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How to Make Gold with Inscription in WoW Shadowlands – a Complete Guide!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

If you were looking for a complete guide on how to make gold in WoW Shadowlands with Inscription, we can help you out! In this post, we will go in-depth about what makes this profession strong in the current expansion of World of Warcraft, as well as all the techniques of gold-farming with it. We will also take a look at the various bonuses Inscription brings to the game, how to level it up quickly and efficiently, and what to do with the rest of the recipes.

With this guide, we hope to bring you up to date on what is the best way to play with Inscription in WoW Shadowlands. The profession isn’t hard to utilize and it can be understood right away. A big plus is the fact that you can pick it up on any character and succeed in it. It doesn’t require you to go around the world like mining or skinning, for example, so it’s a pretty chill way of making money.

So, let’s jump onto the complete guide on how to play with Inscription in WoW Shadowlands!

WoW Shadowlands Inscription Guide
WoW Inscription– Complete Guide

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Making Gold with our WoW Shadowlands Inscription Guide

Why is Inscription Important in World of Warcraft?

Indeed, we’re going to kick it with the biggest one first. Legendary Items are back in Shadowlands and they’re perhaps the biggest deal when it comes to your character’s power potential in the expansion yet. Compared to the past, Legendary Items are no longer dropped by raid or dungeon bosses. Instead, the crafting professions like Blacksmithing and Leatherworking are responsible for creating them for the different armor sets.

However, these crafted pieces come without stats like Critical Strike, Mastery, or Versatility. And this is where Inscription comes into play. With the introduction of Missives, Inscription can now provide specific stats that you can attach to your own Legendary Item. For example, if your spec needs stats like Haste and Critical Strike, you can craft or purchase Missives for those two only. That way, you don’t deal with any RNG and unwanted stats on your Legendary Item.

The Inscription trainer Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Inscription
The Inscription trainer in Oribos

Another bonus Inscription has in Shadowlands is the new tome for changing talents outside of the rested areas – [Tome of the Still Mind]. But this consumable affects the Shadowlands level ranges, precisely 49-60. And all the other tomes from the previous expansions, like [Tome of the Clear Mind] no longer work on the maximum level. So, all players will be forced to purchase your tomes for changing their talents in Castle Nathria raid if you choose to pick up Inscription.

And lastly, in this guide, we want to mention the importance of the Darkmoon Deck and the contracts Inscription brings to WoW Shadowlands. This profession can craft 200 item level trinkets like [Darkmoon Deck: Putrescence] which are almost mandatory for leveling up alts. And similarly, the contracts like [Contract: The Wild Hunt] helps a ton when building your reputations with the main factions in the Shadowlands.

How to Start with Inscription in WoW Shadowlands?

Shadowlands WoW Inscription Guide Trainer Location in Oribos

The first step in your Inscription gold-making journey is to pick up the profession from the appropriate NPC in Oribos. In Hall of Shapes, in the second part counting from the left, you can find the Inscription trainer. He is called Scribe Au’tehshi and if you’re using any addon for coordination, these are his precise coordinates: 36.5, 36.7. Scribe Au’tehshi will teach you [Shadowlands Inscription] which will let you access the first recipes of the profession right away.

Next, the second thing that you’ll need to take care of is to find the Inscription supplies vendor, called Distributor Au’sha. This NPC will sell you the necessary components for starting out with this profession. Here you can purchase a [Virtuoso Inking Set] and [Dark Parchment] which are absolutely needed for nearly all Inscription recipes. 

And lastly, you can check the ink trader Distributor Au’bic as well. He allows you to exchange one type of ink for another, as long as you have one type ready in your inventory. Both of these NPCs stand near the Inscription trainer in Oribos, so there is no way of missing them.

The exact location of the Inscription trainer in Oribos is shown in this picture:

The Exact Location of the Inscription Trainer in Oribos Shown on a Map
The Location of the Blacksmithing Trainer in Oribos (36.5, 36.7)

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Guide to Choosing a Character for Inscription in WoW Shadowlands

As mentioned above, Inscription doesn’t require any specific class or race. Kul Tirans have their  [Jack of All Trades] factor that contributes +5 skill in any profession. Additonally, Nightborne have +15 bonus skills thanks to their own [Ancient History] racial trait. But truthfully, the question of choosing a class for gold-making in WoW depends on various other things, like farming materials, for example.

Generally, all of the materials needed for Inscription come from Herbalism. So, you’ll want to think about whether you’re going to gather the herbs yourself, or you’re going to buy them at the Auction House. And if you decide on the first option, we have an in-depth guide dedicated to Herbalism in Shadowlands. It can teach you how to level up the profession faster, where to invest your time and which farming routes to take. Make sure to check it out!

