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Moonlighter Banker: Best Strategy

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Edward The Moonlighter Banker is the NPC you unlock after you purchase his services from the Town Board at the price of 70,000 gold (461,999 gold for New Game Plus). The Moonlighter Banker is not available from the beginning of the game though! his services will not be available to purchase until you have beaten the first two dungeons (Golem Dungeon & Forest Dungeon). He technically doesn’t have a shop or a stand but you can find him in the town center.

Edward the Moonlighter Banker


You can invest your money with The Moonlighter Banker and make a lot of gold but if you’re not careful your investment might lead to losing money. The NPC is available to do business every Sunday morning (on the 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th of every month) if you visit him on any other day of the month, he will tell you that he’s busy and that you need to visit him some other time.

The first glance at the shop and banking system might look confusing and annoying but with the following tips you will get the hang of working The Moonlighter Banker to your advantage and maximizing your gold earnings:

You can invest any amount you like with a minimum of 1000 gold. However, you cannot change or refund your investment so take care. You can also cash out at any point during the week whether you recorded profit or loss just not during night time as you’re only allowed to deal with The Moonlighter Banker during day time. Make sure you cash out before the last day of the week or risk losing all the money you invested.

The gold you invest goes through a six-day cycle where you will be able to see the percentage of profit or loss each day. The percentages shown are from the original amount invested and not from the previous day, meaning that your profits do not accumulate.

Profits and Losses

There are three days of profit and three days of losses per week. This can be helpful in many cases where you already record 3 days of losses! So, for example if you record 3 losses in the first 4 days then it’s guaranteed that the remaining 2 days in the week will record profit. Same applies when it’s the other way around, if you went through 3 days of profits make sure you cash out because that instantly means that the next day(s) will record a loss.

We honestly don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not but for some reason, we usually got the highest return on our investment when we left the money to the last day!

Moonlighter Banker ledger

There’s a pattern for profits and losses each week and this pattern stays the same for the whole month without changing! There’s sort of a small hack that can help you farm for coins and play the game with more ease. The trick is to invest a small amount of your gold and check the banker every day to learn the weekly pattern. After you record which day has the highest profit, go to The Moonlighter Banker and make an investment with a big amount of gold then simply go to sleep every day till you reach the day of the highest recorded profit that you learned from the previous week. You can also go and explore dungeons and come back on the highest profit day, just make sure not to exit the game or load a saved game as the pattern changes if you do so. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion The Moonlighter banker in a great way to make gold in the game and with some farming you can make enough gold to last for your whole playthrough so the quicker you unlock his services the better.

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