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Best Buying WoW Gold Guide in 2024

by Zubair Gomez

Did you know that if you add up the time players have spent playing Warcraft, you get over one million years? Can a game that is played so much be bad? Definitely not. Players take on the roles of brave heroes and undertake epic quests in a fantasy world where the main currency is gold.

Whether you want to outfit your character with the greatest armor, buy vehicles, or simply show off your money – this article is for you. Every player strives to have enough gold in World of Warcraft. Let’s find out how to obtain or farm gold in the magic World of Warcraft.


It is considered that accumulating gold using traditional methods can be time-consuming and tedious. So many players prefer to buy gold from special services. If you are considering buying wow gold, pay attention to the reputation of the company. Look for trusted sellers with positive reviews.

Keep an eye out for special promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs. They will help increase your gold reserves even further. Prefer sellers that offer multiple communication channels and have a dedicated support team to help you with any questions or concerns. Buying gold from boosting companies is the easiest and the quickest method of getting enough gold for epic battles.

Farming BOE

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With the release of the Shadowlands expansion, Bind-on-Equip (BoE) items are now the most profitable source of gold. The following tips may help you here. First of all, choose a class suitable for farming. It is best to choose Druid, Shaman or Demon Hunter (Vengeance).

Next, it is important to farm in certain places. Maldraxxus will do. Druids can use the Stellar Drift spell for effective area damage. Ardenweald is another area with BOE drop potential. BOE Drop: Expect items in the range of 190-200-207-213 item levels that can cost between 50,000 and 200,000 gold.


You’ve undoubtedly come across chests containing useful gear several times while trekking over Azeroth. Typically, players farm mobs or buy wow gold, and consider chests to be an insignificant but useful addition to them. However, you can farm these chests. Position your secondary character near the typical chest spawn point, and then occasionally examine the game world for treasure.

Certain chests appear in beneficial locations—places free of frightening beasts. For best results, investigate the location during the winter and spring months. However, feel free to choose any high-level location that other players rarely visit. If you chance to play as a dwarf, use your racial abilities to find treasure. This ability exposes nearby wealth on the mini-map, allowing you to find even the most cunningly concealed chests.


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It is very interesting that all raids in WoW Classic are extremely popular among players. These raid dungeons can be completed with only half of the party, assuming that all group members strategically use chemistry and world effects. The presence of buffs from artifacts such as Songbloom and Onyxia’s head not only speeds up your progression through the dungeon but also allows you to win a lot of gold.

Attending raids is currently the most rewarding way to accumulate riches in the game..


A fairly simple method of gold farming, but extremely tedious. You can complete many tasks daily, receiving gold on your balance, but you will have to really spend a lot of time on this, so be prepared.

For completing some quests, NPCs give you gold and/or some game loot pieces. The latter can be sold to any vendor or, if they are BoE, put up for auction. At levels after 70, so-called daily tasks become available, i.e. ones that can be completed over and over again as opposed to a typical one-time quest. However, you can’t earn much from quests, quest givers are stingy people, and it’s a bit boring. But this will do for novice players.

World of Warcraft Crafts

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As in any MMO in WoW, characters can master professions, which in turn allow them to obtain resources and produce items. Both can be sold at auction and receive money for it. It was through crafting that one could earn a lot without spending a lot of time. True, there are some subtleties here, for example, the timing of the sale is key. Let’s say the start of a new expansion, when a lot of new items and resources appear, is the best time to break the bank.

Sale of Pets

This option is suitable for those who cannot afford to spend many hours mining gold. Only those pets that go into a cage can be sold at auction. At the same time, they can be transferred to other game worlds, including European ones. A radical method will help you find a server that offers the highest price. Before entering the European game world, do not forget to change the client language.

Using Professions

Professions have become the most evident means of farming the world of warcraft gold for many players. This strategy is ideal for players who do not wish to spend money on the game. You can use the Auctioneer and GatherMate plugins to make earning easier. Most players like to produce something and then sell it.

A lesser-known technique includes employing complicated recipes. For example, if you farm Copper Ore, you can turn it into and combine it to create a more valuable item. They usually sell for a little more.

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Certain Professions Excel at Gold-Making

S-Tier Professions

  • Enchanting: Valuable for enchantments and transmutes.
  • Alchemy: Dracothyst transmutes and gear upgrades.
  • Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring: Crafting top-end items.

A-Tier Professions

  • Herbalism and Mining: Gather valuable materials.
  • Skinning: Profit from Obsidian Cobraskin and other drops.
  • Fishing: Essential for turn-ins and reputation gains.

B-Tier Professions

  • Cooking: Useful consumables.
  • Engineering and Inscription: Limited gear crafting options.

There is nothing difficult about farming gold, but many players do not like it because it is a rather tedious activity. Choose the method that suits you best and then you can compete with other players with your

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