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How To Use the WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs? Everything You Need To Know!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Playing your Demon Hunter in Shadowlands isn’t the greatest thing ever, right? Besides the multiple nerfs Blizzard dealt to us, we’re still facing a couple of obvious problems. For example, our covenant abilities aren’t really distinct, and our Legendaries are far from exciting. But even though we can’t solve these issues on our own, the glyph items are still one of the best ways to make your class feel “fresh”. The WoW Demon Hunter glyphs can give you different wings, replace the fel with fire, and much much more! We highly suggest you try them out, especially if you’ve missed out on the glyph revamp in Legion.

Complete guide on how to use the WoW Demon Hunter glyphs
WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs – Guide

In this post, we will go over all Demon Hunter glyphs in WoW. We will take a look at what each of them does, where you can find them, how to activate them, and even how to remove them in case you change your mind later on.

Glyphs can enrich the class fantasy in WoW and help you “personalize” it further. Having unique aesthetic features is what most players enjoy, so we’re here to help you decide that for your Demon Hunter. Let’s begin!

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What Are Glyphs in WoW?

WoW Glyphs are cosmetic consumables that change the looks of certain abilities. They are augmentations of the original spell animations that all classes have. Some glyphs can even add an animation to a spell that doesn’t have any. But in the most common sense, we consume glyphs to change the way our abilities appear in the game.

One such example is [Glyph of the Fel Wings]. This is one of the multiple Demon Hunter glyphs in WoW that change the appearance of your wings during Glide. And while your basic wings are purple, this glyph makes them entirely green. Another case is [Glyph of Twilight Bloom]. This is a Druid glyph that adds a flower-like animation to Lifebloom when it expires. All other glyphs in the game work in a similar way.

If you’re a returning player to World of Warcraft, you might be asking yourself a fair question: Where are the glyphs now in WoW? You see, when glyphs were originally introduced in Wrath of the Lich King, they weren’t the cosmetic alterations we have now. Instead, they were powerful boosts to our spells and usually meant more damage, more healing, or more utility. Blizzard changed this mindset back in Legion and now glyphs are purely aesthetic changes we occasionally do.

But the DH wasn’t around in those times so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Now let’s check all the Demon Hunter glyphs currently in WoW Shadowlands and examine them one by one!

All WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs: A Complete List

WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs for Immolation and Metamorphosis

The first WoW Demon Hunter glyphs that we’re going to see here are Glyph of Fearsome Metamorphosis and Glyph of Crackling Flames. They don’t have a category like the rest of the glyphs so that’s why we’ve grouped them up together. Check them out.

Glyph of Crackling Flames

The [Glyph of Crackling Flames] alters your Immolation Aura to appear as fire instead of fel. The animation itself stays the same and only the color scheme is different. However, we dare say that the fire version does appear “bigger” and it’s way easier to spot. And if you want to see how it looks in-game, watch this video!

The recipe for this item can be obtained from the Inscription vendors in Dalaran (Legion). It can also be crafted through Legion Inscription or simply purchased from the Auction House.

WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs - Glyph of Crackling Flames Before and After in-game.
Glyph of Crackling Flames Before and After – Different Immolation Effect

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Glyph of Fearsome Metamorphosis

The [Glyph of Fearsome Metamorphosis] is a removed DH glyph from the game. And it’s really a shame because it was the only customization option for the Demon Hunter’s Metamorphosis. Technically, it didn’t change anything on the surface. Instead, it caused all nearby critters to run away in fear while you were in Metamorphosis. This was just a small fantasy touch, but still an interesting interaction.

There is currently no known way of obtaining this glyph in the game. And this is the only example of removed Demon Hunter glyphs in WoW.

WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs for Spectral Sight

On the other hand, the DH glyphs for Spectral Sight can be pretty interesting additions to your gameplay. The choice here depends on what you prefer, so if you like to view your enemies in a certain color, go for it!

Glyph of Shadow-Enemies

The first choice here is [Glyph of Shadow-Enemies]. And it lets you scan your enemies in purple instead of red. This purple variant can be pretty helpful, especially in zones that are already covered in red, such as Revendreth. It’s also very good for PvP, both Battlegrounds, and Arenas. Click here to check how it looks.

To get this Demon Hunter glyph in WoW, visit the Auction House and make your purchase. You can also craft with Legion Inscription.

Glyph of Fel-Enemies

WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs - Glyph of Fel-Enemies in-game.
Glyph of Fel-Enemies

And the other choice is [Glyph of Fel-Enemies]. As expected, this glyph item swaps the red silhouettes of your enemies with green. In our opinion, this is the best variant of the three, simply because it perfectly fits the Demon Hunter fel aesthetics. This glyph can also be purchased from the Auction House or crafted through Legion Inscription.

Here’s a video of the Glyph of Fel-Enemies in-game.

WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs for Souls/Orbs

Shattered Souls are a big part of playing a Demon Hunter. They provide both healing and fury, so noticing them is really crucial. However, for some people, the basic purple orbs are difficult to spot. And if you’re one of them, you should definitely check these two glyph items.

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Glyph of Fel Touched Souls

The [Glyph of Fel Touched Souls] is one of the best Demon Hunter glyphs in WoW. It transforms the soul fragments you trigger from your dead enemies from purple orbs to green orbs. As a result, you can see them more distinctly and collect them faster. Click here to see the effect in-game.

You can obtain the Glyph of Fel Touched Souls from the Auction House or through Legion Inscription.

