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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Weapons Guide

by Zaraki Kenpachi
COD: Cold War Weapons Guide
The Best Weapon of Cold War

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Weapons Guide – The Best Weapons in Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is entering its early access period, and players are finally getting hands-on experience. As with any other shooter, you want to be using the best Cold War weapons straight out of the gate. Your weapon is the main part of your loadout, and the biggest factor you can control to win more rounds. With the best Cold War weapons, you’ll have an easier time getting kills and winning rounds, but which weapons are they? This guide covers all of the Cold War weapons that we know about so far, and which CoD weapons stand out from the crowd.

Call of Duty Cold War Weapons Guide

Primary weapons are your main arm, these are the things you’re going to be getting the most kills with. The weapons we know about can be grouped into a few different categories, so if you’re a sniper you should go for the best Cold War sniper, etc. If you’re not looking for a full breakdown, then these are the weapons that feel the best in Cold War’s early metagame:

  • The Best Cold War Assault Rifle – XM4
  • The Best Cold War SMG – AK-74U
  • The Best Cold War Tactical Rifle – Type 63
  • The Best Cold War Sniper Rifle – Both!
  • The Best LMG in Cold War – Stoner 63

Why are these the best Cold War weapons so far? We break it all down in our full guide below.

The Best Cold War Assault Rifles

Call of Duty Cold War Assault rifles

Assault rifles fire fast, do great damage, and they’re most effective at a medium range. This is traditionally where a lot of Call of Duty gameplay takes place, so start here if you’re a beginner. These are all of the Cold War weapons we know about so far, and which is the best one:

  • XM4 – This one might be the best CoD Assault Rifle. It fires smooth, does great damage even at a longer range. Crucially though, it has maneuverability that lets you hit all of your shots. Speed and recoil can be a pain, but Gunsmith can help you overcome that.
  • Krig 6 – The Krig is well balanced, and a good choice if the speed of the XM4 is too slow for you.
  • AK-47 – The AK-47 is probably the most iconic weapon of the actual historical Cold War, but it doesn’t far so well here. It’s lighter and has a decent fire rate, but it’s the sub-par cousin of the AK-74u.

Cold War SMGs

SMGs are a bit more specialist, but the early meta is already favoring them. These are the SMGs in the game:

  • AK-74uThe Best SMG – The AK-74u is completely killing it at the moment, you deal great damage and can keep up with the frantic pace. It is one of the best weapons in this installment, if not the best.
  • MP5 – This was a mainstay of both Modern Warfare and Warzone top tiers. It still has uses here, but it’s being outshined by the AK. Muscle memory from those titles might make it a better choice for you though.
  • Type 821 – This one fires slower, does more damage, and has a better range. It’s a halfway house between an SMG and an AR. Not exactly one of the best weapons, but an interesting one.

Tactical Rifles

Call of Duty Cold War tactical rifles

This is a new class of weapon, but essentially they’re marksman rifles. These weapons are more skill-based so keep in mind you need a steady hand and fast aim. These are the choices:

  • M16 – This is a burst fire weapon, but one with a short delay. With the right attachments, it could be pretty lethal.
  • Type 63 – This one is semi-automatic and it’s an absolute machine. You can kill in 3 bullets to the body which, at the speed this fires, is impressive. If you have a good aim, then a Type 63 build is a great choice. 


Call of Duty Cold War Light machine gun

LMGs aren’t historically the best Call of Duty weapons, but they seem nicely balanced this time around. These are the LMGs we know about:

  • RPD – This is a weird LMG coming with only 45 rounds in a magazine. It is slower than expected and hits harder. It’s a weird halfway-house to an Assault Rifle. As with some of the other stranger Cold War weapons, this one might work better once we know the attachments a little better.
  • Stoner 63 – This has only been in one CoD before, so it is relatively new. It has a fast rate of fire and a huge magazine. While it can be slow to kill, the recoil and control make it the best choice for playing entirely in spray and pray territory.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are a particularly specialist weapon and Cold War has given a lot of strength to. Compared with past CoDs, the map design and chokepoints are in a sniper’s favor. Players have 150 HP this time around but snipers can still one-hit kill, which is making them a bit OP. these are the options:

  • LW3 – This is consistently a one-hit kill weapon and fires faster than you’d expect. A great choice.
  • Pellington 703 – Not as consistent with damage, but still one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

It is difficult to pick a best sniper, considering they’re both pretty great. If you’re a sniper player, get your fill now because they’re probably going to be nerfed for the full release!

What’s the Best Cold War Weapon?

It is still early days, but at the moment the AK74u is dominating the discussion about the best Black Ops Cold War weapons. There are standouts in each category as covered above, and any of these is going to give you a hard-hitting loadout to hit the ground running!

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