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Best Wow Boosting Web-Site, Personal Experience

by Amaan Talbot

As it happened, finding a great WotLK boost service is not at all easy, however it is possible. And a happy accident will help in this! 🙂 I’ll tell you how it turned out for me.

My comeback to the WotLK and the first obstacles

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I remember how a long time ago I played WoW, and how I enjoyed immersing myself in this fantasy world. However, after some time, I abandoned this hobby of mine and took up other irl things. But just recently, I wanted to experience these vivid emotions again, feel nostalgia, fight in the WoW 2v2 arena and run new dungeons in search of cool gear, classy rewards and super mounts. This desire of mine came about when I learned about the release of WoW Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

That’s exactly why I created a new account, a new character playing the death knight class, walked around new locations, and then I ran into my first problem. This is WotLK DK leveling. This has always been my least favorite thing to do. I remember how difficult it was my very first time! How much time I spent on leveling my character! And now I have to do it again. I went through about eight or ten levels and realized how unbearably bored I was and how much I want to quickly move on to more interesting activities in WotLK, because there are so many of them. And to be honest, after a few years of not playing the game, my skill has dropped significantly. So the whole thing was unbearably difficult for me. But do not give up my undertaking at the very beginning of the journey?!

Search for a solution

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And then I learned from a friend that WotLK boost services are very popular now, thanks to which professional booster players will go through those WotLK moments that are most unpleasant and difficult for the player. I started looking for a suitable site that I can trust and not lose money, but get a quality WotLK boost service. There is not much information on similar sites with WotLK boost services on the Internet and I did not know where exactly you can get such services. For a long time I was looking for what I needed, but by trial and error I found a site that fully satisfied all my wishes. I would like to share my opinion about this service.

What I really liked about this website

First, I liked the site itself. It is user-friendly and understandable, so it will be easy to understand it. This cannot be said about many other sites, for example G2G, but more on that later. Well-made websites play an important role in choosing a service where I order something. For me, this is always a high level indicator. Secondly, there is a huge variety of different WotLK boost services and everyone can find what they need.

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Description of the service, requirements, duration, all this is described in detail on the site. This means that it will be clear to a visitor like me, an inexperienced player and an infrequent user of such sites, what he will order and how long it will take. It is convenient and even informative. And what also pleasantly surprised me was that there is a section with various WoW guides that are interesting to read and from which you can learn useful information for yourself. Thirdly, the prices for WotLK boost services here seemed pleasant and affordable. And also, which personally pleased me very much, there is the presence of a live chat in which I could ask all questions and clarify information on the order. But first things first.

My first experience of ordering WotLK boost services

As I said before, I wanted to find boosters that would help me level up my character in WotLK. On website I found the WotLK DK Leveling Boost service that suits me. I read the information provided there and was ready to pay for the order, but I was a little worried that I had already completed several levels. I thought it might interfere with the boosting process. I decided to use live chat and chat with the site manager. They explained everything to me in great detail, they said that there would be no problems with this and convinced me that WotLK boost services are provided here as quickly as possible, and that I should not worry at all. I took the plunge and ordered the WotLK Leveling Boost service there. I understood that the order would take some time, and a lot of it, but despite this I wanted to see the result faster. The website states that the ETA takes up to 14 days.

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However, there was an option to choose express and super express mode, and since I wanted to play fully as soon as possible, I chose the express mode. This and everything else pleased me, so I trusted the guys and calmly waited for the results. Once, a week after the order, I still became curious, and I wrote to the manager to clarify how things were going there. They quickly answered me at what stage my order is now and how much more I will need to wait. And I had to wait just a day or two. I took note of everything and continued to wait. By the agreed time, they wrote to me that the order was completed, and I can log into my account and finally play on it. I went into my account and how happy I was to see a pumped DK character there! I also found some rewards and achievements there, earned as you progress through the levels.

In general, I liked everything and I think that in time I will turn to this boost service again for some more help. Perhaps it will be WotLK arena boost, because I really like the PvP segment in WoW WotLK and I would like to play with an experienced player. My experience has become obsolete and there are not enough skills, but I need to somehow return to the game, and I want to do it brightly and successfully

Bad experience with other platforms

I would like to note that I looked at a lot of sites and even tried to contact them. Many of these sites are considered among the most popular, these are the sites that everyone hears about. However I often found something there that I did not like. For example, I visited G2G, which is known to almost every player, but the mechanics of their site disappointed me a lot.

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The site lags, constantly slows down, so it’s simply impossible to calmly view its services and get acquainted with it. I also didn’t like that there is no live support and you have to look for boosters yourself and negotiate with them, and at the same time they cancel the order every now and then or simply disappear. Surely, I did not like it at all and was very repulsed. Still, I invest my money, and I want to get a quality service and respectful attitude, and not something incomprehensible.

On some sites, I waited a long time for an answer, not from a robot, but from a real person with whom I could normally discuss my questions, or for my order they could not find a booster for a long time, which would be ready right now and quickly perform the service. But, you know, it’s good that I didn’t succeed there

Everyone will find what suits them

I am undeniably confident and I know that there are many decent websites providing WoW and WotLK boost services, which also have a large list of services, support and good boosters. However, I am glad that I was lucky enough to stumble upon Frostyboost and I will sincerely recommend this service to my friends!

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