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The Best Classes to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands

by Zaraki Kenpachi

So you’re looking to make some gold in Shadowlands, right? And you’re stuck with the eternal question of which is the best class to farm gold in WoW? Don’t worry – here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about making your class choice for digging up that sweet Shadowlands gold! 

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to jump in all the fun. There are tons of newbie-friendly features that help players familiarize themselves with all aspects of the game. And that includes gold-making!

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Shadowlands has reinvented the idea of getting rich in WoW and brought new ways of farming gold. The covenant system also played an influential part in which characters we’ll use for gold-making, so it’s best to have a good overview of how things stand. In other words, the best class for it now depends on many more different facts than just class features.

You want your gold-farming class in Shadowlands to be fast, mobile and packed with a lot of damage. And unless you’re just an Auction House bot and don’t want to try your hand at any profession, you’re going to be actively engaged in the world. Things like traveling, nuking mobs, and sneaking around terrains will be critical elements to consider when making a decision. So let’s discuss these fundamentals and figure out all that you’ll need to determine before making some gold in WoW!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Class for Making Gold in Wow?

The most important thing to get clear is which way you’re going to make gold in WoW? Which professions are you going to utilize, the crafting or the gathering ones? Are you going to farm the new BeO items in a 4×4 group of people? Or you’re going to solo the old raids? Do you enjoy farming pets and mounts? Or you just want to flip some deals on the Auction House and chill?

This is an important decision because a different class would be the best choice for each method. And while we can’t tell you which approach would fit you the most, we can tell you what to expect from each. 

Leatherworking profession for WoW gold Making

Generally, the crafting professions will be the surest and the most profitable way to make gold in WoW. That said, you’d want to have at least one character equipped with either Alchemy, Tailoring, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, or Blacksmithing. The blue and purple items you can create with these professions have a never-ending demand in every expansion, so make sure not to miss them.

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Herbalism and Mining can be very effective, but they require you to spend hours and hours picking up herbs and ores in the world. When considering the gold you can make, it’s more than tolerable, but it might not be for everyone.

Flipping deals on the Auction House can also be very profitable. Still, it takes a lot of experience and strategic thinking. Plus, you have to use add-ons like TradeSkillMaster and Auctioneer. On the other hand, farming old raids or doing a 4×4 BoE grind is easy and straightforward, but you might struggle if you don’t have a heavy AOE DPS class. And for World Quests and the Mission Table, it doesn’t matter which class you play as long as you’re a max level.

Either way, you want to think first of what you’re going to do for gold in Shadowlands. In the current state of World of Warcraft, nearly all specs can deal a fair amount of damage, yet they vary in the single target and AOE departments. Also, they all have some kind of mobility ability that may or may not fit your method of making gold in WoW. 

But let’s see each class in detail and see what it offers for gold-making in WoW, so you can select the one that fits you perfectly!

The Best Classes for Making Gold in WoW


Since the start of World of Warcraft, Druid has been the king of gold-making. Numerous things make this class amazing, but what we’re interested in mostly here are their speed and versatility. 

Druid travel form for WoW gold Making
Druid – Travel Form

You see, Druids have the highest mobility of every class in the game. Not only do they have a permanent [Cat Form] for both increased movement speed and stealth, but they also have a whole assortment of mobility spells. [Dash] is a class-wide movement speed buff on a 2-minute cooldown. Similar to this is [Stampeding Roar], which lasts for a shorter duration, but it affects your whole party. Pretty handy if you farm together with other players.

Then, Druids have access to [Tiger Dash], a movement speed buff on a 45-second cooldown, or the talent [Wild Charge], which grants them a charge/leap sort of ability, depending on which form they’re currently in. On top of that, Druids have a whole other arsenal of crowd control abilities!

[Cyclone] is a single target CC spell that you can use against all non-boss enemies. [Entagling Roots] and [Mass Entanglement] are both fantastic at keeping mobs in place. And not to mention [Might Bash] – the 4-second stun ability.

But perhaps the most useful detail for gold-making is the Druid’s ability to change in [Travel Form] and [Flight Form]. If you’ve never played a Druid or haven’t tried farming materials as one, the amount of time you save is unbelievable. Entering these forms happens instantly. You can interact with everything in any form (you won’t be transformed back to humanoid while farming). Plus, you don’t spend any gold for learning how to ride mounts, which is also great.

Flight form for WoW gold Making
Druid – Flight Form

As for specs, if you’re gathering materials in the world, you’ll want to stick to Guardian. If you didn’t know, a tank specialization in World of Warcraft can’t be dazed or dismounted by mobs, so Guardian is a natural choice here. Balance and Feral are both excellent as DPS and soloing content, but Boomkin takes the upper hand. With [Starfall] activated, a Balance Druid can essentially just walk and kill everything around him.

All of this, combined with the power of the Druids to take an affinity different from the specialization they’re currently in, makes them the most versatile class for all situations. And no matter how you’re going to make gold in WoW, Druid will always be the best choice. Period.

Demon Hunter

Next in line, we have the Demon Hunters. This class is outright crazy! The amount of mobility packed in their kits seriously rivals that of the Druids, despite not having multiple forms. Let’s analyze!

Demon Hunters have two charges of [Fel Rush], a powerful tool for all situations. Then, they have [Vengeful Retreat], which again is a jump forward if you just turn your screen in the opposite direction. And lastly, [Metamorphosis] can be used as one more leap when you don’t need to fight a formidable enemy.

