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A Complete Guide on How to Make Gold with Jewelcrafting in WoW Shadowlands!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

This is an in-depth guide on how to make gold in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with Jewelcrafting as your leading profession. Here we want to discuss all possible ways of generating gold with Jewelcrafting in the game. We will provide essential information on which materials to prioritize over others and which paths to take when leveling this profession.

With this Jewelcrafting guide for WoW Shadowlands, we hope to give you all the fundamentals you need. Whether that’s optimizing the profession for your character only or making the most amount of gold possible, we will help you out. Jewelcrafting isn’t the hardest of profession out there and making a profit with it will be very easy. 

However, don’t expect groundbreaking results because the state of the professions in the Shadowlands is such that only a few recipes make a good amount of gold. That said, let’s jump into the detailed Jewelcrafting guide for WoW Shadowlands and break all things down!

WoW Shadowlands Jewelcrfating Guide
WoW Jewelcrafting – Complete Guide

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Making Gold with our WoW Jewelcrafting Guide

Why is Jewelcrafting Important in World of Warcraft?

Ever since Jewelcrafting has been introduced into the game, it has had primarily one job – to create gems for specific items. Over the years, the profession has gotten some powerful recipes for creating rare and epic-quality rings and necklaces. However, Battle for Azeroth has toned everything down and Jewelcrafting wasn’t the most popular profession on the market.

But Shadowlands brought some changes that impact the success of Jewelcrafting both directly and indirectly. For starters, we no longer use a special item for our necks like the Heart of Azeroth. This means that Jewelcrafters have one more slot to fulfill, which increases their demand. Additionally, rings will always be sought-after for different gear sets and stats.

And when it comes to gems, they are now more desirable than ever. If you haven’t heard, there will be a way to obtain an [Special Realignment Apparatus] from Ve’nari in The Maw. This item will let you open up a slot in your Helm, Neck, Bracers, Belt, and Rings items. Those are five different gems for five different gear pieces. If we multiply that to every character in the game… we see an enormous potential. And needless to say, people will go crazy for this piece of power once they increase their reputation up with Ve’nari.

Spatial Realignment Apparatus Item Shown in game
Spatial Realignment Apparatus – Item Bought from Ve’nari in The Maw

But, with this Jewelcrafting guide for WoW Shadowlands, we want to turn your attention elsewhere. And that’s Legendary Items! Even though Jewelcrafting is pretty limited compared to the other professions like Blacksmithing and Leatherworking, it is still the only way to obtain Ring and Necklace Legendaries. There are many Legendary Effects that require these two categories, so selling them is both fast and easy.

How to Start with Jewelcrafting in WoW Shadowlands?

Jewelcrafting Trainer Location in Oribos

To start with the Jewelcrafting profession, you will first need to learn it in Oribos. To pick up [Shadowlands Jewelcrafting], head over to the Hall of Shapes part of the city. The Jewelcrafting trainer is located near the entrance to this enclave at the exact spot of 35.2, 41.3. His name is Appraiser Au’vesk and if you talk to him you can start Jewelcrafting right away.

The second thing that you need to take care of here is to check out the other NPC near the Jewelcrafting trainer. He is called Distributor Au’kharn and he sells supplies and reagents needed for this profession. Obviously, you’re going to need [Jeweler’s Kit], since every recipe in Jewelcrafting requires it. Next, you’ll want to buy a lot of [Laestrite Setting] and [Malleable Wire]. These materials are also needed for many recipes, so have a stack or two of them ready. 

And lastly, you should purchase [Orboreal Shard]. This is the regent specifically required for crafting Legendary Items.

The exact location of the Jewelcrafting trainer in Oribos is shown in this picture:

The Exact Location of the Jewelcrafting Trainer in Oribos Shown on a Map
The Location of the Jewelcrafting Trainer in Oribos (35.2, 41.3)

Choosing a Class and a Race for Gold-making with Jewelcrafting in WoW Shadowlands

When it comes to choosing a class for gold-making in WoW Shadowlands with Jewelcrafting, in this guide we want to specify that the choice doesn’t matter. Since you aren’t crafting armor sets and your Legendaries can be used by all classes, you can go with anything else.

But, your choice should depend on the way you’re going to acquire the materials needed for Jewelcrafting. Generally, you’d want to pair Jewelcrafting with Mining, since Mining provides the ores needed for Jewelcrafting. If you decide to do so, we’ll provide helpful information later on in the guide.

That said, there are certain bonuses in the game that you might want to consider as well. [Gemcutting] is a racial trait of the Dranei race, which boosts their Jewelcrafting skill by 10 additional points. And [Jack of All Trades], which is the Kul Tiran’s racial trait, increases the Jewelcrafting skill by 5 additional points. However, both of these races are in the Alliance. The two passives don’t impact the gold-making aspect tremendously, so you won’t lose anything by staying in Horde.

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Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Materials

One positive change to Jewelcrafting in Shadowlands is the removal of blue and purple-quality gems found in ores. And with this, our job is much simpler. Now when prospecting ores, you’ll receive only three different gems – red, blue, and yellow. Each of them has a specific bonus. For example, the red one gives bonus health, the blue versatility, and the yellow haste. However, you can combine them later to create a purple one for mastery per se.


  • Angerseye – gathered by prospecting all ores.
  • Oriblase – gathered by prospecting all ores.
  • Umbryl – gathered by prospecting all ores.

