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Top 15 Best Mage Transmog Sets in World of Warcraft – Popular Choices

by Zaraki Kenpachi

A Mage never fails to amaze those around him with a transmog. This class definitely got a special deal from Blizzard in the aesthetics department, ever since the classic era. Not only do most Mage transmog sets are stunningly beautiful, but they’re also shiny, sleek, and elegant.

The reason why most people love these transmog sets is the “chest + shoulders” formula. The Mage class has some of the most glorious robes and shoulder pads in the entire World of Warcraft. And while most of them aren’t demonic like the Warlock sets, they’re magical and fascinating.

Top 15 Mage Transmog Sets

The armor sets for Mages usually come in three categories. For the Fire specialization, we have a couple of blazing outfits. Frost is usually blue, icy, and mystical. And the Arcane Mage outfits are often either purple or golden. However, the earlier outfits for this class are often neutral and fit the theme of all three specs instead of only one. And today we’re looking at the top 15 best Mage transmog sets in WoW!

If you’re a new player and aren’t completely familiar with transmogrification in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, there are a couple of things you should know. First of all, your entire gear can be changed to look like something else. Second, you can transmog entire sets if you have them collected. And third, many gear pieces that come from other classess’ armor sets can also be used (for example, a Priest’s robe).

Just follow our instructions on how to collect each one of these 15 transmog sets for your Mage and you’ll be fine!

Top 15 Best Mage Transmog Sets

15. Sinful Gladiator’s Vestment

Mage Transmog Sets - Sinful Gladiator's Vestment
  • Collected by: achieving 2400+ arena rating during the Shadowlands PvP season 1.

The first on the list is Sinful Gladiator’s Vestment. Players that were playing the initial patch of Shadowlands may remember this as one of the most feared sets in the game. The reason for this is that only expert Mages, Warlocks, and Priests could obtain this outfit. And not in an easy way.

Sinful Gladiator’s Vestment could be collected by achieving a high arena rating during season 1 of this expansion. Mages were very prevalent in the PvP meta, especially the Fire specialization. And as a result, they could wear this golden “plaguebringer” outfit and scare anyone below their rating.

It’s also worth mentioning that the set is quite similar to the Castle Nathria one. The only differences are the fact that the latter one doesn’t have a robe and that the color variants are mostly dark.

14. Faewoven Regalia

Mage Transmog Sets - Faewoven Regalia
  • Collected by: completing the Night Fae story campaign in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Among the Shadowlands transmog sets for the Mage class, there is also the Faewoven Regalia. This is such a refreshing outfit for this class and most people love it. It’s certainly the first armor set that makes your mage look “natural” or “wild”. The headpiece features glowing horns and the shoulder pads flicker and shake as you move your character.

Faewoven Regalia can easily be collected by experiencing the Night Fae covenant story campaign. There are also 3 different variants of this set, all featuring the same design but different colors. However, there are other Night Fae Mage sets with similar aesthetics.

13. Tirisfal Regalia

Mage Transmog Sets - Tirisfal Regalia
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Serpentshrine Cavern raid.

And while some people like the modern and shiny Mage appearance, others love the mysterious classic one. Tirisfal Regalia is the closest you can get to looking like Medivh, the face of the Mage class in the early stages of World of Warcraft. The red and dark coloring go exceptionally well together and the whole outfit captures the idea of what it means to be a Mage of all three specializations.

Players could collect the Tirisfal Regalia set by raiding Serpntshrine Cavern in Burning Crusade. Medivh played a large role in the lore around that time and is responsible for opening the Dark Portal that led us to Outland. So it’s logical to have “his” appearance in the first raid of this WoW expansion!

12. Sanctified Bloodmage’s Regalia

Mage Transmog Sets - Sanctified Bloodmage Regalia
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Icecrown Citadel raid on 25-player Normal difficulty.

Icecrown Citadel is still regarded as one of the best raids that have ever been created in World of Warcraft. And Mage players fondly remember their official armor set from that instance, the Sanctified Bloodmage’s Regalia. First, it’s because it was the first time we saw the San’layn, an unseen “Blood” specialization for Mages. And second, we got to look like one of them!

