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Top 15 Best Druid Transmog Sets in World of Warcraft – Popular Choices

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Druid has never been the class you choose for the best transmog sets in World of Warcraft. That’s partly because druids spend most of their time in one of their animal forms and don’t actually see their outfits. But it’s also because Blizard has already used the idea of “forest” armor sets many items in the past in classes such as Shaman. That doesn’t mean that the Druid class doesn’t have unique transmog sets, but that most people aren’t really excited for them.

Well, we’re here to prove them wrong! In this post, we’ve chosen the top 15 best Druid transmog sets in WoW and how you can collect them for your character. We ranked these outfits based on their design and their appearance in-game, but also on their history, significance, and difficulty of obtaining.

Top 15 Druid Transmog Sets

For a class that wears leather instead of cloth, Druids have too many gear sets with a primary focus on the robe, exactly like Mages and Warlocks. But unlike them, the Druid garments are usually adorned with leaves, roots, and animalistic features. Birds, cats, and bears are usually the accompanying element here, with an occasional wolf here and there.

Collecting the Druid transmog sets is pretty easy since the class has all the tools needed for farming in World of Warcraft. And whether it’s flying to a vendor or running through an old raid, as a Druid you can do that in no time. So let’s begin with the gear sets!

Top 15 Best Druid Transmog Sets

15. Thunderheart Raiment

Druid Transmog Sets - Thunderheart Raiment
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Black Temple raid.

Back when World of Warcraft was still young, Black Temple was the end destination for many players. And although Druids weren’t the most popular characters around that time, the Restoration specialization was one of the best healers to have in a raid group. As a result. Druid players could collect Thunderheart Raiment.

Thunderheart Raiment is an awesome-looking set that features bones, skulls, and feathers. The noteworthy element here is the Arakkoan inspiration. Arakkoa was a new race of bird-men in Burning Crusade, so it’s nice to have an outfit that resembles them!

14. Tyrannical Gladiator’s Dragonhide Armor

Druid Transmog Sets - Tyrannical Gladiator's Dragonhide Armor
  • Collected by: purchasing the armor set from the Tyrannical Gladiator vendor in Mists of Pandaria.

As we mentioned above, most of the Druid transmog sets include a robe. Well, that’s certainly one of the reasons why we’ve chosen the Tyrannical Gladiator’s Dragonhide Armor as one of the best outfits for this class. But the other is that this set simply looks incredible in-game!

The massive horned helmet, the broad bony shoulder pieces, and the decoration of horns on the waist – everything looks fierce and ferocious. Actually, the entire outfit speaks of power and gives off a sense of readiness – something you absolutely want as a Druid!

13. Malorne Raiment

Druid Transmog Sets - Malorne Raiment
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Gruul’s Lair raid.

Malorne Raiment was the first set that Blizzard created differently for Druid. At the launch of Burning Crusade, they threw the robe ideas away and gave the class a natural and “foresty” look without decorative robes. Here the shoulder pieces are adorned with bird feathers and the head item is a pair of majestic horns in the style of Malorne, the White Stag.

Malorne has played a significant role in the history of Warcraft, so if you’re a lover of the WoW lore then this is definitely the outfit to get. To run around in the white suit of your ancient guardian is something that not too many classes can do!

12. Vestments of the Eternal Blossoms

Druid Transmog Sets - Vestments of the Eternal Blossoms
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Heart of Fear raid on Heroic difficulty.

Vestments of the Eternal Blossoms is not a transmog that you often see in WoW. Many Druid players aren’t impressed by the general design of this outfit, especially the unproportionate shoulders. But they’re also not aware that this is the first set that allowed Druids to wear a wolf helmet on their heads instead of horns or feathers. This alone makes the set desirable and unique.

The Vestments of the Eternal Blossoms set comes from the Heart of Fear raid located in Dread Wastes, Pandaria. It has bright coloring and an elegant feel to it that distinguishes it from the traditional look of this class. We recommend the Heroic version because it’s the brightest.

