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How to Buy Gold in WoW Shadowlands: Complete Guide!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Welcome to our guide on buying gold in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands! Here we will talk all about how and where to buy gold in WoW, as well as what you should consider buying it. There are multiple ways and methods to acquire money gold outside of the game that is much faster and much easier than the actual gold-farming. Let’s get started!

Our complete guide to buying gold in World of Warcraft!
WoW Buying Gold Complete Guide!

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Buying Gold in World of Warcraft

Before you decide to buy gold in WoW though, we want to make a few things clear.

First of all, the old “pay-to-win” drama of purchasing in-game power isn’t really applicable here. Yes, you essentially convert your real-life money for an in-game currency which you then use to buy better items for your characters. However, the items that you can buy aren’t nearly as powerful as to break the game and destroy the experience for the rest of the players! 

Buying gold in WoW has got to do more with speed and time-efficiency, rather than power. When we see that the average World of Warcraft player is above 25 or 30 years of age, we understand why buying gold in WoW is actually acceptable. Most of us simply don’t have the time to grind all the content just to get our characters up to a decent power level. So, the primary purpose of buying gold in WoW is to save time and shortcut your way through the same game content without putting hard work into it!

The WoW Item [Supple Supplicant's Gloves] prices shown on the Auction House. All versions.
WoW Item – Supple Supplicant’s Gloves Item Price on the Auction House

To make things even more clear, let’s take a look at some of the strongest items that you can possibly buy in WoW currently. And a good example is [Supple Supplicant’s Gloves]. These are 200 item level cloth gloves, intended to be a lucky drop for Mages, Priests, and Warlocks. The item is looted from the trash mobs inside the Castle Nathria raid, on all difficulties. But since it’s a BoE (bind-on-equipt), it can be traded and sold on the Auction House.

The price of this item varies from server to server. But most will agree that its real worth is around 80 000 – 200 000 gold. Now, the normal difficulty of Castle Nathria rewards you with 200 item level drops for all classes and specs. And statistically, that’s where most of the player base is currently at in Shadowlands – 200 item level. So purchasing one slot of average gear in WoW with real-life money doesn’t really give you an advantage over the average player. It only helps you get close to them!

And yes, the heroic and the mythic versions of the Supple Supplicant’s Gloves are with higher item level and better stats. The heroic drop, for example, is at 213 item level and begins with a price of 240 000 gold and higher. And the mythic drop, with an item level of 226, starts with 3 000 000 gold. So, how many people can actually afford gold or real money to purchase one piece of gear that isn’t even a BiS (best-in-slot) item for their class/spec?

The WoW Item [Supple Supplicant's Gloves] prices shown on the Auction House. Mythic version.
WoW Item – Supple Supplicant’s Gloves Mythic Version on the Auction House

As you can see, buying gold in WoW isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We also have to remember that Blizzard has their own way of selling the gold currency for real-life money, and that’s through the WoW Token. This helps them include more people into the current content and generates more money for them to keep the game healthy.

And we don’t have to remind you just how important gold is in WoW generally, either for casual gameplay or hardcore raiding. Other than gear, gold can buy cosmetics, toys, and all sorts of boosts that other people are selling in-game. Thanks to gold, you can start doing the things you really want to do in World of Warcraft right from the get-go!

But, enough chit-chatting! Let’s jump into the different methods and ways you can buy gold with real money in WoW Shadowlands!

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How to Buy Gold in WoW – Methods and Places

When it comes to how you buy your gold in World of Warcraft, you essentially have two methods: legally and illegally

We’re sad to break it to you, but any place or website that isn’t explicitly supported by Blizzard Entertainment is an illegal way of acquiring in-game gold with real-life money. More precisely, the only way to legally buy gold in World of Warcraft is through their own websites, worldofwarcraft.com or blizzard.com

And if you do decide to purchase the currency from any other place, please know that you’re at your own risk! 

WoW Token

As we mentioned above, the WoW Token is the only legal way of trading your dollars, euros, and pounds, for some gold in WoW. The WoW Token system was introduced back in Warlords of Draenor and Blizzard gave a very nice description for it. The sole purpose of the WoW Token is to give players a way to keep their subscription live by letting them pay with the gold they earn inside the game. And at the same time, it helps the newer players get up to speed with the current content by giving them extra gold to purchase items and other stuff.

Actual Price of the WoW Token Taken from a Live Game.
WoW Token – Live Price on the Auction House

If you’ve never bought or sold a WoW Token before and you don’t know how the whole process works, then here it is.

The WoW Token is an account-wide item that can be bought and sold on the Auction House. The gold price of the WoW Token varies from server to server and it also changes almost every day. Its value rises and falls according to the WoW economy. But in short, the more people that sell WoW tokens, the lower the price goes. Currently, the WoW Token may cost anywhere between 100 000 – 300 000 gold, depending on your region.

On the other side, the WoW Token can be purchased straight from the battle.net shop with real-life money. The WoW token costs $25 in the US, €20 in the EU, and £15 in GB (the price is very similar in Australia, China, and the other regions). 