Here we chose the Normal version of the set, simply because it looks the most unique of all. The other two variants are purple with yellow and red with black. The design alone is grandiose and unrepeated in the later expansions. And if you haven’t already, we definitely advise you to start collecting it as soon as possible!

11. Tempest Garb

Mage Set - Tempest Garb
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Sunwell Plateau raid.

From the Burning Crusade expansion, we have one more armor set to showcase – Tempest Garb. One look at it is enough to know that this Mage set is specifically tailored for Blood Elves. And that’s because it originally came from the Sunwell Plateau raid, which is practically the home of the Blood Elves of Quel’Thalas.

Many newer players aren’t intrigued by Tempest Garb because the set was heavily reworked with the introduction of Battle for Azeroth. The Blood Elf heritage armor was added early on in the expansion and people started collecting it instead of Tempest Garb. The latter follows the same design, but it’s much more grandiose and modern. However, both armor sets capture the spirit of the Blood Elf race.

10. Chronomancer Regalia

Mage Set - Chronomancer Regalia
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Siege of Orgrimmar raid on Mythic difficulty.

Arcane has never been the most popular specialization in World of Warcraft. Hence the absence of truly unique Mage transmog sets for this spec. However, the Siege of Orgrimmar raid from Mists of Pandaria brought us the Chronomancer Regalia. And while the outfit isn’t restricted to the other two specializations, it fits Arcane the most.

Chronomancer Reglia clearly resembles the Pandaria aesthetics. It features goggles and imperial robes, both in golden and blue colors. The Normal and the Heroic versions of the set have red and silver coloring, but the Mythic variant is the most noticeable one.

9. Time Lord’s Regalia

Mage Transmog Sets - Time Lord's Regalia
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Dragon Soul raid on Heroic difficulty.

And we can’t speak of the Chronomancer Regalia set and Arcane Mages without mentioning the Time Lord’s Regalia. While the Chronomancer outfit used generally neutral colors, this one is primarily purple. Arcane is the closest thing we have to “time wizard” in WoW, so this is the ideal outfit for it.

Time Lord’s Regalia comes from the Dragon Soul raid. And the picture above displays the Heroic variant of the set. The Normal version is much more similar to the Chronomancer Regalia set, with golden-white designs.

Keep in mind that the Dragon Soul isn’t the easiest raid to solo, even as a level 60 Shadowlands character. There are some maneuvers you should be aware of, especially on the “Spine of Deathwing” encounter. Watch this video if you need any help!

8. Regalia of the Burning Scroll

Fire Mage Transmog - Regalia of the Burning Scroll
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Heart of Fear raid on Normal difficulty.

If you need help finding the perfect transmog for your Fire Mage, then start here! The Regalia of the Burning Scroll comes from the Heart of Fear raid in Mists of Pandaria. Here you see the Normal version of the set, with clean fire blazing from both shoulder pads. But the Heroic variant is a bit enhanced and comes in purple instead of orange/red.

Heart of Fear is a really easy raid to solo. One run usually takes up to 10 minutes, which is relatively quick. Give it a couple of runs and you’ll have the complete set ready for transmogrification!

7. Firehawk Robe of Conflagration

Fire Mage Transmog - Firehawk Robe of Conflagratio
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Firelands raid on Normal difficulty.

And speaking of Fire Mage transmog sets, we have to mention Firehawk Robe of Conflagration as well. This set comes from Firelands raid and here you see the Normal version of it. As was the case with the previous set, the Heroic version is completely purple here too.

The key features of Firehawk Robe of Conflagrations are the feathers. Besides the gorgeous chest piece, the blazing feathers on the shoulders and head are simply stunning. They appear bright in-game and are very recognizable.

A proper transmog set for a true Firelord!

6. Valorous Frostfire Garb

Mage Transmog Sets - Valorous Frostfire Garb
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Naxxramas raid on 25-player Normal difficulty, Wrath of the Lich King.