11. Bearmantle Battlegear

Druid Transmog Sets - Bearmantle Battlegear
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid on Mythic difficulty.

And speaking of wolves, the Bearmantle Battlegear was the second set that gave Druids a wolf headpiece. Unlike the previous set, here the wolf helmet only covers the top half of the character’s head. The Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic versions are more realistic to real-life wolves, but the Mythic one is more magical and unique.

The rest of the set is adorned with fangs and fur, and a couple of Elune elements, especially on the shoulders. Broll Bearmantle, from whom the name of the transmog set is taken, is an important Druid character in the lore. He appears in many books, such as Stormrage, and a couple of times in-game. His most notable presence is in the Druid order hall in Legion, in Val’Sharah.

10. Nordrassil Raiment

Druid Transmog Sets - Nordrassil Raiment
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Serpentshrine Cavern raid.

Nordrassil is a big part of the Druidic culture, especially the Night elves. It’s odd that the raid that gave us the Nordrassil Raiment was an instance on another planet, namely the Serpentshrine Cavern raid in Outland, Burning Crusade. But that didn’t lower the significance of this outfit and its rich history.

The Nordrassil Raiment set is simply magnificent. Not only do the colors blend together fantastically, but they’re carefully chosen to resemble barks, leaves, forests, and woods. The headpiece symbolizes Elune, the eternal guardian of the class. The outfit is elegant, thematic, and it’s one of the best Druid transmog sets that you can have in WoW!

9. Outhclaw Wargarb

Druid Transmog Sets - Outhclaw Wargarb
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Hellfire Citadel raid on Mythic difficulty.

Everybody knows that Druids are enemies to demons. And there is only one case of them wearing a fel-tainted armor that has a few demonic features to it – Outhclaw Wargarb. This set comes from the Hellfire Citadel raid in Draenor, but only the Mythic version is green. And if you farm it on Normal or Heroic you’ll notice that the roots and horns are natural.

Aside from the lore, the set simply looks gorgeous! The naked torso in combination with the beautiful garb is an amazing idea. And the shoulders and helm that glow in fel is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your Druid character to embrace the fel. So highly recommended!

8. Vestments of the Haunted Forest

Druid Transmog Sets - Vestments of the Haunted Forest
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Throne of Thunder raid on Normal difficulty.

Druid is often considered as the goody-goody class in World of Warcraft. They’re almost always the heroic guys that save the world with their peaceful magic. And because of that, their appearance is natural and welcoming. Well, Vestments of the Haunted Forest flips that recipe on its head and gives us a nightmarish look for Druids in WoW!

Despite the fact that this set comes from a Mists of Pandaria raid, namely the Throne of Thunder, it looks exactly as if transported from the Emerald Nightmare. It has spider-like features on the robe and rotten barks and roots all over the shoulders and helm. The Raid Finder variant follows the same design but in blue color, and the Heroic one in green. So you can choose the one you like the most!

7. Stormrage Raiment

Druid Transmog Sets - Stormrage Raiment
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Blackwing Lair raid.

Malfurion Stormrage has been the face of the Druid class since the beginning of Warcraft. Even before WoW, Malfurion was the character that showed us who are the Druids and what they’re all about. Well, in the early days of the game, Blizzard gave us the official outfit of Malfurion Stormrage – Stormrage Raiment.

Back then, this was one of the most glorious armor sets in WoW. Its basic design is everything that a Druid can ask for – a beautiful robe that symbolizes the forest, protective shoulder pads received from an animal, and a pair of stag horns! Over the years the set has been outdated and it desperately needs a visual update to be even more attractive. But it’s still one of the best transmog sets you have available, so better start farming it!

6. Valorous Nightsong Battlegear

Valorous Nightsong Battlegear set
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Ulduar raid on 10-player Normal difficulty.