Now, if you choose the Vengeance (tank) specialization, you get access to [Infernal Strike] instead of Fel Rush. This spell can launch you further forward, 30 yards to be exact, which is more than you can go in the Havoc specialization. And with [Abyssal Strike] as a talent, you’ll get across indoors terrains so much faster than anyone!

But [Glide] is the feature that separates Demon Hunters from the rest of the classes in WoW. This ability is obviously broken and can do some nasty work in the game. 

If you didn’t know, a Demon Hunter can skip almost every raid or dungeon in World of Warcraft by exploiting its terrains. With Fel Rush and Glide, many impossible areas can be accessed, which will result in not spending time running around. Famous examples of this can be skipping everything after the second boss in Black Temple or jumping through a wall to Sindragosa after Blood-Queen Lana’thel.

Demon Hunter Eye Beam ability for WoW gold Making
Demon Hunter – Eye Beam

As you can see, a Demon Hunter is best equipped for soloing both new content and old raids. A Druid is generally better for gathering and can be a jack of all trades. But DH has more instant and more AOE damage. With [Eye Beam] having no target cap, you can kill literally everything.

Honestly, Demon Hunter is one of the most fun classes to play overall. Havoc is wonderful at clearing stuff, and Vengeance can be your safety net if you pick up a gathering profession. And because it’s effortless to play, you can get ahead of everybody and then sell PvE or PvP boosts for money. It’s a speedy and powerful class that can make you a ton of gold in WoW!

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Mages have for the longest time been considered one of the best classes for making gold in WoW. Their real power comes not from being able to outrun the Demon Hunters and the Druids (although they can do that with [Blink]), but from their unique mobility – their portals!

Mage portal ability for WoW gold Making
Mage – Creating Portals

[Teleport] and [Portal] are abilities in a category of their own. They allow the Mages to either teleport themselves or their friends to all the main cities in World of Warcraft. This makes the Mage the fastest traveling class, simply because they skip the “traveling” process.

With the talent [Shimmer], Mages also get two charges on their Blinks. But although Blink is a handy spell, it falls a bit short compared to Fel Rush because it cannot fly over any terrain. And if there is even one rock in front of you, you’ll just blink into it instead of passing it.

As for damage, the Mages are incredible. All of their specializations – Arcane, Fire, and Frost – have insane amounts of single target and AOE damage. Yet, Arcane takes the hat here because it’s the easiest of all three and most ready in all situations. As an Arcane Mage, you don’t have to fish for critical strikes or wait for procs. Instead, you can just spam [Arcane Explosion] and get the job done.

Mages should be picked for all methods of gold making methods in WoW, except gathering. Since they don’t have a tank spec, they can suffer a lot from mobs’ hits. The best professions for them are Tailoring and Enchanting, simply because they’ll receive cloth items to rework and ultimately resell.

Mage Arcane Explosion ability for WoW gold Making
Mage – Arcane Explosion

Plus, the most historic way of making gold as a Mage is opening portals for other players. And taxing the process.


Rogues and Monks can be very powerful classes to farm gold in WoW, and they have their ups and downs.

Simlar to the Druids, Rogues also have access to stealthy gameplay (better one actually) and the ability [Sprint]. The Outlaw spec has the bonus of [Grappling Hook], but since Druids have nearly all this and more, Rogues fall behind as not an entirely optimal class for gold-making in WoW.

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Monks on the other side are more similar to Demon Hunters with their [Chi Torpedo]. Every time they use this ability, they get a burst of movement speed, which can make them the fastest running class in the game. However, their AOE damage isn’t the greatest, so they’re picked for less than the other classes.

Monk Summon Black Ox Statue ability for WoW gold Making
Monk – Black Ox Statue

But, there is one instance where Brewmaster Monks are mandatory, and that is 4×4 BoE farms. Their [Summon Black Ox Statue] spell is essential because it will taunt all the mobs and make the whole process ten times easier.

As for rogues, you can certainly make them work gold-making in WoW, but note that the other choices will give you more advantages.

Does the Covenant Choice Matter for Making Gold in WoW?

With the introduction of the Covenants to World of Warcraft, we began thinking a little bit differently about our class choices for making gold. There is one big reason for this: signature abilities provide us with mobilities for every class!

Of course, we don’t mean the Kyrian and the Necrolord Covenants. Although a steward and a shield are useful overall, they can’t be applied for making gold. But the Venthyr’s [Door of Shadows] and the Night Fae’s [Soulshape] abilities can turn any class and spec into a gold-grinding machine! The first one lets you access difficult terrain areas (like a Demon Hunter), while the latter gives you overall speed.

This, however, doesn’t make the Druids, Demon Hunters, and Mages anything less than the best classes for making gold in WoW. So if you’re already planning on picking one of these classes up for farming gold, the covenant choice won’t matter as much. But it will be important for any other class with less mobility than those 3, simply to get as nearly to them as possible.

In short, in Shadowlands, you can use any class for gold-making as long as you align with Venthyr or Night Fae. You won’t get too far behind a Druid or a Mage, but experienced gold farmers will know how to use those classes to gain an advantage.

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Final Conclusion

There are thousands of other little details that make our picks the best classes for farming gold in WoW. But things like races, factions, servers, and add-ons can also influence their results. Yet, Druid, Demon Hunter, and Mage will always be top choices for any serious gold farmer in World of Warcraft.

If you’re a new player, then we recommend going with a Demon Hunter. If you’re a bit experienced in gold-making and want the absolute best results, then go for a Druid. And if you’re going to do less gathering and more business, then Mage might be the ideal pick for you.

But, tell us which class and specialization you’ve found excellent for making gold in WoW, besides the ones mentioned here? Submit your answers in the comment section below!

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