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How to Open Cases in CSGO: A Complete Guide

by Amaan Talbot

Without any doubts, CSGO case opening is one of the most pleasant experiences that this game can bring you. It will not only bring you cool skins to level up your style, but these cases can also make you quite a bit of money, if you happen to unbox a valuable skin.

In fact, opening CS:GO cases is one of the reasons why people love to play the game, and the reason why CS:GO case opening and gambling platforms saw the light, says CSGORadar.com. This simple activity fueled the popularity of the game and gave birth to an entire industry of its own.

If you’re new to CS:GO and you don’t know how to open cases yet, then this guide will show you how to do it. Keep reading to learn how to open your first cases to win some precious CSGO skins!

How to Open CS:GO Cases in 5 Steps

Source: theloadout.com

Let’s go straight to the point because it’s actually pretty easy to open CS:GO cases, and you can do it today in only 5 steps:

  1. Go ahead and click on Inventory Icon and choose the case you want to open
  2. Purchase a key by clicking on the Green Button
  3. Go to your inventory and right-click on the case you wish to open and click on “Unlock Container”
  4. Pick one of the available cases from your inventory
  5. Watch the roulette spin and show you what skin you’ve won!

And that’s it, now you can log in to your CS:GO account and you can start opening all the boxes you can. Remember that opening the cases will bring you skins that you can use yourself, or you can sell for money, or if you prefer, you can gamble them on platforms like WTFSkins, CSGORoll and CSGOEmpire.

If you want to learn more about the world of CS:GO cases, then we invite you to read the guide below. I’ll equip you with all the necessary knowledge, so you can start opening cases like crazy.

The Definitive Guide to CS:GO Cases

Source: gamersdecide.com

#1 – Understanding What Cases Are

They are boxes that contain different CS:GO skins for all the weapons in the game such as knives, AK-47, FAMAS, etc. You name it. Keep in mind that some cases are more exclusive than others. For example, CS:GO likes to launch limited-edition cases that you can claim and open within a specific timeframe.

So there’s not a lot of rocket science when it comes to cases, they are just the containers of skins, and as we’ll see in the next section, you need keys to open them.

#2 – Understanding the Importance of Keys

You got the cases, but to open them you’ll need keys. Valve sells keys for $2.50 each, so you need to pay in order to open your cases. However, if you go to case opening sites you can override this step and open your cases at a much lower price.

However, even paying $2.50 is not a lot, considering that a highly-valuable skin such as the Karambit | Doppler Sapphire, which sells for $13,000 USD. But in all honesty, you could also get a dirt cheap skin in return, which you could only sell for like $0.10 – so this is sort of gambling, and you need to administer your “bankroll” accordingly.

#3 – The Role of CS:GO Skins

And finally, skins are the product that you obtain when you open CS:GO cases. Skins change the look of normal weapons, and of course, they can be highly valuable (as well as pretty cheap). And remember that the fanciest designs are not necessarily the most expensive, especially when skins like the 387 pattern ‘Blue Gem’ Karambit sell for over $1.5M and it’s pretty standard in looks.

Remember that opening CS:GO cases is like a mini-lottery, and hence, it’s like a gambling game. So, remember to administer your wins and losses accordingly, so you can prevent yourself from losing money.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Opening Cases

Source: koreagamedesk.com

The first mistake is failing to research which case is most suitable for you. Once a case is purchased, it cannot be refunded; however, it can be traded away if it doesn’t have what you need or want. Do some research to determine which case has the highest quality items, then make sure that you are able to resell unneeded items from the case before buying it.

The second mistake is trying to find shortcuts when opening cases. Many players attempt strategies such as “case opening tools” or “case cracking software” in order to maximize their chances of receiving rare items; however, these strategies are not guaranteed and often result in tedious waiting times with no result or may even involve risking personal information in order to access them. Stick with reputable sites and manual opening methods if you wish to open cases safely and efficiently.

The third mistake is not verifying your purchase before submitting payment for a case. Make sure that you double check all prices and locations on purchasing websites or check that any private traders delivering a physical case are legitimate before committing your money and resources into purchasing one.

By avoiding these three common mistakes, players will find themselves better equipped to open seasonal cases effectively and maximize the number of usable items they receive from their purchases!


When you are comfortable with how to open cases in CS:GO, you can explore purchasing different types of cases and skins at various rarities. The journey of discovering new items is enjoyable and trading them with others can be profitable. Use the strategies outlined in this guide to find and open cases that offer the best value. Remember to keep everything fair and stick with reputable sites to ensure your CS:GO case opening experience is a safe one.

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