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Complete WoW Shadowlands Engineering Gold-Making Guide!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Welcome to our complete guide on how to make gold in WoW Shadowlands with Engineering. Here we will focus on providing you the essential information on what can make or break your profiting with this profession. In this guide will also talk about everything you’ll need to know, from picking up Engineering as your profession in WoW Shadowlands and leveling it up, to which recipes to you should focus on and which you should sell. 

Choosing Engineering shouldn’t be much of a problem. Truthfully, it is perhaps the most interesting profession to play the game with. You get tons of cool stuff that you can use in the outdoor world and complete the content faster. Inventions, devices, and buffs are just parts of it, so don’t hesitate to pick Engineering up in Shadowlands. Yes, it might not be the most optimal choice for purely gold-farming reasons. But with our help, you can totally make tons of gold without a problem!

Now let’s check everything that characterizes WoW Shadowlands Engineering first, and then we’ll guide you through the rest!

Our Complete Guide on How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands with the Engineering Profession
WoW Engineering – Complete Guide

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Making Gold with our WoW Shadowlands Engineering Guide

Why is Engineering Important in World of Warcraft?

Currently, there is a big discussion in the WoW community about whether Engineering is a viable profession in Shadowlands or not. And while we can’t decide for the entire internet, we will instead try to convince you why you should pick up this profession.

First of all, Engineers in Shadowlands will have a very similar playstyle to that of Battle for Azeroth. You have most of the same recipes but also some returning ones that you might be familiar with from the previous WoW expansions. And the fact is that most of them are reasonably useful for Engineers in Shadowlands. 

As an example, Engineering can give you a buff that increases your primary stat when you’re doing World Quests. This can boost your speed when clearing the outdoor content in the game. Additionally, you can craft some AOE damaging effects and devices that can control mobs. These can be extremely valuable in mythic plus environments. 

The Engineering Trainer Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold with Engineering in WoW Shadowlands.
The Engineering Trainer in Oribos

But perhaps the biggest reason why you should consider Engineering in Shadowlands is for the ability to resurrect a dead party or raid member during a fight. Battle rez (CR) is a very important component to the PvE side of the game, both raiding and mythic plus dungeons. Classes like Druid, Death Knight, and Warlock have this effect in their toolkit. But with this profession, every class can have battle rez. So if you’re guild is missing some of these classes, then Engineering is the perfect solution!

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How to Start with Engineering in WoW Shadowlands?

Shadowlands WoW Engineering Guide Trainer Location in Oribos

If you’ve decided on picking up Engineering as your primary profession in WoW Shadowlands, then here we will guide you on how to start with it.

First off, you’ll want to head over to Oribos. In the Hall of Shapes part of the city, you’ll find the Engineering trainer from which you’ll need to learn the profession. This NPC is called Machinist Au’gur, and you can find him in the first cube counting from the left side. His exact coordinates are 38.1, 44.7. Once there, just pick up [Shadowlands Engineering] for a low price.

The second thing you’ll want to do there is to check the Engineering supplies vendor called Distributor Au’burk. He sells a couple of things you’ll need, including [Machinist’s Oil]. It’s best to purchase a stack or two of these materials right away. And lastly, you’ll also need a bit of [Luminous Flux], as well as a [Arclight Spanner] if you don’t have one.

The exact location of the Engineering trainer in Oribos is shown in this picture:

The Exact Location of The Engineering Trainer in Oribos Shown on Map
The Location of the Engineering Trainer in Oribos (38.1, 44.7)

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Guide to Choosing a Character for Engineering in WoW Shadowlands

When it comes to choosing a class for gold-making with Engineering in Shadowlands, here are a couple of things to consider. Historically, Hunters have been very successful Engineers due to their class being well-rounded on both damage, surviving, and crowd control.

However, you’ll also have to think about how you will get the materials needed for the Engineering recipes. Of course, most of them are ores gathered through Mining. In this sense, Engineering is similar to Blacksmithing because it demands a gathering profession to supply it with materials. So, you can go with any class as long as you combine Engineering with Mining if you don’t mind the process of farming ores in the outside world. For this, we recommend Druid, Monk, or Demon Hunter. Just make sure to check our selection of the best farming addons to make the whole thing a lot more fun and much more comfortable.

The other thing to decide on is the race. Keep in mind that Gnomes have +15 increased Engineering skill due to their racial trait [Engineering Specialization]. And if chosen, you’ll level up the profession a bit faster. On the other hand, Kul Tirans have +5 Engineering skill thanks to their own [Jack of All Trades] trait. This is a bit of a weaker version than the Gnomish one for Engineering, but it might help you a little.

The Engineering Supplies Vendor in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Engineering
The Engineering Supplies Vendor in Oribos

But, both of these races are in Alliance. Does this mean that you have to choose either Gnome or Kul Tiran to make gold with Engineering in Shadowlands? Of course not! These racial bonuses simply give you a leveling edge. Thanks to them, you can save some time while still increasing the profession skill. Once there, you can go with everything!

