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Best Gun In COD Mobile – Complete Weapons Guide

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Looking for the best gun in COD Mobile to take down the rivaling teams in a game of glorified fight to the end? Here’s a detailed weapons guide for Call of Duty Mobile.

Weapons in any shooting game are like the driving force of the entire gameplay and the Call of Duty Mobile is not an exception. When we talk about weapons in COD mobile, there are broadly two of its type: the primary weapons and the secondary weapons. From Assault rifles to the snipers, the guns make up the primary section, while the secondary set weapons are all about the melees, the throwables, and the launchers.

The game is loaded with a good number of both primary and secondary weapons. Based on various features, like the strengths, recoil adaptation, fire rate, and more, the weapons can aid players in different gameplay scenarios. With that being said, let’s have a look at the best weapons for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Best Gun In COD Mobile – The Primary Weapons

As already mentioned, guns constitute the primary section of weapons in COD Mobile. When we talk about guns, there are again five types: assault rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns or the LMGs, the submachine guns or the SMGs, and the shotguns.

Assault Rifles

5. The AK 47

One of the most popular guns across almost all of the shooting games, the AK 47 grabs the fifth spot in the list. With close-range damage of 33, AK47 is lethal when your enemy is nearby. If you get your mathematics right, the AK 47 should require three shots to kill an enemy, but it takes up to 4 shots to get the job done in certain situations. This is one of the reasons why this gun is not ranked high up on the list.

Talking about the recoil factor, the base gun comes with a hard-to-control recoil. However, this can be controlled with proper attachments and up-grading in the “gunsmith’s” section of the game, leading the gun to be a better option for medium and long-range shooting.

4. The ICR

ICR best gun in COD mobile

One of the best weapons to get a hold of if you are looking to put your enemy down from a distance, the ICR is the fourth gun in our best list of five. With the minimum amount of recoil, ICR makes sure you get the head of your enemy from a distance with relative ease and accuracy. The only thing that keeps this gun at the bottom side of the list is its bullet spread accuracy that means you might not end up putting a shot in the place you intend to. However, if you get your attachments right, this gun can do wonders in spreading its bullet with precision.

Indeed, this gun is not that of a good choice when you are going for near kills, but for the distance thing, the effectiveness of ICR is insanely efficient.

3. The DRH

With the damage values ranging from 19 to 32 from 40m and beyond 0m to 10m, the veteran DRH is sure to take its place within the top 3. It is excellent for getting your enemy down no matter at what distance they are. One of the gun’s prime features is its fire rate, which is even higher than the top two guns in this list.

Considering all the kill features, the gun could have easily grabbed the top spot, but its ability to lack in the attachment sector holds down DRH to the number three spot. However, the gun is undoubtedly one of the best to have for all-around performance.

2. The ASM10

With close-range damage of 34, the ASM10 is a three-shot kill gun that is highly efficient for close-range combats. Adding to that, the weapon itself is independent of attachments for better performance. This gun provides a helping hand towards good ADS speed, accurate bullet spreading, and compatible recoil along with vertical and horizontal directions, which is sure to enhance the overall effectiveness of your gameplay skill.

To talk about ability, the ASM10 is quite similar to the DRH, but the thing that sets it apart is its ability to outrun enemies even without attachments.

1. The Man of War

If you seek the best assault rifle in the entire Call of Duty: Mobile game, the Man of War is like the undisputed king. With the three-shot kill potential, this gun is by far the best weapon in the entire game. According to stats, the gun takes up to three shots and four shots for distance ranging between 0m to 10m and 10m to 20m, respectively, which is fantastic for any close-range assaulter.

In addition to the close-range thing, the Man of War doesn’t disappoint in the long-term encounters as well. The gun can help you kill enemies within your sight across the map with just five accurate shots.

Best Gun In COD Mobile – The Sniper Rifles

4. The Outlaw

If you love to get acquainted with quick scoping, the Outlaw is a sure option for you to equip. The newly launched Outlaw is one of the best sniper rifles in-game that deals a bit less damage when compared to the others available. The only reason the weapon is at the bottom of the list is its ability to take an enemy down with body shots. According to statistics, it takes around two to three body shot to knock off the enemy, but if you can go for the head, a single bullet is enough to serve your purpose.

The idle sway’s high and irregular nature makes it challenging to control the gun for long-range shots. However, the quick scoping ability of just around 310 milliseconds and the fire rate of 58 rpm makes the Outlaw one of the best bolt action sniping options to go for. To add to the features, the gun comes with a reload speed of 865 milliseconds which is excellent for close-range combats.

3. The Locus 

Locus is one of the highest damage aiding weapons within the game. You need one shot above the waist to get your enemy down; however, if you are not that good at aiming the upper head of the body, two shots might be necessary for knocking off your enemy. But besides being so lethal with the damage, the gun finds it hard to grab the top spot due to the high idle sway values.

It takes around 1.04 seconds for a bullet to load up after each shot and the scope in time is approximately 400 milliseconds, which is a bit high compared to the Outlaw. Still, considering the damage factor, the Locus for sure wins the game against the Outlaw.

