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4 Things To Try If Your iPhone Is Lost Or Stolen – 2024 Guide

by Zaraki Kenpachi

You carry your smartphones or other portable devices everywhere – so there is a chance that you will leave them somewhere or that someone will steal them. That can be even more stressful if you have an iPhone or iPad that costs hundreds of dollars. So what to do if something like that happens? Can we find an iPhone that we lost somewhere or was stolen? There are some things you can try to do!

Why Do We Love The iPhone?

Today, life without mobile phones is unthinkable, and there are different models of different mobile devices on the market. Among the most popular are iPhone mobile devices. So why do we love the iPhone so much? Umm, there are many reasons for that, but the price is not one of them because these phones are still quite expensive for the pocket of an average user. You will hardly pay less than a few hundred dollars for new devices, depending on the model, of course. However, there are many reasons why we love the iPhone. Above all, we mean quality. iPhone is a smartphone that is a product of Apple and uses Apple’s operating system. Its use is simple and you can easily learn to work and use this device. So, we love the iPhone because of its simplicity, and on the other hand, it offers many functionalities that make our daily life and functioning easier.

Take Care Of Your iPhone, Because The Price Ain’t A Real Trifle!

Source: ios.gadgethacks.com

There are different models of iPhone mobile phones on the market – and almost every year, a new model appears that differs in specific characteristics from the previous iPhone devices. Depending on the type of iPhone, the prices will be different too. Still, newer models are hard to find below a few hundred dollars. So we can say that they fall into the category of more expensive mobile devices. Therefore, you should take care of them well – especially when it comes to theft or loss. Due to the high demand for iPhones, it is not surprising that we face frequent thefts of these phones. Sometimes we are not careful enough – so we forget about it and lose the device somewhere. What can we do then, and can we even hope to get back our lost or stolen iPhone?

I Lost My iPhone, What Do I Do?

OMG, it happened to you too? You lost your iPhone, or you may suspect it was stolen. That is not just hundreds of dollars you set aside for your smartphone – but it’s the fact that your whole life is stored inside this little device. Just think of everything there: photos, music, videos, private or business data – or even bank account numbers, credit cards, and pins. That is an awful situation, but believe it or not – many users of this phone have found themselves in the same problem. However, before you get a panic attack, know that you can try to do some things that can help you locate your lost or stolen iPhone.

1. Try the Find My iPhone app

Source: apple.com

Fortunately, the developers have already thought about some things when designing these phones – so we have a reliable assistant in the form of the Find My iPhone application. Nevertheless, if you truly want to see all your devices on the app – that means you need to sign in to multiple devices right from the very start, but with an identical Apple ID. If you, like most users, have done so – then the next step is to click on settings and log in to iCloud. Then go to the Find My iPhone app and turn it on. Hopefully, you will locate your device way faster than you thought.

2. Geolocation search

This is generally true for all phones, both iPhone and Android models. So, each of them has a built-in GPS based on which you can perform a number search. It is enough to go to one of the reliable sites that offer you this type of service. According to www.viespy.com, all you have to do is enter the phone number you are looking for, and with the help of geolocation, you will get information about the location of the phone very quickly. You receive the information at your email address, it is confidential and the service does not store it on the cloud or in an external database.

3. Use the family sharing option

Source: apple.com

When you are in a situation where you are not able to locate the device, there is still hope – especially if you have provided certain options from the start. One of those options is family sharing. You can use this type of phone location sharing if someone close to you or a family member has an iPhone or iPad device. In that case, open the ‘find me’ option on their device – and the application will show you the location of devices that recognize your username.

4. Try to find a lost device with the help of the Apple Watch

If you have an Apple smartwatch, this can be a mitigating circumstance in an attempt to find your lost phone. All you should do is go to the control center and find the icon that indicates the phone is ringing. When you select this option you can try to find your phone as it emits a ping that can help you locate your phone.


The iPhone is certainly one of the most popular phones that is in high demand among users. It has many benefits and features that make our lives easier and more fun. Although its basis is quality – this phone is not a magic one so you still must be careful and protect it from possible losses and theft. Fortunately, there are some options we can use to track and locate the phone – but that’s not always so easy. Anyway, we hope you will succeed in that mission if you ever need it.

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