And when players acquire a WoW Token in their inventory, they have two options – to either convert it for a $15 (or €13 and so on) balance on their Blizzard’s accounts or to resell it on the Auction House for 100 000+ gold. 

Converting WoW Token into Blizzard Balance.
WoW Token – Conversion into Balance

Now, if players choose the first option, they can spend their $15 on whatever they want: store mounts, pets, transmogs, and yes, game time! The amount of Blizzard balance that a WoW token brings is precisely equivalent to one month of game subscription.

And with the second option, those players who have spent their real-life dollars for a WoW Token can now sell the item for the appropriate amount of gold. This gives them a quick way of making gold inside the game and getting up to speed with everyone else.

The two groups of players actually trade the WoW Tokens back and forth. But Blizzard has informed us that they generate a healthy amount of income from the WoW Tokens, so the business is doing fine. And if you’re looking to buy some gold in World of Warcraft, then we absolutely recommend this method!

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G2g.com is one of the biggest websites when it comes to trading currencies in the world of gaming. The platform hosts a variety of services that help people either purchase their games or buy something else inside those games. 

On g2g.com you can buy items that are no longer available in World of Warcraft, as well as brand new accounts for way cheaper prices than regularly. You can hire coaches and boosters to either enhance or complete the game for you. And, of course, get some gold!

Buying gold in WoW on g2g.com - Website Interfce.
G2g.com – Website Interface

The process of buying and selling gold is actually very straightforward. First, you search for a seller and a listing that matches your server, faction, and your liking. Then, you buy the exact amount of gold that you want. And in the end, you and your seller meet inside World of Warcraft and they simply trade your amount of gold.

This is, as we mentioned, an illegal way of buying gold in WoW. But, we’ve heard from a lot of people that G2G (and the rest of the sites listed here) provide absolute safety, secrecy, and confidentiality. That means that it’s highly unlikely that your account will get in any trouble whatsoever. 


Mmogah.com is the next website in line. It is quite similar to G2G, but where the latter is broader in games’ titles, this one focuses on the world of MMO RPG games. And among their best-selling games are World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and Classic.

MmoGah.com The Best Shopping Experience Made For Gamers

The system, though, is entirely the same here. There are listings and sellers that you can choose from, type the number of gold you need, and seal the deal! There also some excellent discounts offered, so this might be your best choice if you’re on a budget.


Igvault.com is a very respected site when it comes to buying and selling gold in WoW. They cover almost every region and every server with brilliant efficiency. They also work extremely fast and deliver your gold in under 15 minutes!

Igvault.com has an incredible 5 stars rating on Google and people have been praising the site as the single-best one for getting your gold. With every purchase there comes a warranty that protects the buyer (you) and guarantees that you’ll receive your gold in no time. So if you’re looking for top-notch service, then iGvault might be the one for you.

Buying gold in WoW on igvault.com - Website Interface.
Igvault.com – Website Interface


Eldorado.gg is another highly respected place for buying gold in WoW. It isn’t the most populated website and the market is certainly not the biggest. But their customers’ reviews are very positive, and people generally report a fantastic service.

However, the regions covered on Eldorado are only NA and EU. So if your server isn’t in these groups, then you might want to try another place.

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Gamelooting.com is another smaller website that restricts its regions to the EU only. They provide all kinds of guides and boosts for various games, but primarily World of Warcraft Shadowlands and Classic. 

The way they sell their gold is a standard one. With every order, there is a bit of a waiting time. But the prices are affordable and the service reliable. If you’re from the EU, then you might end up having no problems with Gamelooting at all.

Buying gold in WoW on gamelooting.com - Website Interface.
Gamelooting.com – Website Interface


And playerauctions.com is a US and Oceanic oriented site that sells items, accounts, boosts, and gold for World of Warcraft. As their name suggests, players auction their gold for other players to buy it! It’s totally possible for you to find professionals there and get your desired gold in under 20 or 30 minutes.

The Google ratings of playerauctions.com are 4,8 and the site is doing very well in the US/OCE regions. So if you’re from there, then this might be the place for you. 

Final Words

Please be aware that we aren’t sponsored by g2g.com, igvault.com, or any site that you see here. We simply measure the customers’ reviews and bring you values based on the experiences of many people around the world! And we don’t necessarily advocate for illegally buying gold in World of Warcraft. It’s just that we acknowledge that no serious harm can come from it if everyone used the service as intended.

MmoGah.com The Best Shopping Experience Made For Gamers

Historically, though, gamers have had a pretty negative view on buying in-game gold with real-life money, especially in WoW. That’s because the people that spend their time grinding the gold and items end up being unrecognized for their efforts. And at the same time, other people get on their level without a sweat. But sadly, that’s how the world works sometimes too.

WoW Token - a way to buy and sell gold in World of Warcraft for real-life money.

Anyhow, if you’ve already decided to buy gold in WoW and jump straight into Shadowlands, then recommend you using the official WoW Token system! You can check our other guides though if you want to learn how to make gold in World of Warcraft, as well as how to choose a covenant in Shadowlands! Gives us a chance to make you the best WoW player that you can be!

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