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The Best Sports Themed Games to Play

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Getting your adrenaline going and releasing energy; both playing sports and playing games allow you to do these things. Sports and games are both popular ways to stay entertained, socialise and have fun.

Therefore, it is little surprise that games featuring sports as their central theme are so popular with players. There are now thousands of sports title games available online and on console, every type of sport from football and baseball to surfing and fishing have been reimagined in the gaming world.

Whether you are someone that likes to play casino games on your phone while on the go, or someone who prefers to sit down at your PC for a session on a simulation game, there are great sports titles to suit all interests.

Here are just some of the best sports themed games to play:

Casino games

Source: guardian.ng

If you are looking for a sports themed casino game, then online slots are probably your best bet. Online casinos and slots sites tend to have extensive libraries of slots with a wide selection of choices. Sots are known for their vibrant graphics, catchy soundtracks and creative bonus features.

Catch a Wave

Surfers will love the Catch a Wave slot game. Featuring cool Tsunami reels and an incredible 59,049 paylines, this game has six different modifiers that can be activated when you spin the reel.

For example, with the Surf’s Up modifier you will find that the maximum number of symbols on the bottom and top of the reels become active. With the Rip Tide, the reels will move to form a winning combination following a losing spin.

The graphics in this game feature a tropical blue colour palette for a chilled out vibe. It is also worth noting the Return to Player percentage is a healthy 96.03 percent.

Fishin’ Frenzy: Jackpot King

Another ocean slot, this time with a fishing theme is the game Fishin’ Frenzy: Jackpot King. This game is part of the wider Fishin’ Frenzy series of slots developed by Blueprint Gaming.

As a jackpot game, when you land five Fishing reels you could win up to 1000x your bet, if you have five Pelican symbols this doubles to a huge 2000x your original sum. There are 10 fixed paylines and Fisherman Scatter symbol that triggers additional prizes.

You’ll spot plenty of references to fishing and the seaside in this game, which has a Return to Player percentage of 93.32 percent at its base level.

Console and PC games

Now let’s look at some of the top sports games you can download on console or PC.

Fight Night Champion

Source: eurogamer.net

Fight Night Champion is arguably one of the best boxing games on the market, the realistic graphics show the brutality and gruelling nature of the sport. In story mode, you play as early career boxer Andre Bishop who is an up and coming star.

He begins his fighting journey in prison before becoming a gym worker on his release and sparring with boxers in the ring. He eventually works his way up to challenging for the championship title.

There is also the Legacy mode where players can create their own boxer and even include their own face with the Vision camera. As with story mode, the player takes this boxer from beginner up the ranks to champion level.

Through the online gym you can also battle with friends and even enter team mode and challenge other gyms. Available on PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Fight Night Champion is the ultimate game for hardcore boxing fans.

Art of Rally

Why not get behind the wheel and experience rally driving with Art of Rally? This simple but fun game has a career mode that allows players to travel the world to complete 60 different stages.

There are more than 50 iconic racing cars to choose from, including classic vintage cars from the 60s and the 80s. You can practise all kinds of skills in this game, from counter steering and handbrake turns to left foot braking and the Scandinavian flick. The art of rally deluxe edition includes the base art of rally game, as well as mp3 and high quality flac versions of the 50+ track OST by Tatreal. The perfect accompaniment for your next road trip, or errand to the grocery store. Who are we to judge?

The art of rally OST has been masterfully composed and produced by self-taught musician Tatreal (aka Slava Korystov), from his studio in Kryvyi Rih, Central Ukraine. The OST is comprised of a massive 51 original tracks, each one exploring Tatreal’s unique take on the much-loved Synthwave genre. Like a long Sunday drive through the alps, the soundtrack takes players on a 4+ hour journey — weaving its way through classic 70’s, 80’s and 90’s homages to acts such as Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, ELO and Cerrone.

Art of Rally can be found on Steam, Epic, Xbox, Playstation, Switch and GOG.

Football Manager 2024

Source: footballmanager.com

Ever dreamed about being the manager of your own football club? Well Football Manager is the perfect opportunity to live out this fantasy.

You will pick a team that you want to progress and develop them into a first class squad. Their playing style is ultimately something you create through developing your own strategy and tactics for success.

You will need to meet the expectations of the board, the players and the fans. In the 2024 edition there are brand-new squad planning tools and a new Supporter Confidence system to get to grips with.

FM23 is available on a variety of platforms including Steam, Xbox, Playstation and Switch.

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