Shadowlands Engineering Materials

As mentioned above, the needed materials for Engineering are ores and stones. The ores in Shadowlands are split into general ores and zone-specific ores. This means that some ores can be found in all zones of the Shadowlands, while some in one. And the stones drop from nearly everywhere. Here we will list all current ores and where you can farm them.

Ores and stones:


Vendor materials:

Live Price of the Item Machinist's Oil from the Vendor
Machinist’s Oil – Vendor Price on Live Servers

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Leveling Up Shadowlands Engineering

In this part of the guide, we want to show you how you should efficiently level up the Engineering profession in WoW Shadowlands. If you can afford it, we recommend you to stock on all materials listed above before you even pick up the profession. That way, you can follow our leveling path and increase your Engineering skill without making poor decisions and spending too much money.

Leveling path 1-100:

  • 1-25: Create 100 x [Porous Polishing Abrasive] with 200 x Porous Stone. And create 150 x [Handful of Laestrite Bolts] with 150 x Laestrite Ore.
  • 25-35: Create 10 x [Mortal Coiled Spring] with 30 x Porous Polishing Abrasive and 50 x Laestrite Ore.
  • 35-41: Create 3 x [Precision Lifeforce Inventer] with 12 x Laestrite Ore, 3 x Mortal Coiled Spring, 12 x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, and 24 x Twilight Bark.
  • 41-46: Create 5 x [Mortal Coiled Spring] with 15 x Porous Polishing Abrasive and 25 x Laestrite Ore.
  • 46-50: Create 4 x [Wormfed Gear Assembly] with 16 Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 20 x Porous Polishing Abrasive, and 12 x Laestrite Ore.
  • 50-55: Create 5 x [Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator] with 5 x Worfed Gear Assembly, 5 x Mortal Coiled Spring, and 20 x Handful of Laestrite Bolts.
  • 55-75: Create 21 x [Wormfed Gear Assembly] with 84 x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 105 x Porous Polishing Abrasive, and 63 x Laestrite Ore.
  • 75-90: Create 15 x [Optical Target Embiggener] with 15 x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 75 x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, and 30 x Oriblase.
  • 90-95: Create 5 x [Flexible Ectoplasmic Specs] with 6 x Worfmed Gear Assembly, 10 x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 4 x Umbryl, and 20 x Shrouded Cloth.
  • 95-100: Repeat the green recipes in your spellbook or complete the Engineering World Quests in Shadowlands.

Shadowlands Engineering World Quests

Indeed, the profession-related World Quests are back in Shadowlands, and you should always try to complete them! The reason for it is because each of them rewards +5 Engineering skill, which is very welcomed while leveling up the profession. We highly suggest you to open up your map and scout these when they’re up. They appear once in a couple of days, and they cycle between the four main zones. And so here are all the Engineering World Quests listed.

Live Price of the Item Nutcracker Grenade on the Auction House
Nutcracker Grenade – Auction House Price on Live Servers

Which Recipes to Target for Making Gold in Shadowlands?

Once you have Engineering all leveled up, you can start looking for ways to make gold. Obviously, your choice won’t be too great since the profession doesn’t craft Legendary Items and has limited things to offer. However, you can still make a lot of gold if you target the recipes listed below.




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Additional Recipes

Besides the ones you should target purely for gold-making purposes, there are other interesting recipes in Engineering. The belt enchants are particularly fun, and they offer some fantastic effects that are useful for all classes. 

[Dimensional Shifter], for example, lets you enter invisibility while you’re out of combat. [Electro-Jump] is a funny one, allowing you to blink away in a random direction every time you use it. And [Damage Retiliatior] is a nice way to counter melee attacks. Basically, it returns a small portion of the damage they deal to you back to them.

Live Price of the Item Optical Target Embiggener on the Auction House
Optical Target Embiggener – Auction House Price on Live Servers

And for the lovers of goggles in World of Warcraft, Shadowlands brings them back. You get 4 different goggles that you can create. Each of them increases the skill in Engineering, and plus, they look pretty cool.

Sadly, though, Engineers didn’t get a mount this time around. Instead, we can create the [PHA7-YNX] pet. It is a small tiger-like creature, identical to the mount granted to you by joining the Kyrian covenant in Bastion. The recipe for it can be purchased with exalted The Ascended reputation. This is currently considered a rare pet, and the price for it at the Auction House is very high!

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As you can see, Engineering doesn’t have too many things to offer. However, the existing recipes are very compelling and make the gameplay much more engaging. If you are only interested in making as much gold as possible in Shadowlands, you should think twice about picking up Engineering as your primary profession. 

The state of the economy is such that Legendary Items (since they’re needed for every class and spec in the game) are the center of it. There will simply be no shortage of Legendaries until the end of the expansion, so maybe that will be something that you should focus on as well. And if that is the case, make sure you check out our WoW page for guides on the other professions in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands! Good luck!

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