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Application Development: ASO Practices for More Competitiveness

by Nina Smith

App development indeed is one of the best ways to give your brand a wide presence in the digital market. However, if you don’t have the right tools, your ‘app’ will be just one of the bunch and will have no sales projection in the app stores.

This is where ASO (App Store Optimization) plays a fundamental role. This technique that seeks to increase the visibility of applications in stores such as the App Store or Play Store will help you to increase the conversion rate of the software and make your brand known to many more people.

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The importance of App Store Optimization

Source: searchenginejournal.com

The visibility of an application in online stores depends on several factors, which are taken into consideration by the algorithm that ranks them. This score (or ranking) is what determines where the app will appear when a user performs a search. When these factors are optimized, an ASO strategy is applied.

Some of the main factors that the algorithm takes into consideration are the following:

  • Proper use of keywords
  • Timely use of images, including screenshots of the app
  • Localized descriptions
  • Name of the application
  • Primary and secondary categories

Therefore, while the mobile app development process is indispensable for many projects, what comes after is usually also fundamental: that potential users manage to find it on the Internet. In general, a better ASO strategy leads to higher visibility, which in turn translates into more downloads and installs on mobile devices, which is the ultimate goal of this type of strategy.

Without an App Store Search Optimization strategy, the app is likely to remain invisible to the majority of the audience. In other words, if a business has an app, it will most likely require an ASO strategy.

Benefits of an App Store Search Optimization Strategy

Source: digitalinfoways.com

Now that we have answered what App Store Optimization is, it is worth looking at the advantages that this type of search engine optimization tool can offer businesses.

1. It allows you to start the consumer journey

It is estimated that 70% of users use the app store search engine and that 65% of all downloads occur directly after a search.

Positioning in the first results also allows potential customers to enter the sales funnel for the first time: awareness occurs, i.e. users learn that the application exists. Thanks to this, it is possible to better focus on the stages of interest and desire, to achieve conversion.

2. Increases the app’s return on investment

Since higher visibility translates into more downloads, the app’s ROI tends to happen sooner, without an ASO strategy, there may be no revenue (and no ROI) at all.

Whether the app must be purchased to be downloaded, has in-app purchases, or has internal ads, all of these revenues will pay off sooner than expected with a proper strategy.

3. Increasing the production of organic products

Nothing worse than an unqualified prospect entering the conversion funnel of the business. Therefore, the importance of reaching the target through proven methodologies is well known.

An ASO strategy allows you to achieve valuable metrics, through which you can optimize reaching the expected audience. In addition, as part of the optimization process, it requires descriptions and visual media, and when combined with a communication and design strategy, it takes advantage of the opportunity to capture the right users.

In short, the development of mobile apps is as important to achieving the objectives of a digital transformation strategy as organic positioning in app stores.

App development tricks to increase your visibility

Source: industrytoday.com

On this occasion, we bring you 4 practices within app development that you can implement from now on to increase the reach of your app.

Use of keywords

The first thing you must do to position your application is to use “keywords”. This is not only a rule for ASO, it applies to all content posted on the Internet.

You must identify what are the terms on which your potential customers will search related to your application. And then, you have to make sure that your content (your app in this case) refers to those terms.

This way, when users enter those words in the search engine, your application will immediately be in front of their eyes. A very effective way to find out which keywords are of interest to your audience is by using tools such as Keyword Tool, SEMrush, or Google Trends.

Catchy Title and Icon

Source: ourweb.net

Once you have identified the terms they are looking for, it is time to design the title and icon that the application will have. Remember that these two elements will be the first ones the user will see, so they must catch his attention immediately.

With the title, it is very important that you include all the relevant information (name of the app, brand, keyword, among others) in the smallest possible space so that the text is not cut off.

For the icon, you should make sure that it clearly indicates the name of the application, the brand (no abstract images), and, in addition, that the colors match in harmony with the store’s interface.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a technique used in most software manufacturing processes, and application development is no exception. It consists of making experiments between two versions of the same element. The idea is that the differences are very specific and allow you to identify which one has a better behavior.

For example, for your app, you can do A/B Testing for the text with which you will welcome users. Write two different greetings and test which one is better received by the people who use the application.

Optimize the space

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a user to download an app is file size. Most mobile devices have limited memories and people often don’t use them most optimally.

Make sure your app uses as little space as possible and updates do not significantly increase the final weight.

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