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RuneScape 3: Fort Forinthry and New Foundations

by Amaan Talbot

Fort Forinthry is a new location in the Wilderness. With the Old Gods gone and cults decimated, King Roland decides it’s time to take it back. You’re tasked with the upkeep and ownership of the fort, essentially becoming its Duke/Duchess/Dux. While currently, it doesn’t have much in the way of increasing your RS3 gold stock; it will become a prosperous land in time.

But First, A Quest

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First, you must do the New Foundations quest to access and own your fort.

Start by stepping through the portal outside Varrock Palace’s throne room. You’ll overhear a conversation between the king, queen, and an adventurer. Talk to the king, and a cutscene will play. He’ll ask you to claim the vale, establish a fort and save Bill. After accepting the quest, head down to the nearest entrance to the Wilds near Jolly Boar Inn.

Upon arriving in the vale, you should notice the portal in front of the fort. Bill is there, surrounded by zombies. There’s a bank chest nearby you can use to prepare for combat. The zombies are level 21 with 750 HP and are weak to water. Players with sufficient combat ability, RS3 gold, and levels shouldn’t have any problems with them. With Bill saved, you can ask him about making a fort in the vale.

He recommends building a workshop first. You’ll need it to make blocks and planks, and he allows you to use his sawmill that he brought. A workbench nearby lets you assemble wooden frames and a gadget to make stone wall fragments. Some blueprints nearby tell you how much you need for all the construction required.

When you have everything, build the Workshop. Follow the sparkling construction hotspots for extra progress. After completing the building, Bill suggests asking for Aster Dunnet’s assistance as a steward. You can find them on the patio of the Blue Moon Inn. They’ll further recommend recruiting someone for logistics and communications.

Aster suggests talking to Siv about employing her as an overseer. She’s in Gunnarsgrun, setting up a trade route between her location and Fremennik Province. Specifically, she’s near the entrance of the mine and the Stronghold of Security.

Afterward, your character notices all the zombies hanging around the fort. Siv recommends you recruit Father Flint as a priest in your land. Find him in the Draynor Village Market. Persuade him to join and return to Fort Forinthry.

Your next step is to build gates and more walls. You’ll need 82 wall segments and 20 standard unrefined planks. Build each section one at a time, and follow the optimal construction spot to make it faster. Talk to Bill once that’s done, and meet up with the rest of your people: Bill, Steward Aster, Overseer Siv, and Father Flint.

You all talk about your new title and the name of the duchy (as the king decreed it), Fort Forinthry.

Fort Forinthry Features

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Now that you have the fort up and running, it’s time to discuss upkeep. As it’s still new, you’re limited in what you can do, but this will change later. So what can you do for now?

You can currently build and maintain 4 buildings in the fort: the Town Hall, the Workshop, A Chapel, and a Command Center.

The Town Hall is where you can accumulate rested experience, whether logged out from the game or skilling while in the fort. You can exchange this rested XP for any skill XP of your choosing. The maximum limit of this rested XP pool increases as you upgrade the building. It also gives access to a bank NPC in the fort’s central courtyard.

The Workshop is the heart of the fort and how you get more upgrades. It has a sawmill and a stonecutter for the building blocks of Fort Forinthry. Upgrading the building lets you remote access the machines and access more power for them.

The Chapel is a social Prayer skilling training ground. You can light burners to buff everybody’s XP rates. As you upgrade this building, experience rates will increase, and burners will become more effective.

The Command Center is where you can handle all your player-owned affairs, such as Anachronia or Miscellania. You won’t have to go to these areas to manage them. Upgrading it will increase the benefits of those campaigns.

Here’s a better look at the upgrades you can get:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Town Hall Collected Rested XP turns into Bonus XP

Access to Bank NPC

1% of a small star every 15 mins logged out from anywhere

1% of a small star every 3 mins of skilling within the fort

5 lamp cap

The 4th benefit increases by 1% (total 2%)

10 lamp cap

The same benefit increases another 1% (total 3%)

15 lamp cap

Workshop Construction activity

Workbenches/skilling locs

5% buff to hotspot construction XP within the fort

Remote access Invention Machines

the last benefit increases by 5% (total 10%)

Increase invention machine power by 25%

Another 5% increase to the same benefit as last time (total 15%)

Chapel Altar and Burner access

250% EXP on altar

15-second per herb burner time

300% EXP on altar

18-second herb burner time

350% EXP on altar

21-second herb burner time

Command Center Remote access to async content

Ports +3% success chance bonus

Ports +3% success chance

Anachronia bonus 5 workers

Research -3% cost

Misc rep boost and hold max 7 days

Ports +4% success chance (a total of +10%)

Anachronia bonus 5 workers (10 total)

Research +3% speed bonus

Unlike other construction methods, these buildings will be permanent. Each tier upgrade has increasing material requirements. After reaching the highest at 3, you can continue reinforcing the structures to get more XP. This isn’t necessary, but the option is there for more skilling opportunities.

Other Changes With This Update

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You can now make planks with the Workshop Sawmill (1 to 1 ratio), then turn those into Refined Planks at the Wood Working Bench (4 to 1 ratio). You can turn in these planks to trade them for frames you need for the fort.

This replaces the old method of paying an excessive amount to the Lumberyard NPC to process your wood. The Lumberyard will be removed from the game as part of the update that includes this content.

Special logs that used to let you convert an entire inventory now allow you directly process them into Refined Planks or several basic planks.

New Buildings to Come!

As mentioned, this is still a new feature, which is why the features look bare bones. As the game updates, more functionality and buildings will become available, making Fort Forinthry a worthwhile activity.

Some players would cut the construction and material collection by buying Runescape accounts, but that’s their prerogative. That’s it for this version of the fort, though. Have fun with the current features, and take advantage of them!

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