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What is the Best Moonlighter Prices Guide

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Books, Jottings, and Design

Not only are they the most expensive items you can come across while exploring the dungeons, but
also the rarest. They are found in Boss Rooms, Rare Chests & Black Holes (watch out for sparkling
glitter on the ground to find Black Holes)

Moonlighter prices and books

Crafting Items

Moonlighter dungeon prices

Most Valuable Moonlighter Items and Prices

moonlighter most valuable prices

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help you get the most gold out of your findings:
1. All items have a Perfect Price however if an item is Popular at your store then its price increases by
approximately 20%.
2. Upgrade your store and add a Glass Display to sell your most valuable items at a higher price
(approximately 17%).
3. Keep an eye out for rich customers (Hat Icon) as they tend to overpay for items in the Glass Display
4. Upgrade your cash register to entice customers to add up to 40% tips when paying.
5. Watch out for thieves! Tackle them by rolling towards them to retrieve your stolen item.

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