Other than gems, there are Essences as Jewelcrafting materials in Shadowlands. These are collected by prospecting specific zone-related ores. As you may know, Miners can pick up unique ores from each of the four zones in the Shadowlands. These are Selenium Ore from Bastion, Oxxein Ore from Maldraxxus, Phaedrum Ore from Ardenweald, and Sinvyr Ore from Revendreth.


The Jewelcrafting trainer Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Jewelcrafting
The Jewelcrafting Trainer in Oribos

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Farming the Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Materials

As we mentioned earlier, Mining is the best profession to pair Jewelcrafting with. A good rule is to pick it up as soon as you start leveling your character in the expansion. But if you’ve missed that chance, then don’t worry. We have an extensive guide on how to utilize Mining in WoW Shadowlands, so you can level it up in a few hours.

Additionally, there are four Jewelcrafting World Quests that spawn at times. Keep an eye on these since they reward you with 10 x Laestrite Ore each and +1 Jewelcrafting skill as well. It might not look like much, but you should take everything that is helpful when leveling up the profession.

Jewelcrafting World Quests in Shadowlands:

If you aren’t looking to farm in the outdoor world, then the Auction House is there for you. Note that the price of the ores will vary from server to server, but they generally aren’t too expensive. Some zone-specific ores may be too extravagant at times, but their Essences are needed for crafting the Legendaries items. So, it is what it is.

Laestrite Setting Item Shown in game
Laestrite Setting- Item Bought from th Jewelcrafting Supplies Vendor in Oribos

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Leveling Up Shadowlands Jewelcrafting

If you start as a Dranei or a Kul Tiran with Jewelcrafting in Shadowlands, you’ll be at +10 or +5 skill respectively. And if not, you’ll need to level it up to 100 from scratch. Here is a guide on how to level up Jewelcrafting in WoW Shadowlands!

Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Legendary Items

The obvious disadvantage to the Jewelcrafting’s Legendary Items is the sheer number of them. Leatherworking, for example, creates Legendaries for two armor sets: leather and mail. Similarly, Tailoring provides the Legendaries for the cloth wearers. Here we’re talking about +10 Legendary pieces from each profession, while Jewelcrafting has only two: ring and necklace.

But luckily for us, many classes in Shadowlands prefer their Legendary Effect in a ring or a necklace slot. This is because these items are harder to get, so securing them is a good strategy. If we take some of the Fire Mage’s most popular Legendaries, like Memory of the Firestorm, we see that it requires a ring slot. Needless to say, most Mages will choose the ring item over the shoulder one.

Now, the Legendary system in WoW Shadowlands divides the Items into Ranks. There are 4 available ranks for each base Legendary Item. Rank 1 starts with 190 item level, then Rank 2 is 210, Rank 3 is 225, and Rank 4 is 235. You begin by crafting Rank 1 Legendary Items, then gain experience and move to Rank 2, and so on.

Live Price of the Item Shadowghast Ring Shown on the Auction House - Guide on How to Make Gold with Jewelcrafting in WoW Shadowlands
Shadowghast Ring – Auction House Price on Live Servers
Jewelcrafting Ring Legendary Item
  • Shadowghast Ring – Rank 1 – Requires 20 x Shadowghast Ingot, 10 x Essence of Rebirth, 10 x Essence of Torment, and 10 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Ring – Rank 2 – Requires 30 x Shadowghast Ingot, 15 x Essence of Rebirth, 15 x Essence of Torment, and 15 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Ring – Rank 3 – Requires 50 x Shadowghast Ingot, 25 x Essence of Rebirth, 25 x Essence of Torment, and 25 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Ring – Rank 4 – Requires 80 x Shadowghast Ingot, 40 x Essence of Rebirth, 40 x Essence of Torment, and 40 x Orboreal Shard
Jewlcrafting Necklace Legendary Item
  • Shadowghast Necklace – Rank 1 – Requires 20 x Shadowghast Ingot, 10 x Essence of Valor, 10 x Essence of Torment, and 10 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Necklace – Rank 2 – Requires 30 x Shadowghast Ingot, 15 x Essence of Valor, 15 x Essence of Torment, and 15 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Necklace – Rank 3 – Requires 40 x Shadowghast Ingot, 25 x Essence of Valor, 25 x Essence of Torment, and 25 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Necklace – Rank 4 – Requires 80 x Shadowghast Ingot, 40 x Essence of Valor, 40 x Essence of Torment, and 40 x Orboreal Shard

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Crown of the Rihteous Shown in game
Crown of the Righteous – Recipe Looted in Bastion


Even though with this Jewelcrafting guide in WoW Shadowlands we focused on the gold-making aspect, Jewelcrafting can be a very fun profession to play with overall. It’s a shame that this expansion we didn’t get any good rare and epic-quality items to craft. 

In our opinion, the crafting professions should be a standard way of gearing up, and a chore for all purposes except gold-farming. But, the situation at hand is such that only the Legendary Items give us value. The green and blue-quality crafted gear is at a maximum of 165 item level, which is way too low even for a heroic dungeon.

However, an interesting transmog item that Jewelcrafting brings to Shadowlands is [Crown of the Righteous]. This a cosmetic-only item that you can craft for yourself. You can’t pick up the recipe in the standard way, though. Instead, you must loot it from the treasure Cloudwalker’s Coffer located in Bastion.

If you have any more questions, please visit our WoW page, where we do more articles on more professions! Good luck!

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