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Vault of Incarnates Raid Overview

by Nina Smith

Vault of the Incarnates is the first Dragonflight raid. This 8-boss raid introduces us to a new addition with new systems. This guide covers everything you need to know about Vault of the Incarnates, including the release schedule, bosses, location, loot, and rewards. If you want to pass this raid without mistakes, we advise you to read our review before the game.

The plot of the raid is as follows:

The Primalists have infiltrated the Titans’ prison, where the Incarnation has been imprisoned for millennia. Inside, Razaget performs a foul ritual to free his siblings so that together they can purge the world of the Titans’ influence. The defenders of Azeroth must storm this impregnable fortress and break its defenses to put an end to this threat. Though many may fall, defeat condemns all worlds to the power of the Incarnate in fire and blood. You can go through such a difficult raid on your own or using the services of Leprestore.com.

Raid Unlock Schedule

  • December 12 Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties begin
  • Cross faction will be available immediately
  • January 23 Catalyst of Inspiration begins

Vault of Incarnates Loot & Rewards

Source: ginx.tv

There are three item levels in Vault of the Incarnates.

The base item level drops from the first 4 bosses, the wing bosses drop slightly higher-level items, and the last two drop even higher-level items.

Unique items are unique and specific +6 or +7 level items from certain bosses. For example,

  • Special rings from Eranog and Diurna
  •  “Universal Bauble” (Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence) from the Primal Council, which becomes stronger with more copies.
  • Special Bow by Raszageth

Gear-bound items can drop from regular mobs and lieutenants after the first boss but have a higher drop rate from lieutenants and minibosses.

Tier Packs will drop from the Vault of Evocations in Dragonflight. The head, shoulders, chest, arms, and legs will be considered when calculating the set bonus. Other non-power-up items will complete the look of the level set.

The concept of Creation Catalyst will continue in Dragonflight as a way to create items of a given level from corresponding non-level items. This time it will be called “Inspiration Catalyst”. Details will come later.

The sets for each class are as follows:

  • Death Knight: Ghostly Remains of the Frostbrood
  • Demon Hunter: Sky Avenger’s Flying Clothes
  • Druid: Earthcaller’s Lost Robe
  • Evoker: Libra of the Awakened
  • Hunter: Storm Harrier Camouflage
  • Mage: Bindings of the Crystal Scientist
  • Monk: Armbands of the Fist of Awakening
  • Paladin: Virtuous Silver Cataphract
  • Priest: Robe of the Dragon Hierophant
  • Rogue Asylum Seeker’s Toolkit
  • Shaman: Elements of Infused Earth
  • Warlock: Habit of the Scaled Cultist
  • Warrior: Stones of the Walking Mountain

VotI Bosses

Source: ginx.tv


The first boss of Vault of the Incarnates is a huge fiery creature that can unleash raging flames on enemies. To fight this powerful creature, be prepared to deal with a lot of magma and fire. The fight with Eranog consists of one phase and a few simple mechanics. All you have to do to defeat the fire elementals is to deal enough damage, stay away from the fire, and act fast.


Besides a massive body of stone and crystal, Terros is one of the most powerful earth elementals. This is his ancient power, which he will unleash on anyone brave enough to oppose him. This encounter will also have more of a focus on damage requirements than the Eranog encounter. The amount of Awakened Earth that fills the arena will determine how “soft” the rage will be in this fight. Since you can’t prevent them from spawning, the sooner you kill the boss, the better.

Primalist Council

The Primalist Councils are the strongest and wisest Primalists, as their name suggests. It’s important to prepare for big challenges, especially on Heroic and Mythic difficulty, as these enemies can unleash powerful primal magic on their opponents. In this raid, you will face four strong enemies with different abilities. There is a balance between different damage types in this fight, and you must carefully consider which boss to deal with. It’s important to note that Opalfang and Embar Firepath require changing tanks, while Kadros Frostgrip and Dathea Stormlash require interruption whenever possible.

Sennart, Cold Breath

Sennart is the evil creation of Kurog Grimtotem. This huge arachnid was filled with cold energy and watched over its thousands of children, preparing them to break out of prison and conquer Azeroth in blood and cold. This encounter will take place in multiple arenas, unlike previous bosses. To finish off Sennarth, the Heroes of Azeroth will have to fight their way up a spiral staircase until they reach the top. Sennart will summon ice arachnids on each platform of the stairs to help her.

Datea ascended

She turned to Razaget for even more power after she was defeated, driven mad with pain and embarrassment. Now, wielding the power of the wind, Datea is ready to tear apart the enemies she hates with a particle of the power of the Incarnation. You will have a one-phase battle with Datea on a small platform and she will constantly try to push you off the platform. She will also summon ads to help her in combat.

Kurog Grimtotem

This powerful shaman is a student of Magatha Grimtotem. He is an expert in creating terrifying elemental monsters and is ready to unleash them across Azeroth. This three-stage battle will occur in a sphere-shaped arena with four elemental altars.

Brood Keeper Diurna

Keeping an eye on the Primalist Nursery is the job of Brood Keeper Diurna in the Vault of the Incarnate. She will try to protect her offspring, so you must be prepared for a fierce battle. There will be many eggs in the arena that you will need to destroy to destroy the eggs.

Raszaget, the Storm Eater

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This fight will be the hardest in VotI as it is the final boss encounter. The proto-drake Razaget lost a disastrous war against the Titans and the Dragon Aspects thousands of years ago. In her opinion, the Dragon Aspects have enslaved her kind and distorted her world, so she will do everything so that Azeroth is “freed” from them.

The vault where Razaget keeps imprisoned Incarnates will have an integrity level that will destroy the raid if it runs out. Razaget came to the Incarnate vault to free her fellow incarnations, Iridicron Stonescale, Viranoth Iceheart, and Fyrakk the Flaming, from their prisons. Razaget will also often call on Primal Powers to aid her in combat.

We tried to briefly tell you about the main elements of the new and insanely cool raid. It will be challenging to pass, but very interesting. You can always return to our review if you fail. And you can also use the services of specialists who will make it easier for you to pass the game.

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