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Best WoW Enchanting Guide: Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Welcome to our complete WoW guide on how to make gold with Enchanting in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands! Here we’ll talk about how to begin your Enchanting gold-making, as well as what is the best way to level it up and generate more materials.

In truth, Enchanting is one of the easiest professions in WoW and chances are that you won’t have any hard time profiting from it. The main reason for this is that Enchanting doesn’t require any gathering. You play the game and you receive items, then you disenchant those items and use or sell the materials for gold! But while easy, there are still some things to consider when deciding to make your gold this way. So let’s jump into the complete guide on how to make tons of gold in WoW Shadowlands with Enchanting as a profession and answer all questions around it!

Our Complete Guide on How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Enchanting.
WoW Enchanting – Complete Guide

Making Gold with our WoW Enchanting Guide

Why is Enchanting Important in World of Warcraft?

All players in World of Warcraft have gear, right? Well, Enchanting buffs up that gear and makes it stronger!

In all seriousness, though, Enchanting might be the most sought-after profession in Shadowlands. The expansion introduced many new recipes to this profession, so there are more enchants for more slots of gear. So, enchanters can give us very useful stats for all item pieces, even chest, and wrists!

With these changes, Enchanting has risen to the top of the gold-making professions and it’s now a very profitable business. Not only that there is a great number of enchants that you could do, but those enchants are actually very powerful! [Tenet of Haste] for example, is a powerful ring enchantment that all raiders and mythic plus players will get for their characters. This and similar enchantments are mandatory for defeating the game’s content on any higher difficulty, so the Enchanting goods will always be in high demand.

The Enchanting Trainer Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Enchanting
The Enchanting Trainer in Oribos

But, Enchanting isn’t only good for producing buffs for your gear. It also plays a vital part in creating reagents for Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing. These three professions are heavily involved in crafting Legendary Items, one of the key features in WoW Shadowlands. Enchanting provides them with necessary parts for creating those Legendary Items, so as long as the expansion is alive, Enchanting will always be needed for one thing or another.

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And lastly, Enchanting is a fantastic profession for soloing content in World of Warcraft. Even if you’re only interested to make gold with Enchanting as a side job, you can still end up getting rich. The profession will offer you very strong buffs for your own gear that will be necessary if you want to beat Torghast on the highest layer, for example. And for the rest of the enchants that you create along the way but don’t really need, you can sell those on the Auction House. There won’t be a shortage of players who need them any time soon!

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How to Start with Enchanting in WoW Shadowlands?

Shadowlands WoW Enchanting Guide Trainer Location in Oribos

Picking up Enchanting is a very simple job. Head over to Oribos and look for the Hall of Shapes segment in the western part of the city. The NPC you’re looking for is called Imbuer Au’vresh and you can find him at the exact spot of 48.4, 29.4. He stands near a table with a magical scroll on it, so it shouldn’t be too hard spotting him.

And you’ll need to do is talk to him and learn the Shadowlands Enchanting for a cheap price. You can do this even if you don’t have Enchanting as your profession. Imbuer Au’Vresh will give you the ability to start with Enchanting right away and if you have green and blue items in your inventory, you can start leveling it up immediately.

The exact location the Enchanting trainer in Oribos is shown in this picture:

The Exact Location of the Enchanting Trainer in Oribos Shown on a Map
The Location of the Echanting Trainer in Oribos (48.4, 29.4)

Preparations and Tools for Enchanting

After you’ve taken your Shadowlands Enchanting profession, you’ll want to make sure you possess [Runed Copper Rod]. This is a simple item that is required for accessing many recipes in Enchanting, so it’s wise to always have it in your bags. And if this is you’re first time with this profession and don’t own one, here is how you can get it.

First, you’ll need to purchase a [Copper Rod] from Distributor Au’resh. This NPC stands very near the enchanting trainer Imbuer Au’Vresh and you’ll find him in no time. Distributor Au’resh also sells [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magic Essence]. So, buy one of each of those items – 1 x Copper Rod, 1 x Strange Dust, 1 x Lesser Magic Essence. In the end, find the recipe for creating a Runed Copper Rod in your Enchanting profession and create the item.