2. The DLQ33

The DLQ33 is one of the best bolt action sniper rifles within the entire game that deals almost the same amount of damage as the Locus and the Outlaw. Like the Locus, the DLQ33 takes only one shot above the waist to get your enemy down and out. However, what sets it apart from the other two is the lower value and regularity in the idle sways. Thus, the weapon is one of the most effective and easy ones to start with and get along with.

The scope in time and the time between shots is again around 400 milliseconds 1.05 seconds respectively, which is slightly on the higher side. But high damage aided with low idle sway values makes DLQ33 one of the best in the business.

1. The Arctic 50

Talking about the Arctic 50, it is undoubtedly one of the best sniper rifles to have around. With severe damage providing perks, the weapon is also easy to use, which goes a long way in making it the perfect choice for gamers worldwide. Being a semi-auto sniper, the Arctict 50 comes with a high fire rate of 150 rpm, aided with the best in hand mobility.

Like the others, the Arctict 50 takes one shot above the waist to knock off an enemy. To add to that, the scope in time is also relatively faster, around 364 milliseconds that make it a perfect match for quick scope ins as well. While the time between shots is something not to consider the high fire rate, the Arctict 50 is a gun you must consider carrying to get your enemies down from a distance.

Best Light Machine Gun in COD Mobile

With the likes of top-notch assault rifles, the light machine, and the submachine guns often get set in the corner, their importance is less known. Let’s look at the best LMGs and SMGs in COD: Mobile that deserve your attention.

Light Machine Gun

3. RPD

With a damage rate of 41 and an accuracy of around 61, the RPD is one of the best LMGs to have around. It comes with a fire rate of 66, which is quite efficient for mid-range shooting.

2. UL 736

The UL736 is the second most excellent LMG to use within the game. It comes with a damage of 40 with an accuracy value tending around the later 50s. The feature that stands out is its range, i.e., 70, which makes it an excellent choice for medium to long-range combats.

1. M4LMG

The M4LMG is the best light machine gun to have a hold of. It comes with excellent damage of 46 with high accuracy of 61. To add to that, the gun comes with a higher fire rate of 63 and range values of 64. From the close to medium long-range, this gun is excellent for any combat scenario you are in.

Best Sub Machine Gun in COD Mobile

3. Pharo

It is an excellent submachine gun to have for close to medium-range combats, and the lighter design offers better agility to fire at moving targets.

2. RUS 79U

With overall damage of 80 and a fire rate of 60, RUS 79U is again an excellent choice for close encounters.

1. Cordite

Talking about the submachine guns, the Cordite is genuinely the best one to get a hold of. The gun has everything that constitutes a perfect weapon when we talk about spraying bullets. This is one gun that can outperform a number of assault rifles on a number of occasions.

Best Shotguns in COD Mobile

Shotguns are really an inconsistent one to have, to be honest. If you can get your aim correct, a single shot is enough for knocking down your enemy, while the situation can be worse otherwise. Though there are a number of shotguns to have around, we shall look at the best of three.

3. KRM 262

KRM 262 is the third most effective shotgun to have in the game. One of the most significant plus points is the fire rate, while the thing that makes KRM 262 lag behind is the range. However, the gun is quite lethal and an excellent option to have in the kit bag.

2. HS0405

Talking about shotguns, the second most efficient one is the HS0405. The shotgun comes with one-shot kill potential and healthy mobility. It is a perfect close-range weapon, but the only disadvantage is that if by any means you tend to miss your shot, the enemy might not allow you to shoot at him again as the gun takes ages to gear up for the next shot.

1. BY15

The BY15 makes sure to give the best out of a shotgun. From lethal damage to comparatively quicker shooting actions, BY15 is sure to make the task of getting your enemy down a relatively easy one. As you get more familiar with the weapon, this pump-action shotgun is sure to have a place in your armory.

Secondary Weapons

Although primary weapons form up most of the combat, having hold of the best secondary weapons is also essential for an excellent combat experience. The effective weapons that form the secondary base are handguns, launchers, throwables, and the melees. This is necessary to help balance out the first choice of your best primary gun and loadout in COD mobile.

Best Launchers

  1. FHJ-18

Best Melee Weapons

  1. Knife
  2. Military Axe
  3. Military Shovel

Best Handguns

  1. J358
  2. MW11


  1. Basic Grenade
  2. Smoke Grenade
  3. Semtex
  4. Trip Mine
  5. Concussion

Other Essentials:

Almost every weapon needs an attachment for performing even better for you. Here is the list of attachments that you must have to go along the guns:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • Tactical Scope
  • Stock
  • Laser Sight
  • Quickdraw and Extended
  • Silencer
  • Foregrip
  • Long Barrel


From Assault Rifles to the Snipers, Call of Duty Mobile has a collection of over 60 weapons to choose from. Every weapon has a different feature altogether; some may be effective while some may lack efficiency to a greater level; thus, it is vital to have proper knowledge of the best weapons around. Picking the best gun for you in COD mobile may determine how well you survive the game.

Irrespective of what you like being, a close-range assaulter or a sneak sniper, this article features the best weapons to ensure you gear up with the best equipment for putting your enemy down.

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