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Top 3 Tips to Upgrade in Moonlighter Game

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Are you playing the Moonlighter Game the Action RPG/Business simulation game and you need tips on how to grow faster? Then you are in the right place. Here we will show you how to utilize its system to your benefit, then you’re in the right place. We divided the game into four main pillars, Profits & Gold, Dungeons & Item Management, Combat& Equipment, and Characters and Shops. We will explore these pillars and give you tips and tricks on how to master the game.


  • Upgrade your store from the town board and increase the number of items you can sell
  • Add a glass display box to your store as soon as you can. Items in that box can sell at a higher price than their value
  • Always put your Books & Jottings in the glass display box as they have the highest prices out of all the items you find in the dungeons
  • Keep an eye out for the client with The Hat Icon as he will overpay for items is the glass display box
  • Upgrade your cash register to entice customers to add up to 40% tips when paying
  • Catch thieves by tackling them before they flee with stolen items by rolling towards them
  • Sell one item at a time before selling the whole lot so you can determine the correct price for it
  • There are 3 different stages to every dungeon containing different items, learn which of these items bring more gold and prioritize carrying said items if you are running out of space
  • Do as much side quests as you can for high gold rewards, you can get these quests through the checkout counter at your store
Moonlighter Game, Profits and Gold


  • Items you carry on yourself cannot be lost if you die so keep your valuables out of the bag
  • Always organize your items and stack similar ones together to make space
  • Attack Skeletons on the ground for rewards & always check the sparkling glitter for hidden rooms as they usually contain valuable items
  • Revisit dungeons for a second time after you complete them to collect more items and Sinking Chests (Chests that appear in the boss room after beating him, try clearing the room as fast as you can as these chests keep sinking to the ground until the room is cleared)
  • Opening the map shows you the percentage exploited, the number of monsters left, and chests available
  • If you’re about to die at any point while exploring a dungeon, use The Merchant Pendant to go back home and save your items
  • Learn to use item Curses to your advantage (Rare chests mostly hold positive curses while common ones hold negative curses)
  • Be on the lookout for the Green-Eyed monster as he can kill you with a single hit, either exit the dungeon or go back home when you see him
Moonlighter Game book items


  • The Sword & Shield give you more mobility, where you can attack diagonally
  • The Spear and The Great Sword inflict the most damage
  • The Bow & Arrow don’t do great damage but are very useful to execute ranged attacks and save your health
  • Enemies only attack at a 90-degree angle use this to your advantage
  • Each weapon has a special attack, learn it and use it to your advantage
  • Always add the weapon or armor you want to upgrade to your Wishlist so you can find the material required to upgrade it easier when you’re in the dungeons
  • In the game Moonlighter, we want to mix and match between steel & fabric armor for best defense & mobility stats
  • Upgrade your bed for an extra 250 Health & 3 Shield Buffs
  • The third hit in a combo inflicts double damage, even if you miss the second hit continue your combo and the third hit will inflict double damage either way
  • Use Amulets, they protect you from elemental damage and increase your stats so make sure you get as many as you can and use according to your mission
  • Stock up on health potions and keep an eye out for Mimic Chests in dungeons as they provide you with up to 3 health potions


  • Frequently visit Vulcan’s Forge to upgrade your Weapons & Armor.
  • Every gear item has two paths of upgrades, one utilizes the power and defense. The other adds elemental damage/ resistance to your gear
  • Use empowering Crystals to enhance your gear at Eris, Increase weapon damage and your Armor’s defense status
  • Buy decorations from The Hawker to expand your store’s capacity, tips, and working hours
  • Le Retailer is useful if you’re missing an item or two for an upgrade. Buy it directly from him and save a visit to the dungeons. Just be careful because he tends to overcharge for most of his items
  • The Banker should be your best friend in Moonlighter, you can make loads of gold off of him. For more details on how to work with the Moonlighter Banker go to this link
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