Once upon a time, Blizzard created arguably the best-looking armor set in the entire game and called it the Frostfire Regalia. Of course, it was a Mage set that could originally be collected from the old Naxxramas raid back in classic. Once the raid was removed and reworked for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the Frostfire Regalia set was deleted as well.

As a substitute, we got the Frosftfire Garb. What you see in this picture is the same design as the Frostfire Regalia, but with completely different coloring. The Normal version is purple and the Heroic one is yellow. The crystals glow in the dark and the hood emanates light too. It also comes from the Naxxramas raid, but the WOTLK version of it.

Oh yes, the original Frostfire Regalia set was completely frozen and now you can only get it from the Black Market.

5. Netherwind Regalia

Netherwind Regalia
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Blackwing Lair raid.

While we’re at the legendary Mage transmog sets, Netherwind Regalia is one of them! It is the second tier set that Mages ever received and it looks superb, especially for the time it was introduced. Players can gather the individual items from the Blackwing Lair raid and assemble the set.

Netherwind Regalia has a unique robe and shoulders combination. It’s completely blue and purple, with two glowing blue spheres on each shoulder. The headpiece is bright as well looks great on most races.

4. Wrathful Gladiator’s Silk Armor

Wrathful Gladiator's Silk Armor
  • Collected by: purchasing the armor set from the Wrathful Gladiator vendor in Dalaran, Wrath of the Lich King.

Ah, the Wrathful Gladiator set… who doesn’t remember the Frost Mage’s reign in the last patch of Wrath of the Lich King. This is one of the most iconic outfits that this class has ever gotten and it’s been “copied” many times ever since.

During the most popular WoW expansion, Mage was one of the most popular classes as well. High-rated arena players and expert Mages were all geared with the Wrathful Gladiator outfit and pwned newbies left and right. Nowadays you can obtain this set by simply purchasing it for 12 Marks of Honor. This makes it easily accessible for newer players too.

3. Runebound Regalia

Runebound Regalia
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid on Mythic difficulty.

As we stated already, the Mage class is recognizable for its robes. But the Runebound Regalia changes the original formula by giving us a one-of-a-kind outfit for this class. This isn’t the only Mage transmog set without a robe, but it’s certainly the most noticeable one.

Runebound Regalia was the official Mage tier set from the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid in World of Warcraft: Legion. And many players loved it because such a design is a rare case for this class.

2. Regalia of the Arcane Tempest

Regalia of Arcane Tempest
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Tomb of Sargeras raid on Mythic difficulty.

During Legion, Mages had access to one more amazing set – Regalia of the Arcane Tempest. This one comes from the Tomb of Sargeras raid and it’s simply magnificent. The entire outfit is golden and it shines constantly. The head and shoulders pulsate with energies and everyone can see it glow in-game.

You might not be aware, but Blizzard reworked the Black Temple tier sets for every class and put them inside the Tomb of Sargeras raid. The original Tempest Regalia set was purple and impressive, but the newer one is one step ahead for its aesthetics.

1. Firelord’s Vestments

Fire Mage Transmog - Firelord's Vestments
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Bastion of Twilight raid on Heroic difficulty.

And the winner of the best transmog sets for Mage is Firelord’s Vestments. Regardless if you’re a Mage player or not, a Fire main or Frost, you can’t negate the greatness of this outfit. Everything from the blazing skull beneath the hood to the dark and dominating hue of the robe is perfect. All individual items match each other and give the appearance of the official Firelord.

Firelord’s Vestments comes from the Bastion of Twilight raid. And this Heroic variant is an ideal transmog for a Fire Mage. But the normal variant of the set is blue and reminds us of the Wrathful Gladiator set. However, there are still fires blazing from each shoulder, so it’s not technically a frozen set.

The headpiece of this set is one the most transmoged items in the entire World of Warcraft. And we can’t blame anyone for loving it because it’s one of the most unique looking pieces of gear in the game.

But that’s it for the Mage transmog sets! Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite and why!

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