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Call Of Duty Warzone Loadout Guide

by Zaraki Kenpachi

What Are Loadouts?

Loadouts are a great way to add some personality to your Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay. They represent different styles of the players and are one of the best features that separates Warzone from the other battle royales. 

Loadouts are a great way to add some personality to your Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay. They represent different styles of the players and are one of the best features that separate Warzone from the other battle royales. 

However, loadouts aren’t ready for use right at the start of the game, but rather later. This means that you can’t jump in Verdansk fully equipped with your chosen guns and perks, but you have a chance of retrieving them during the game. There are two main ways of getting your loadout in Warzone, so let’s check them in detail.

How To Get Loadouts in COD: Warzone?

Paid Loadout Drops

Loadouts come from a Loadout Drop package. The first way of getting a Loadout Drop, is through the Buy Station. The Loadout Drop is an item that you can buy for $10,000 and have it in your inventory. If you do decide to drop it on the ground, a loadout package will spawn at the spot. You and your team can use it to get your desired loadouts and continue the game. If you don’t have $10,000 cash, then one of your friends can also buy a Loadout Drop and give you free access to your favorite guns. 

But, there are some rules to consider. For example, you can only use the Loadout Drop once per player or per life. You cannot choose two or three loadouts and if you select a wrong one from your arsenal, you won’t be able to swap it for another through the same Loadout Drop. The Loadout Drop has a maximum of 4 uses, for each player in your squad respectively. However, if you do happen to die and come back from the Gulag, you can use that same Loadout Drop that you used the first time.

Free Loadout Drops

The second way of getting your loadouts is free. Twice in the game, a Loadout package will drop around you and your team. This one is specific for your squad, and no other team can access it (they get their own drop). The first time this happens is during the early game when the first circle is collapsing and there are only 12 seconds until it’s closed. The second time is at 15 seconds after the fourth circle or the Gulag has closed.

The free loadouts always drop within 100-200 meters from you or your mates. Although only your squad can retrieve weapons from it, the enemy teams are still able to see your drop. In that case, they can set an ambush and surprise you while you’re getting your guns. So, be careful when using free loadouts. Experienced players will wait for you to relax and punish you for it!

Why Are Loadouts Important?

The nature of the COD: Warzone is chaotic. You drop from a plane and land somewhere in Verdansk only with your basic gun. Collecting random rifles and attachments can sometimes be beneficial, but never optimal.

Loadouts can give you an upper hand in every situation. If you correctly set up all of your 10 slots and have a different styled loadout for different scenarios, then you’re always prepared. Your main goal in every game will be to survive until the first free loadout, then equip yourself with the right choice and dominate your opponents.

Playing with your favorite guns can increase your capacity and skill. If you know everything about your rifle and have added your favorite perks, then you’re already ahead of your enemy. Maximizing the potential of the loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone is an essential part that you need to master!

What To Consider When Building A Loadout?

In video games, different people are good at different things. So, loadouts will always depend on your own style and what you prefer the most. There are obviously many classes to choose from in Warzone, and you’ll probably need to try many of them to find your own one. Here is what you need to consider when building your own loadout!


It’s true, certain guns will always be a bit better than others. But, specific types of guns excel in particular situations. So, they can be prioritized over others which can be stronger overall. This means that you must know how you’re going to approach the game before you even start creating your loadout. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can set you up for success with your loadout. Choosing the right gun for you is a huge advantage!


Your attachments are important as much as your rifles. They define your play style and add a lot more flavor to your guns. A suppressor, for example, can turn you into a silent killer, while a thermal scope can easily reveal enemies for you. But whether it’s a suppressor, scope, mag, or a stock, the truth is that there are no best attachments. They are all situational and they are all worth taking.


Perks are also key factors that can determine your success in Warzone. They come in three different colors, blue, red, and yellow, and they all have different effects. The most popular ones are Cold-Blooded (makes you undetectable by thermal scopes), Overkill (lets you carry two primary weapons), and Tracker (your enemies leave off footprints which you can track). But, all of them are useful and can be taken in any game.


Throwables can make or break certain fights. Getting your favorite grenades can easily win you the game if you use them correctly. For example, a smoke bomb can get you out of a losing battle, to live and fight another day. Don’t hesitate to invest time in your throwables and don’t hesitate to use them in-game!

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