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How To Make A YouTube Video Go Viral

by Zaraki Kenpachi

This new digital era lead to the dawn of social media platforms, and the rise of the favor of platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and viral vid/films shortly started to pop up. Now, you can say viral videos or shorts are a huge victory on the Internet these days.

Viral Videos may appear to be an easy and charming goal. However, it is not easy to accomplish, primarily due to the differences in social media activity of the users that determine what content goes viral or not. An article on Fobes says, the king of virality, Upworthy, only has a 0.3 % chance to go their posts viral. Generally, a vid/film goes viral due to the effectiveness of its content other things come afterward, such as the filming or editing process. Also, some vid/films go viral on their own or some use boosts like ads and promotions to go viral.

Here are the 5 tips that may increase your chances of your video going viral.

1. Keep Your Video Short And Entertaining

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As you may already notice, most viral vid/films are short and easy to understand. Therefore, you should try to make your vid/film as short as possible. Also, do not miss out on the key elements or points you want to convey to your audience. Generally, the vid/film length depends upon the social media platform you are going to use for posting it, but try to keep it short and entertaining because nobody wants to watch long and boring vid/films unless they provide useful information or details.

Besides this, your YouTube video content has the best chance to go viral when it tends to be shorter and should be around from a few seconds to a few minutes. This way, you can entertain your viewers and keep their attention in the most effective way possible.

For instance, you have seen many viral short vid/films on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram (also templates, more info you can find at adobe.com). YouTube only lets you create short vid up to 60 secs. They are easy to make and have quite the possibility to go viral. So, make your vid/films short and entertaining, people will scroll down if they find it too long and boring.

2. Make A Video That Draws Out Emotions

Many vid/films’ contents go viral only due to their ability to draw out emotions from viewers. Also, these vid/films stick to the points. So, you should decide the purpose of your vid/film and what kind of emotion you want to elicit from your viewers. Do you want to make your viewers giggle? or want to convey a story close to your heart? Having a specific goal is a great way to ensure you are acquiring the right audience. Also, it is best for you if you are seriously passionate about this. This way, you are not only able to reach the audience but make the vid/film-making and editing process way more fun for you.

Besides this, there are also factors like ‘Negative’ and ‘Positive’ viral vids/films. Some vid/films went viral by earning adverse responses, not praise, but still, got thousands of views. No doubt, earning thousands of viewers out of hate is not a good way, so drawing out positive emotions is more likely to give the response you desire. Making viewers feel happy, empathy, humor, or other feelings besides hate is worth striving for if you want your vid/film to go viral. This concept has a lot to do with giving off a positive vibe that echoes with viewers is ideal.

3. Use Original And Unique Ideas

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When a video goes viral people start copying content in hope that their video also gets viral, but the fact is that it won’t happen unless you are already famous or have millions of subscribers. Videos are a form of art, and any art starts with an original idea. If you have an original and unique idea, start writing a script to turn it into an amazing video that is fresh & unique and has the potential to go viral not only on YouTube but on other video-sharing platforms as well.

You can also look up the trends on the web and find out what is popular nowadays. You can mix your idea with the popular trends and hot topics that people are likely to stumble upon. Likewise, you must deliver your viewers something they have not seen before if you want to hit millions of views.

4. Spend Time On Video Making And Editing

After creating a script, start transforming this script into a video. Give your time on video making, and shoot the perfect video using the right tools and equipment to deliver high-quality video. Once you have the raw footage filmed, the most significant step is editing. Editing gives your video the touch and edge that you require to make your YouTube video go viral.

During the editing process, you should consider many things such as Transition from one scene to another, music, special effects, etc. Besides this, how long a scene should last or what raw footage will make it to the final video, you should also consider. You can take the help of designing and editing software to ease up your work. Many online graphic designing tools offer professionally-designed templates, thumbnails, etc., for YouTube to help you design your very own unique, creative vid/film that can go viral. Go now and create your YouTube Thumbnails that get clicked!

5. Make A Effective Video Sharing Strategy

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The final step to making your YouTube video go viral is sharing the video with good planning. People generally misunderstand that vid/film viral is entirely organic, but this is not the truth in every case. According to Wikipedia, most of the vids/films with thousands of views have received increment from Video advertisement, academia, accomplishing outreach to get media channels and platforms to share it. Try to take every measure to get your vid/films in front of large numbers of viewers.

Also, find the best time and day for better viewer engagement. You may want to post your vid/film on a weekday or the day and time when people are free or active most on social media channels if your only objective is to go viral. This way, you can cover major audiences. You can also try to post before the weekend if you have a captive audience, so you can have extra audiences before the weekend.

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