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Keyboard P Key Is Not Working (Here Is Fix)

by Amaan Talbot

The proper functioning of your computer or laptop keyboard is not just a want but a need. Keyboards are used for putting inputs in the form of commands, instructions and texts to get the desired output.

Even when technology has made it possible to create symbols and letters, the keys are vital to know which ones are to be completed.

Imagine a situation where you have to type and submit an essay for a project, but one of the keys of your keyboard is not working.

Working on a laptop or PC becomes very difficult, especially when one of the keys is not working. This can lead to a waste of time and productivity. This is why it is crucial to fix these problems.


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Before getting into solutions, it’s always better to know the factors that lead to such a problem.

A software issue can result in a situation in which your system is unable to perceive “P”. Make sure to use the accurate console language and keyboard programming.

There is a possibility that your “P” key is bound to any option other than “P”. In that case, you should check your alternative setting or console to ensure that “P” is “P”. Mechanical failure can also lead to the keyboard malfunctioning.

It usually occurs when there is a failure of the internal components of the keyboard. This can result from a defective circuit board or a faulty key.

The keys of the keyboard can also be damaged if you press them too much.


After seeing the causes which lead to not working the “P” key, let us take a look at the ways by which you can get rid of this problem.

If your computer is functioning correctly, and you only wish to check the working of the “P” key, then open keyboardtester.io and match this with the tester tool of the keyboard.

On the Windows computer, you will find the button “Alt”. You can type the number 1 if you hold the Alt button while pressing the Numlock key. If you use a windows computer, you would surely be aware that your PC can be turned on without switching on the monitor.

The monitor can also be turned off while leaving the PC turned ON. In case you are using Windows 10, then you can achieve the same results by pressing the “X” key while holding on to the “Windows” logo.

If the keyboard of your desktop computer or laptop computer is not functioning correctly, then you can try cleaning it properly.

Occasionally you may notice that the keys on the keyboard may not even light up. In these situations, you should remove the keyboard and reattach it.

But if the keys of your keyboard are missing or completely broken, you should plan on purchasing a new one.

It’s always a good idea to replace your keyboard every three to five years, especially if you have to spend a good time working on it. If you have a laptop, you should consider changing the keyboard every two years.

Membrane keyboards are not as durable as Mechanical keyboards, but they are usually cheap compared to mechanical ones.

Repairing a faulty keyboard can be done in the best way by the technicians. It’s essential to purchase keyboards that come with a warranty.

To fix your key, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. You can have a fast check of your system.
  2. You can also try tidying up the buttons on the keyboard.
  3. Restart your computer or laptop.
  4. A specific key button can be changed.
  5. Alterations can be made in the language or area settings to solve the problem.
  6. Change the input keyboard settings of your PC.
  7. You can get the finest solutions to your problem by running a malware check.
  8. You can also solve this problem by reinstalling keyboard drivers.

Fixing a Dead Key

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The keys are the most crucial part of the keyboard.

They allow you to type on your PC. But they are very brittle; hence they should be handled with care. You can remove a dead key by using the following steps.

Make use of a flat-blade screwdriver which is small in size, to pull the key out of the keyboards.You have to insert the blade at the bottom of the key and rotate the screwdriver till the key comes out of it.

How to Clean Keys?

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Keyboards can be used for typing as well as gaming purposes. Gaming is a fun activity, but it requires you to spend a reasonable amount of time after playing to clean the keyboards.

But cleaning the keyboard may sound tricky to some people. Let us see how you can clean your keyboard with the help of warm soapy water without causing any harm to the computer or its keys.

Firstly remove all the keys from your keyboard and place them in a warm soapy water container. Ensure that you have rinsed the keys nicely after soaking them. After that, you can dry them with a clean towel.


It’s essential to ensure that all the keys of your keyboard are working correctly so your work can be done effectively and efficiently.

This article has provided you with various tricks that you can use to ensure the proper functioning of your keyboard.

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