During Wrath of the Lich King, many Druid players were disappointed by the general look Blizzard prescribed for their class. Almost all tier sets in this expansion look simple, repetitive, and have bland coloring. But the Ulduar raid turned the tables and gave us the Valorous Nightsong Battlegear!

This is one of the best-designed transmog sets for the Druid class. It has multiple fascinating elements, like the shining sun orbs on each shoulder, and the glowing moon one on the head. The way the colors flow all over the robe is truly fascinating and makes it more of a blast to play Druid than it already is in Shadowlands!

5. Stormrider’s Vestments

Stormrider's Vestments set
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from The Bastion of Twilight raid on Normal difficulty.

In the early days of WoW, Druids and Shamans were much closer thematically than they’re now. Both of these classes had abilities that could call a storm and they both could heal with the power of the forest. Well, the Cataclysm expansion, and The Bastion of Twilight raid specifically, brought the Druid appearance the closest to that of a Shaman.

Stormrider’s Vestments is the most unique transmog set that you can put on a Druid character. For starters, the Normal version is entirely in blue, which is a rarity here. But the shoulder pieces also flicker with bolts of lighting as you move along. And the feathers are here to remind you that you’re a Druid after all!

4. Valorous Dreamwalker Battlegear

Valorous Dreamwalker Battlegear
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Naxxramas raid on 25-player Normal difficulty.

If there is only one set that every Druid on the planet wants to have then that is the Valorous Dreamwalker Battlegear. This is undoubtedly the scariest-looking outfit for Druids, even though it bears the general green coloring of the class. But unlike the other sets, the green here doesn’t look natural, but sinister and evil. The hood on the head hides the player’s eyes which are turned into two slits of green. The shoulder pads constantly emanate evil energies and fit the malevolent design.

But what else could we expect from the official gear for the Naxxramas raid in Wrath of the Lich King, one of the evilest places of Azeroth?

3. Cenarion Raiment

Cenarion Raiment set
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Molten Core raid.

During the vanilla days of World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s armor appearance philosophy was much simpler than now. But many players prefer those sets more than today’s outfits because they perfectly match the spirit of their class. And one such set is Cenarion Raiment.

Cenarion Raiment is perhaps the most druidic transmog set in the game. Its robes are brown like the trees and the shoulders are made out of leaves and branches. The headpiece is an actual pair of horns that symbolizes the Druid’s friendship with the animal world. All in all, a perfect look for a Druid!

2. Garb of the Astral Warden

Garb of the Astral Warden set
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from The Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare raids on Mythic difficulty.

From the newer transmog sets for Druid, the Garb of the Astral Warden is by far the most glorious one. It comes from two raids – The Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare, both of which are important locations for the class. The first one has close ties with Night Elves in general and the second is the actual Emerald Dream, the most sacred place for Druids.

Garb of the Astral Warden is a unique outfit because it uses white, purple, and gold colors more than any other. The helm resembles an owl while the shoulders bore the mark of Elune. The way the design blends together is absolutely stunning and there isn’t a Druid player out there that isn’t farming the set!

1. Living Wood Battlegear

Living Wood Battlegear set
  • Collected by: looting the gear pieces from the Blackrock Foundry raid on Mythic difficulty.

Spotting a Druid in World of Warcraft that has the Living Wood Battlegear set doesn’t happen too often. But everyone can agree that this is one of the best transmog sets in the entire game and not only the Druid class.

The feature that separates it the most is the pair of butterfly wings on the back. The wings are actually attached to both shoulder pads, so you need to have them for the complete effect. Once equipped, these wings will flicker constantly in a manner that many insects in real life do. And for those players that love such interactive armor sets, this is a real treat!

The rest of the set attempts to replicate forest garb, but one that isn’t always good and peaceful. Living Wood Battlegear is above all a realistic take on nature and its eternal dynamics. We highly recommend you to start clearing Blackrock Foundry on Mythic difficulty and rock this set on your Druid character! It definitely deserves the number one spot on this list!

Those are the top 15 best transmog sets for the Druid class in WoW!

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