities, but also to make a strategy according to which you would be guided.

-Learn to work with the keyboard. Use the commands appropriately. For example, the letters Q, W, E, and R are for basic powers, and F and D are called spells. There are a few more shorts, but we will leave them to you to discover and learn.

-Learn the language of the game. You will need to interact with many other players as you play. This will give you a really big advantage because you will not be surprised and decipher the messages. Whenever you play a new game, in this case, LoL, you must know the professional term and not just the strategy. Imagine how bad it would be if you did not understand what others were saying.

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Communicate with the team. That way your strategy can become more precise and exceptional. Everyone plays for their own results, but the group effect is also very important.

-Pay enough attention to the items you need to play the game. Try to remember as many of them as possible, but it’s not scary if you make a list. Over time, you will get used to doing all this much more efficiently and quickly.

-Have continuity in the game. If you’re really serious about wanting to progress, you have to play often. In this way, you will be efficient in the team, but you will also progress. This will help you to collect more items and be able to work on new strategies.


These are, practically, all the things you need to know about LoL championships. Every game requires time, effort, and dedication. If you have that, you can become pretty good at it. Of course, don’t forget to implement all the things we mentioned in this article. It can also be your ideal source of educational information, in case you really need it.

Don’t forget that every gamer has a unique approach, and that makes you better than the rest of them all.

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