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Among Us – How to Win as The Imposter

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Among Us is a huge hit at the moment. It’s a game that gives one to three players in a team of ten the role of saboteur and murderer. An imposter is posing as a crewmate but must find a way to eliminate all other players. This can be through violence or through manipulating others into doing your killing for you. Playing as the imposter is the more fun side of the game, but also the more challenging. This guide covers what you need to know to win as an imposter in Among Us. The strategies you need to know, and the mistakes you need to avoid.

How to Win as Imposter


What Not to Do as Imposter in Among Us

There are some great strategies to win as the imposter, but also some things you want to avoid. These are the top mistakes to avoid, the common pitfalls you likely see in-game:

  • Go it Alone – A big mistake a lot of imposters make is to work entirely alone. You can’t communicate during the game, but try to work together with your fellow rogue. Go for double kills, back each other up in discussions, and make sure you’re at least paying attention to each other.
  • Constantly Killing – Your kill cooldown slows you down, but you shouldn’t just immediately take a kill when it resets. Killing as often as possible is just going to make you careless.
  • Neglecting Sabotage – Remember to sabotage effectively as well as get kills. You can deflect attention from yourself or funnel players to areas you need them in.
  • Being the First to Accuse – Always pointing the finger will come back to bite you once you vote off a few innocents. This strategy isn‘t going to work on crewmates with decent strategies themselves.
  • Killing at Random – This can work, but it is smarter to think your kills through. Pick your targets.

What to do to Win as Imposter in Among Us

How to Get Clean Kills

Getting kills as the Imposter in Among Us is relatively simple, but getting a clean kill is tougher. This is what you need to know:

  • Isolated Victims – Go for a player who doesn’t have someone with them. It is too easy to be caught when you attempt a risky kill.
  • Hide the Body Until You Have an Alibi – Don’t let the body get discovered while you’re in the area. 
  • Use Doors to Block off Bodies – Use the door sabotage to seal bodies in and vent out if you’re confident you can avoid getting seen.
  • Use Sabotage to Move Players Away – Sabotage something that calls players to the opposite end of the map if you want to blend back into the player group. Everyone will see you near the sabotage task, which will help you defend yourself once the discussion starts.

Picking Your Targets

Picking your targets

Getting clean kills can help you avoid suspicion, but how do you decide who to kill? There are a few factors you should keep in mind:

  • Don’t Pass up Opportunities – You should be thinking about which player’s elimination will help you most. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid crimes of opportunity. When a player is in the perfect isolated position, take them out even if they’re not a priority.
  • Don’t Take Out Sus Players – Often, an entire team will suspect a player for no apparent reason. These players are the ones to keep alive. They’ll be the main suspect in future deaths.
  • Take Out the Good Players – Players who lead the discussion on who the imposter is are dangerous. They’re playing the game well, so sooner or later they’ll catch you. So take these players out at the earliest opportunity and leave yourself with the bad detectives in the group. 
  • Confirmed Innocents – if you’re playing with visual tasks enabled, then some players are going to be confirmed as innocent by doing these tasks. Take these players out, or they will hurt your chances in the late game by being one more crewmate that you can’t frame.

Deceiving in Discussion time

If you’ve picked clean kills, the right targets, and hidden the bodies, then you should have a good backing going into discussion time. Even if you’ve made a few mistakes though, you can save things in the discussion. These are some tips:

  • Vote with the Crowd – If a player is being accused by everyone, vote for them. If you’re the only person skipping it looks pretty suspicious.
  • Don’t be the Accuser – Try not to accuse other players directly. When they’re ejected, you’ll be looked at next if they were innocent. You can give fake information and try to influence the vote, but try not to be the person who says ‘Red did it’. As if Red was innocent, they’ll all know you lied.
  • Your Word Against Theirs – In the late game, you can get into my word against your situation.  One player has to believe you or the other player and to pick the killer. These can be a toss-up, but if you’ve done everything right you should have that third player’s confidence.
  • Pick Your Lies – Avoid getting caught in lies. Don’t claim to be somewhere you weren’t unless you think you can sway it. Equally, don’t implicate yourself when sticking up for a fellow imposter. If they got caught it’s because they were sloppy, there’s no reason for you to go down with them.

Playing as the imposter in Among Us can be a really fun side to the game. Although, it is also the tensest and difficult way to play! These strategies should be able to help you find the right people to kill, get away with it, and win more rounds. Just try not to burn too many bridges with friends from murdering and lying.

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