As usual, we recommend a Druid or a Monk for gathering herbs in the world. The main reasons for this are the helpful utilities their tank specializations bring to the table and the mobility packed in their kits. For example, both classes have multiple dashes or movement speed buffs, as well as the ability to not get dazed or slowed when in Brewmaster or Guardian specialization. However, if you choose to buy your herbs at the AH, then any class and race can do the job!

Shadowlands Inscription Materials

In Shadowlands, each of the four covenant-zones has a unique type of herb. Additionally, there are herbs that can also spawn in every location, no matter which covenant they belong to. For Inscription, you’re going to need them all. So, here we will list them for you to know where you can find them.


Now, with Inscription, you also get [Milling] which allows you to extract the various herbs and make different inks out of them. Currently, in Shadowlands there are only three types of ink, each requiring a different pigment.


Live Price of the Item Dark Parchment Shown in the Game.
Dark Parchment – Vendor Price on Live Servers

Another type of material is the vendor reagents needed for multiple recipes. These can be purchased from the same Inscription supplies vendor we mentioned earlier, Distributor Au’sha. They aren’t the most expensive items, so it’s wise to get a stack or two of each.

Vendor reagents:

  • Aerated Water – Purchased from the Inscription supplies vendor in Oribos.
  • Dark Parchment – Purchased from the Inscription supplies vendor in Oribos.
  • Rune Etched Vial – Purchased from the Inscription supplies vendor in Oribos.
  • Sealing Wax – Purchased from the Inscription supplies vendor in Oribos.

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Leveling Up Shadowlands Inscription

This part of the guide focuses on the best way to level up Inscription in WoW Shadowlands. This will be an efficient path that we’ve tested multiple times and it guarantees a fast 1-100 skill increase. 

  • 1-25: Use Milling on 200 herbs of any kind and then turn pigments into Luminous Ink and Umbral Ink.
  • 25-30: Create 10 x [Writ of Grave Robbing] with 10 x Luminous Ink and 10 x Umbral Ink 
  • 30-60: Use Mass Milling on 700 herbs of any kind.
  • 60-75: Use Milling on the Nightshade herb and turn the Tranquil Pigments into Tranquil Inks.
  • 75-86: Create Missives with Luminous Ink and Umbral Ink.
  • 86-100: Create [Darkmoon Card of Death] and complete Inscription World Quests.

Shadowlands Inscription World Quests

Indeed, the World Quests tied to the specific professions can be a great way of getting extra skill points. Inscription is no different and in fact, we recommend you to always complete these World Quests, whenever they spawn on the map. The reason for it that they also reward you with herbs like Death Blossom, which you can later turn into pigments and ink.

Live Price of the Item Darkmoon Deck: Voracity Shown on the Auction House
Darkmoon Deck: Voracity – Auction House Price on Live Servers

Which Recipes to Target for Making Gold in Shadowlands?

As soon as you max out Inscription on your character, you’ll want to think about investing your herbs in specific recipes. Additionally, here we have collected the best examples of how you can make gold by selling your stuff at the Auction House. Missives will generally be the first thing you’d want to sell, along with stacks of tomes and caudexes. 

Just keep in mind that different regions and servers have different economies. So even though the data here is taken from live servers, it may not be aligned to your own realm.


Tomes and Codexes:

Darkmoon Trinkets:


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Live Price of the Item Contract: The Ascended Shown on the Auction House
Contract: The Ascended – Auction House Price on Live Servers

Additional Recipes and Transmogs

As you can see, you have more than one way of generating gold with Inscription in Shadowlands. But the one bit that we didn’t mention above is the Ventus Runes. These consumables can be looted by players with this profession from the bosses inside the raids in Shadowlands. Each Ventus Rune works against the specific boss it is looted from. It works like any other buff and it’s lost when the player dies.

So, with Inscription, we can create these Ventus Runes and sell them at the Auction House as well. Heroic and mythic raiders usually go for these consumables, so it’s a nice way of getting extra gold.

As an interesting bonus of playing with Inscription in Shadowlands is the [Fae Revel Masque] transmog item. This is a cosmetic piece that you can create after acquiring the recipe from Brightgloom, a Fae NPC located in 33.2 51.6 in Ardenweald. Unfortunately, this item can’t be sold to other players, but it’s still a nice addition to the profession.


With this guide, we intended to give you both general and specific ideas on how to make gold with Inscription in WoW Shadowlands. We highly recommend you to give this profession a try, since it’s very easy and very profitable. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that it cannot create Legendary Items, because, with the Missives, you’re going to make tons and tons of gold.

The Darkmoon Deck trinkets are the second-best way of assuring yourself of this profession’s potential. Getting a 200 item level piece at a pierce of a couple of thousand gold is a go-to strategy of any player. And with the changes to the tomes, you’re looking at a steady income on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in more professions-related and gold-making guides for World of Warcraft, please visit our WoW page. There you will find helpful information for everything you need!

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