Another thing to take care of is to buy a lot of [Enchanting Vellum]. We’re talking about 200 or 400 minimum since you’ll spend them very quickly. When you level up your Enchanting, you’ll need to store your enchantments for later use. So get as many as you can and move on.

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Enchanting Materials in Shadowlands

The Enchanting materials in Shadowlands are a few but used for most recipes. Unlike Skinning or Mining, for example, you won’t have to deal with many different reagents that only confuse you. Here, you have three primary materials that serve to create nearly everything you’re going to need.

The Enchanting Vendor Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Enchanting
The Enchanting Vendor in Oribos

Soul Dust, as the common one, drops from all items, including the greens that you pick up while you’re questing or doing dungeons on the lower levels. Sacred Shard, on the other hand, could only drop when you disenchant a rare, blue-quality item. And Eternal Crystal is created by doing the same process on an epic item piece that starts at around 187 ilvl. Needless to say, this one will be the hardest to stack, but it also generates the most amount of gold.

WoW Enchanting Guide to Leveling Up in Shadowlands

Enchanting might be the weirdest profession to level up, especially the first time doing it. A big part of that is because Enchanting only requires gear drops and items to generate its materials. So if you don’t do a lot of the game’s content, you might end up with empty bags and no items to disenchant for Soul Dust or Sacred Shard.

An easy solution for this problem is to pair Enchanting with another crafting profession like Tailoring, Leatherworking, or Blacksmithing. Whichever you choose, that profession will give you a lot of green and blue items which you can then use to level up your Enchanting. That way, you’ll constantly have a way of supplying your Enchanting needs.

Here is the exact number of materials you’re going to need to level up Enchanting from 1-15!

  • Soul Dust = 208
  • Sacred Shard = 142
  • Eternal Crystal = 33

Follow this method to quickly level up Enchanting without wasting any materials!

We also want to remind you that you should be putting those enchants on vellums. Once you’ve enchanted your own gear, it’s considered a waste to be reapplying the same effects twice in a row. The wiser option is to use [Enchanting Vellum] and to make your enchantments available to other players. That way, you can sell these on the Auction House and make tons of gold!

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Finding Materials and Items for Disenchanting in Shadowlands

As we mentioned earlier, finding materials or items for disenchanting can be tricky. This isn’t Herbalism where flowers and plants just randomly spawn for you as you play the game. The primary source of getting the Enchanting materials are item drops and those can be gathered from everywhere.

Generally, you’d want to play a lot of dungeons on normal difficulty. These are by far the fastest way of generating items for leveling up Enchanting, at least for the first part. The trash mobs drop green quality items, while the bosses blue. We highly recommend you to team up with a group of friends and blast through them in a couple of hours.

Live Price of the Item Enchanted Heavy Callous Hide Shown on the Auction House
Enchanted Heavy Callous Hide – Auction House Price on Live Servers

Another thing that you can do is completing World Quests and regular side quests. These two will also reward you with common and rare-quality gear, which will be very helpful for many recipes. Also, there are profession-specific Enchanting World Quests that sometimes appear in one of the four zones in the Shadowlands. Completing this will usually give you 5 Soul Dust and an extra skill point in Enchanting.

And the last way of getting your Enchanting materials is by buying low-priced items from the Auction House. This is the most controversial method since we’re looking to make gold and not spend it. However, if you do have some gold to spare, this is the quickest way to level up and start getting rich with Enchanting. So, consider it an investment!

Selling Enchants for Gold in Shadowlands

If you were wondering which enchants can you make you the most amount of gold, here is a list of the highest-priced ones to consider when spending your Enchanting materials.

Please note that this price varies from server to server and from region to region. What you see here may not be the exact price in your realm.

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Making gold in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with Enchanting as your primary profession can be a lot of fun. This WoW Enchanting Guide can give you tons of additional tips and tricks, but make sure to master the fundamentals first. For example, if you’re playing Horde, Blood Elf is the best choice of race for your Enchanting character. Blood Elves have the racial trait [Arcane Affinity], which increases your Enchanting skill by 10 extra points. This won’t influence your gold-making tremendously, but it will definitely speed things when leveling up.

But whatever the case may be with you, know that Enchanting can be taken on any of your characters and made into an extremely profitable business as long as you follow our guide. You can visit our WoW page and find more guides about different aspects of the game! Good luck!

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