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Why Gamers Are So Obsessed With Cryptocurrencies

by Amaan Talbot

At first glance, cryptocurrencies and gaming seem like industries that have nothing in common. But when you delve into the subject and start researching their connection, you will find many examples of successful crypto games, which use cryptocurrencies so you can invest in gear. There are also crypto casinos, where instead of the usual way of depositing, transactions take place via blockchain.

In fact, the connection is much greater than we think. Crypto gaming is also a challenge for developers, who enjoy creative work and provide us with innovative products that are new to the market.

If you search for crypto games, you will get all kinds of results – from action, MOBA, MMORPG, and even puzzles. Among them are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Battle for Giostone, CryptoKitties, Ember Sword, etc.

Gamers are already obsessed with the concept of crypto and are always looking for new challenges.

However, this does not make these games any less risky than the crypto market itself. We all know that it can easily happen that the value of cryptocurrencies falls over time and then rises again. There are many examples where people lose their wallets and cannot access their money. That’s why you should regularly follow new things, especially if you are seriously thinking about giving a crypto game a chance. Check out more at tribuneonlineng.com.

How are cryptocurrencies affecting the gaming scene?

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Bitcoin is the main culprit of what the world knows about cryptocurrencies today. However, there are thousands of other currencies that are useful for different things. For example, it is worth mentioning Ethereum, which is a major player in the NFT market. And speaking of NFT, many game elements can be turned into an online asset that can be sold, for example, skins, gear, weapons, characters, maps, or avatars.

As you can see, games and cryptocurrencies are already integrated together, but it is still a challenge to launch successful projects. Many of the existing crypto games are still in their initial stages and need to be refined in order to achieve the desired results.

Of course, many iGaming platforms already accept cryptocurrencies, and there are more and more action games that you can play that way. It is up to you to choose which option suits you best.

Regarding the changes, we can say that cryptocurrencies are just a new additional option to the existing features. However, there are also games that are made specifically to integrate with the crypto world. Both industries are growing and popular, so interest is expected to increase over time.

Is blockchain the future of mobile gaming?

Mobile gaming is a concept that is increasingly accepted by gamers. Cryptocurrencies can play a key role in the development of these games. Blockchain provides an alternative to making money through games, and also more privacy to complete transactions. Finally, players can trade cryptocurrencies through the game, or exchange them for the corresponding goods.

For a long time, these games are not limited to PCs but are also available for mobile. However, you should not have too high expectations from mobile crypto games.

The reason for this is that phones, as powerful as they are, still remain limited when it comes to blockchain and game resources. But we can also say that the world is well on its way to having a huge supply of crypto games integrated with the mobile industry in a few years.

Blockchain has huge potential to define the future of mobile gaming, using integrated functions, for more efficient payments. We are sure that developers are already working on such solutions and that crypto mobile games will soon be available to a wider audience.

Benefits of crypto games

As you can imagine, this concept brings benefits to stakeholders. That is why we will talk about some of them.

1. Secure ownership

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If you bought something through the blockchain, then it’s yours and can’t be taken away. Interestingly, this applies even if the game no longer exists. For example, if you have a unique asset and convert it to an NFT, then you have an item of great value in your possession.

Also, transactions are direct and irreversible. This also means that your digital ownership will never be in question. If you are interested in betting or gambling via crypto, you can be sure that cryptocurrencies are a really safe way to do that online. For example you can check the best ETH casinos here.

2. Greater security

Many people use separate cards or Payment methods because they fear that the games are not secure enough. Maybe some of them are right. But with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, such things are practically impossible to happen. Of course, we cannot claim these things with 100% certainty, but the security is greater compared to traditional payment methods.

3. Immersive gaming experience

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Technology evolves with us. With its help, we get a personalized and immersive experience. Cryptocurrencies can complement that experience. In fact, every gamer can decide which decentralized system to invest in, which game to choose, and expect the best from their decisions.

4. Payouts are processed instantly

Common transactions sometimes take several days to complete. But when it comes to cryptocurrencies, you get instant confirmation of the transaction and can enjoy what you bought. Blockchain also makes it easier for developers to build efficient products that can be easily sold to the end user.

5. Full control over your activities

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We all want to be in control of our online games. This is possible with the help of blockchain because people sometimes lose track of how much they spend and how much money they still have. In-game purchases are easier than ever, and you can trade everything you buy. Indeed, you have many opportunities to do whatever you want and even earn from your crypto activities.


Although the concept of the integration of the crypto world and gaming is a reality, there is still a lot of work to do to make it happen seamlessly. But that doesn’t stop its growing popularity. On the contrary, gamers are looking forward to blockchain integration, to facilitate their activities and to have access to unique assets.

Therefore it can be said that this industry has the potential to develop more than now. But it can also be expected that it will bring huge earnings to the developers. In any case, it is a large and promising market, with many options available to users.

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