Glyph of Mana Touched Souls

WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs - Glyph of Mana Touched Souls in-game.
Glyph of Mana Touched Souls

And the second option here is [Glyph of Mana Touched Souls]. If you don’t enjoy the basic purple and the fel green version of Shattered Souls, you can go for this turquoise one. When this glyph was originally added, many thought that it would convert the soul fragments into blue/arcane orbs. However, this version is much better because it stands out in most environments.

The Glyph of Mana Touched Souls can also be purchased from the AH.

WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs for Wings

If you want different wings on your Demon Hunter, then definitely check out these glyphs in WoW! They may not be the most exciting additions, but they can complete various transmog sets that already exist in the game.

Glyph of Fallow Wings

First, we have [Glyph of the Fallow Wings]. This item adds a yellow version of the Demon Hunter wings during Glide. The coloring is actually yellow-green and it fits with many different transmogs. You can check how it looks here.

Grab this glyph from the Auction House or craft it with Legion Inscription.

The location of the Inscription trainer and vendor in Dalaran Legion.
Dalaran Inscription Trainer and Vendor Location

Glyph of Fel Wings

As mentioned above, the [Glyph of Fel Wings] swaps the basic wings with fel wings. The green here is of a darker shade and it greatly differs from Fallow Wings. If you enjoy gliding through the open world, you will love this change. And we strongly recommend you to give it a shot, especially if haven’t tried any of the wings glyphs before.

Glyph of Tattered Wings

And [Glyph of Tattered Wings] is the favorite version of the three for most Demon Hunter players. The reason for this is because it’s the most unique appearance to Glide that we currently have. All other skins only change the basic coloring. But this glyph is a revamp to the original model. The torn, bony wings are very appealing and many players love them.

Like the rest of these WoW Demon Hunter Glyphs, you can get this one from the Auction House or from the Inscription profession.

How to Use Glyphs in WoW?

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Glyphs are very simple to use. We mentioned above that they are consumables, which means that they disappear from your inventory once you use them. Every glyph has only one use, but it stays activated forever, unless you decide to remove it.

So how do you use glyphs in WoW? How do you activate them?

Once you obtain a glyph and have it ready in your inventory, simply right-click it. As a result, your spellbook will pop up and the ability on which you can use the glyphs will be highlighted. And to activate your glyph, right-click the spell once again and you’re done! Repeat this process for all other glyphs in the game.

Keep in mind that glyphs are bound to a specialization. This means that you can see its effect only if you’re in the spec you’ve initially activated the glyph in. For example, if you use the Glyph of Crackling Flames while in Havoc, then Immolation Aura in Vengeance will appear as the basic fel, and not fire. And if you want the same effect in both specializations, you must purchase two glyphs.

Activating Glyphs in-game.
Activated Glyph in Spellbook

How to Remove Glyphs in WoW?

If suddenly get bored of a certain glyph and want to remove it, you can totally do that. The process here is very simple and it only takes a couple of seconds.

The first thing to do, though, is to buy [Vanishing Powder]. If you’ve never seen this item in the game, just know that it’s a common Inscription reagent. You can get it from every Inscription vendor and most General Goods vendors.

Vanishing Powder has only one use – to remove an activated glyph. You can simply right-click it and it will automatically show you the glyphs you have in your spellbook. Next, just select the glyph you want to remove and you’re done. Vanishing Powder sells for a really cheap price, so you can get rid of your glyphs whenever you want.

Purchasing Vanishing Powder to remove glyphs in WoW.
Vanishing Powder – Dalaran Inscription Vendor

That’s how you can remove all these WoW Demon Hunter glyphs from your characters if you no longer want them!

Common Questions Regarding Glyphs in WoW

Even though glyphs have been in the game for quite a while, they’re a confusing subject to many players. Here are a couple of common questions you might be asking yourself and their answers!

Where to get or buy glyphs in WoW?

All glyphs in World of Warcraft come from the Inscription profession. The recipes are either bought, learned, or researched. And the glyphs can only be created through Inscription.

However, they aren’t bind-on-pickup items, so one character can make glyphs for multiple classes to use. You can also sell them on various places. And that’s why the most common way of obtaining glyphs nowadays is through the Auction House.

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Purchasing the Inscription recipe for Glyph of Mana Touched Souls.
The Inscription Recipe for Glyph of Mana Touched Souls – Dalaran Inscription Vendor

How to change glyphs?

Let’s say, for example, that you have the Glyph of Fallow Wings on and you want to swap it for Glyph of Fel Wings. Do you need to remove the first one and then activate the second?

No! All you need to do is to apply the new glyph on top of the old one and that’s it. There is no reason to waste Vanishing Powder when swapping between glyphs.

Are there new Demon Hunter glyphs in WoW Shadowlands?

Sadly no. The glyphs revamp happened and stayed in Legion. And all the cosmetic alterations that we have in the game at the moment all date from the Legion expansion. Blizzard hasn’t added new glyphs since then, which is very questionable because players generally like them.


All right, let’s summarize. The WoW Demon Hunter glyphs are interesting cosmetic alterations that you can use on your character. The quickest way of obtaining them is by purchasing them from the Auction House. However, if you have a bit of time to invest, you can head over to Dalaran (Legion), pick up the Inscription profession, and learn how to make the glyphs yourself. And if you get bored and want to remove the glyphs, just use Vanishing Powder!

And that’s pretty much it! We hope we helped you learn more about the Demon Hunter glyphs in WoW. If you’d like to check more guides like this one, please visit our WoW page!

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